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  A BEGINNER'S GUIDE: STONE CIRCLES.  S/C (Robin Heath) 1999. 106pp.  This book covers some of the hundreds of monuments throughout the British Isles with new and practical information about their purposes as well as the mysterious prehistoric culture which built them. Good condition.  7.50
  AGES IN CHAOS.  S/ C - Abacus Paperback. (Immanuel Velikovsky1973. 342pp.   Volume 1:  From Exodus to King Akhnaton.  This is a sequel to the author's first  epoch-making book "Worlds in Collision" which created a furore all over the  world.  "Ages in Chaos" presents another aspect of his startling theory - a  unique and radical revision of ancient history. 7.50
  ALONG HADRIAN'S WALL.  H/C + Damaged D/W (David Harrison) 1st Edition, 1956. 177pp. This interesting  historical story of Hadrian's Wall begins with the author's journey along the wall with an account of the design and construction of this remarkable fortifications quite enthralling in its wealth of detail, the product of archaeologists' studies over many years and closes with the story of the last days of the Roman occupation and the abandonment of the Wall. Between these two historical accounts, lies the personal record of the walk he took along the Wall from beginning to end, following in the footsteps of antiquaries of past centuries like John Leland, who described it for Henry VIII. No better detailed guide could be desired for those interested in this part of history. Good condition.  11.00
  AN ILLUSTRATED OUTLINE HISTORY OF MANKIND: Volume 1. H/C (Edited by: Fay-Cooper Cole & Harris Gaylord Warren. Consolidated Book Publishers, Chicago) New Revised Edition. 1974. 394pp. This book is divided in to 16 Main Parts and 91 Chapters - the main parts being as follows: 1. The ancient near East. 2. The ancient Mediterranean world. 3. Early India & China. 4. Medieval Europe. 5. Renaissance & Reformation. 6. Emergence of European Nations. 7. (in part) Expansion of the European World.  Good condition.  

AN ILLUSTRATED OUTLINE HISTORY OF MANKIND: Volume 2. H/C (Edited by: Fay-Cooper Cole & Harris Gaylord Warren. Consolidated Book Publishers, Chicago) New Revised Edition. 1974. 395 - 810pp. This volume continues with Part 7. Expansion of the European World. 8. Decline of Empires. 9. Enlightenment & Revolution. 10. The Triumph of Nationalism. 11. Growth of the Modern Economic Order. 12. The United States from 1815 to 1917. 13. World Imperialism. 14. World War I. 15. Aftermath & Reconstruction. 15. World War II and After.  Good condition.  


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  ARCHAEOLOGY IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA.  Booklet (Graeme L. Pretty) 14pp. This is an extract from the South Australian Year Book, 1977 which deals with  Historical Aboriginal Archaeology in South Australia. Good condition.  3.00
  FINDING OUT ABOUT STONE-AGE BRITAIN.  H/C + Damaged D/W (H..E.L. Mellersh) 1st Edition 1961. 144pp.  This is an easy-to-understand historical account of the Stone Age only from the Ice Age to some 1600 BC up to the Stonehenge time. Every "budding" young archaeologist would like to read this most exciting and essential book. Good condition. Special.  4.00
  FLINT IMPLEMENTS: An account of Stone Age techniques and cultures. S/C  (William Watson. Revised by: R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford. British Museum Publications)  3rd Edition. Reprint 1975. 115pp. This book provides a history of cultures, stone age flints, arrowheads, axes plus various implements and tools, the types of stone used and the location where these were found. Good condition.  9.50
  GEOGLYPHS. S/C - Booklet (Paul G. Bahn)  1st Edition 1997. 40pp.   This is a book in the series "Mysteries of the Ancient World"  This volume answers some of the questions raised as to why ancient civilizations produced images where they undertook to decorate entire hillsides and landscapes in a form of art known as "geoglyphs". They include the largest images ever produced by prehistoric man. Among them are the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset, UK who stands 55 metres high - twice the size of the Colossus of Rhodes. Then there are the spectacular and enigmatic Nasca lines, in the Peruvian desert. Who made these birds, monkeys and spiders, and why? Were they to be seen by man - or the gods?  Near mint condition.  SOLD
  GREAT AGES OF MAN: A History of the World's Cultures.  H/C (Time-Life International Books) 1966.  Good condition.  $3.00 each
  • African Kingdoms (Basil Davidson. 191pp.)
  • Ancient China (Edward H. Schafer. 191pp.)
  • Classical Greece (C. M. Bowra. 192pp.)
  • Cradle of Civilization (Samuel Noah Kramer. 182pp.)
  • Early Japan (Jonathoan Norton Leonard. 191pp.)
  • Historic India (Lucille Schulberg. 190pp.)
  • Imperial Rome (Moses Hadas. 190pp.)
  • Rise of Russia (Robert Wallace. 183pp.)
  HADRIAN'S WALL IN THE DAYS OF THE ROMANS. S/C  (Ronald Embleton & Frank Graham)  2003. 320pp. With well over 400 illustrations, 71 in colour, this most informative book describes what the Roman Wall was like when in use. It tells us about hte soldiers who built and garrisoned it and the civilians who lived in the towns and villages scattered along its length. Never before has such a grand attempt been made to show in vivid colourful detail the life of Roman Britain. Every building to be found inside the Roman forts and camps has been carefully reconstructed. The best we've seen - simply magnificent. Excellent condition.  19.50
  HISTORIC MONUMENTS OF NORTHERN IRELAND: An Introduction and Guide. S/C (Department of the Environment for Northern Ireland) 6th Edition 1983. 170pp. Plus fold-out map. This excellent book provides an account of Prehistoric, Early Christian Period, Medieval & Plantation and later monuments in the counties of: Antrim, Armagh, Down, Fermanagh, Londonderry & Tyrone. Highly informative and well illustrated. Good condition.   15.00
  HISTORY OF THE PRIMATES: An Introduction to the study of Fossil Man. S/C (Sir Wilfred E. Le Gros Clark) 6th Edition 1958. 119pp. This book provides interesting information as to the evolution of early man from our early ancestors (?). A lot of speculation seems to derive from Africa and Asia and new evidence from Algeria is discussed in this revised edition at the time of printing. Good condition.  10.00
  INTRODUCTION TO ARCHAEOLOGY.   Paperback (Robin Place)  1st Edition 1968. 168pp.  An excellent account of archaeology is told here by the author as an archaeologist herself poses and answers numerous questions in unlocking Britain's past. Good condition.  5.00
  MANKIND IN THE MAKING.  Pelican Paperback (W. Howells) 1967. 447pp.  A popular account of man's evolution from fish to mammal to primate to Homo sapiens. Reasonable condition.  2.50
  NAUTICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: A Handbook.  H/C + D/W  (Bill St John Wilkes) 1st Edition 1971. Whilst this book is intended primarily for the archaeologist , much will be of equal value to the marine biologist, ecologist and geologist or indeed anyone interested in underwater work. The contents cover archaeological research, site-search techniques, survey and charting, both above and below water, salvage law, underwater recording, drafting and photographic methods, excavation, identification, conservation and publication. Detailed descriptions of the methods of carrying out different operations and the making of necessary items of equipment, together with ample diagrams, charts and working drawings, conversion tables, reference charts etc. provide valuable and practical guidance.  Ex lib. Good condition.  8.00
  ROBERT THE BRUCE. S/C - Booklet.  (Alan Bold)  Pitkin Pictorials. Reprint 1988. 24pp. This booklet provides an historical account of this famous Scottish warrior and eventually to be King of Scotland. Illustrated. Very good condition.   4.00
  THE AZTEC: MAN and TRIBE. Paperback  (Victor W. Von Hagen) 1st Edition 1958. 222pp.This  book reveals contrasts in the Aztec civilization - advanced in city planning, writing, sculpture - dedicated to human sacrifice. A most fascinating story of this landless people who gained control of Mexico and built Tenochtitlan, one of the richest cities ever raised by indigenous man in the Americas. 50  Illustrations and 16pp of photographs. Loose pages.  FREE
  THE BERMUDA TRIANGLE.  Paperback (Charles Berlitz) Reprint 1975. 206pp. This is an area of the Western Atlantic sea between Bermuda and Florida where, since 1945, over 100 ships and planes and 1,000 people have vanished without a trace. The author, a famous researcher into the world's unexplained phenomena provides some explanations. Good condition.  SOLD
  THE CAVE HOME OF PEKING MAN. S/C - Booklet. (Chia Lan-po) 1st Edition 1975. 52pp. This is the story of Peking man who was unearthed in a cave known as "Dragon Bone Hill" in 1929 near the small town of Choukoutien. It provides important information on his origin, characteristics as well as the stone and bone artefacts. Illustrated. Good condition. 5.00
  THE EARLY DAYS OF MAN. H/C  (R. C. Burrell) 1st Edition, 1965. 120pp. An excellent overall account and picture of early man for the young budding archaeologist. Ex lib. The front and back pages have tape marks but the book is good condition. Special. 3.00
  THE ORIGINS AND GROWTH OF ARCHAEOLOGY. H/C + D/W  (Glyn Daniel) Pelican Books. 1st Edition 1967. 304pp. In this anthology of key writings the author illustrates vividly the dramatic development of his subject. The early blunderings are illustrated by the extraordinary exploits of Belzoni, the romance of the heyday of discovery by Schliemann, Evans and Howard Carter. Later chapters document the equally exciting development of systematic excavation and of techniques for precise dating that would once have seemed impossible. Very good condition.  7.50
  THE PAST IS HUMAN.  H/C + Damaged D/W (Peter White) 1st Edition, 1974. 153pp. This book examines some of the mysteries of man's past e.g.  The Great Pyramids in Egypt, Easter Island statues, the Nazca lines in Peru, the Mayan calendar, and other puzzling relics of past centuries. This book presents the vital evidence with scientific authority, in a form that is not only clear to the layman but consistently lively and interesting. Good condition.   12.00
  THE PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS.  Paperback  (Translated, edited and interpreted by: Erika Cheetham) Corgi. Reprint 1979.  425pp.  A well known book that needs no introduction. Very good condition except for a few loose front pages. Special.  SOLD
  THE PYRAMIDS OF EGYPT. Paperback  (I. E. S. Edwards)  Pelican Books. Reprint 1952. 256pp. This is the story of how and why the ancient Kings of Egypt built their pyramids, as has been revealed by recent excavations. Good condition.  SOLD
  THE STONE AGE HUNTERS. S/C (Grahame Clark) Reprint 1971. 143pp. This well-known and world-acknowledged author and authority on this particular subject of pre-history evaluates the new theories in relation to the old, pursuing his own lines of thought in a stimulating style that brings in many parallels of peoples of the world today who still exist using as an economy and in an environment that is little changed from that of the hunter-fishers of the Stone Age. Good condition. Special.  7.00
   UFO'S: A Report on Australian Encounters.  S/C  (Keith Basterfield) Revised & Updated Edition, 1997.  254pp.  There have been hundreds and hundreds of reported UFO sightings, from all over Australia.  Are they real, or are they imagination? The author weighs the evidence for and against, and gives explanations where possible. There remains, however, a core of more puzzling, mysterious reports that seem to have no rational cause. Includes a checklist of Australian sightings from 1868 to late1996 and provides maps of each state giving their precise locations. Ex lib. Good condition. Special.  SOLD


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