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ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIANS - THEIR JOURNEY. S/C - A4 size (Jean A. Ellis) 1st Edition 2007. 190pp. In 1788 the British Government began a convict settlement on the Eastern Coast of the ancient continent - now known as Australia. At this point in time there were more than 500,000 Aboriginal people, spread across this land. They lived in more than 300 scattered groups. Between them. they spoke more than 250 separate languages. But - Who were these people? How long had they occupied "The Great South Land" ? What is known of their tribal lifestyle? What happened after the British arrived? What is happening now?   Their long journey is clearly revealed in this book. Each section has been well researched. It is real. It is true. Illustrated. Mint condition. Normally $40.00. Special.


ABORIGINAL BARK PAINTINGS.     H/C + Damaged D/W    (Robert Edwards & Bruce Guerin)   1st Edition 1969.  32pp. This book portrays a comprehensive collection of Aboriginal bark paintings in full colour together with a fully illustrated description of the manner in which they were prepared. Good condition


ABORIGINAL BARK PAINTINGS.   H/C   (Robert Edwards & Bruce Guerin) Reprint August 1974.  32pp  .Good condition


ABORIGINAL BARK PAINTINGS.   H/C  (Robert Edwards & Bruce Guerin)   Reprint July 1976.   32pp.  Good condition


ABORIGINAL LEGENDS: Animal Tales.    Paperback   (Compiled by: A. W. Reed)   Reprint 1994. 141pp.   A selection of Aboriginal legends dealing with the origin of different forms of animal life. The legends come from a variety of tribes from all parts of the continent. Ex lib   Good condition


ABORIGINAL PERTH.    S/C   (Daisy Bates, Edited by: P.J. Bridge) 1992.   192pp.   This is a collection of newspaper articles and other sources on her writings on the Bibbulmun people of the South West of Western Australia.  Mint condition. 


ABORIGINAL PLACE NAMES and their meanings.      Paperback   (Compiled by: A. W. Reed)    Reprint 1976.   144pp. A comprehensive selection of their names and their derivations from all parts of Australia. The book includes a section giving English words and their Aboriginal translations, as well as an appendix of present day names with earlier Aboriginal names.  Good condition.


ABORIGINAL STORIES OF AUSTRALIA.    Paperback   (Compiled by: A. W. Reed. Illustrated by: Roger Hart)  1st Edition 1980. 119pp. This is a collection of authentic Aboriginal myths and legends that retain, as much as possible, the full impacts and strengths of their original traditional tellings.  Good condition with some loose pages reglued. Special. 


ABORIGINAL WORDS OF AUSTRALIA.    Paperback   (Compiled by: A. W. Reed. Illustrated by: E. H. Papps)   Reprint 1994. 144pp. This is a collection of words used by Aboriginal tribes with their meanings, as well as an English - Aboriginal section which is useful for those who wish to choose names for houses and boats etc. Mint condition. 


ABORIGINAL WORDS OF AUSTRALIA.    Paperback (Compiled by: A. W. Reed. Illustrated by: E. H. Papps) Reprint 1994. 144pp. Ex lib. Good condition. 


ADAM IN OCHRE: Inside Aboriginal Australia.    H/C + Damaged D/W   (Colin Simpson)  3rd Edition 1954. 221pp. This was the first book to tell of the fascinating searches and discoveries of the Australian - American Arnhem Land Expedition.  It was, at the time of publication, acclaimed to be the most brilliantly readable book on the Australian Aborigines. Good condition. 


ADAM IN OCHRE: Inside Aboriginal Australia.   H/C   (Colin Simpson)  3rd Edition 1954. 221pp. Good to reasonable condition.   Reading copy.  Special.  


ADAM IN OCHRE: Inside Aboriginal Australia.    H/C   (Colin Simpson)  1st Edition 1954. 221pp. Slightly damaged cover with a couple of water-stained pages. Special. 

ADAM IN OCHRE: Inside Aboriginal Australia.    H/C + Damaged D/W   (Colin Simpson)  5th Edition 1962. 221pp. Ex lib. Reading copy. Special.  SOLD
ALONG THE SUNSHINE COAST: Dreamtime to Now.    S/C  (Alf Wood. Illustrated by: Terry St. Ledger)  Revised Edition 1988. 122pp. This book provides a "mountain" of information and legend on the Sunshine Coast area and a legendary history of the Glass House Mountains north of Brisbane, Queensland. The origin of the romantic names of Maroochy, Mooloolaba, Noosa, Buderim, Caloundra, Coolum, Peregian and Mudjimba - the exploits of the Rainbow Man and the stories of the Bunya Feast, Brolga the dancer and Yirin the Crab are all told in an exciting way. Mint condition.  8.00
AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL CULTURE.   Booklet   (Australian National Commission for UNESCO.  Reprint 1973.  48pp. This book provides a general insight to the Australian Aborigines, its people, its culture, dwellings, ceremonies, magic and medicine, dress, hunting, artefacts, cave and bark paintings and more. Good condition.  SOLD

AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINAL WORDS: 300 Examples and their meanings.   S/C   (H. M. Cooper, South Australian Museum)  4th Edition, revised and enlarged, 1962. 41pp. This vast list provides the reader with many names that can be used to name "all sorts of things". Very good condition.  This book is now unobtainable and is out of print. 


AUSTRALIAN LEGENDARY TALES.   H/C + D/W   (Collected by: K. Langloh Parker. Selected & Edited by: H. Drake-Brockman. Illustrated by: Elizabeth Durack) Reprint 1974. This selection, taken in part from the author's five published volumes provides the reader with the Aboriginal ways of life and thought. The stories, written down as the words fell from the lips of the tribal storytellers, these tales possess liveliness, intimacy, and warmth, and reveal the child-like simplicity and poetic quality of the Aboriginal mind. Good condition.  14.00
AUSTRALIAN LEGENDARY TALES.   H/C   (Collected by: K. Langloh Parker. Selected & Edited by: H. Drake-Brockman. Illustrated by: Elizabeth Durack) Reprint 1974. Good condition. 8.00
BROWN MEN AND RED SAND: Journeyings in Wild Australia.   S/C   (Charles P. Mountford) Reprint 1981. 192pp. This book has come to be recognised as one of the most informative and fascinating books ever written about Australian Aborigines and their environment. It is at once an adventure and travel story, a record of scientific discovery, and the author's expression of his affection and respect for a remarkable people. Good condition.   SOLD

HIDDEN STORIES: Black Stories from Victoria River Downs, Humbert River and Wave Hill Stations.  S/C  (Deborah Bird Rose) 1st Edition 1991. 268pp.  In this book you will find stories of massacres and murders, of working life on cattle stations, of friendships and foes, of bureaucratic machinations and the individual struggles of Aboriginal Australians. There are elements to these stories which project them across time and space, culture and experience. They speak of exploitation and cruelty, but they also contain a message of hope. It is an Aboriginal message - that we should manage our differences to our mutual benefit rather than to our destruction. Ex lib. Good condition.


I,  THE ABORIGINAL.   H/C + D/W (Douglas Lockwood) 4th Impression, June 1964. 240pp. This is a fascinating account based at Roper River, Northern Territory and the life of a tribal Aboriginal called Waipuldanya and his attempt to live a "double life". He left his tribal territory often to work as a medical assistant. His struggle to combine the black and white cultures is heartbreaking. Only once does he really combine the two successfully when he goes on "walkabout" treating other Aborigines with his newly-learnt "whitefella" medicine. He also finds it hard to combine his ancient tribal laws with the whiteman's laws. Missionaries taught him Christianity, which he says he believes in, but he still believes in the ancient tribal gods. Good condition. 


MACQUARIE ABORIGINAL NAMING BOOK.  S/C  (No author. Macquarie Library)  1st Edition 1996. 164pp. This book is an Australian Guide to naming your home or boat (or whatever else you would like name). Very good condition. 


MAN IN PERSPECTIVE: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow.    Booklet   (K. A. Sutcliffe, O.I.C., Department of Aboriginal & Islanders Advancement of Queensland, Archaeology Branch) circa 1980. 24pp. This book provides a basic history of the Aboriginal way of life over the years. Good condition. 


ORIGINS AND CULTURE OF THE AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES   (Queensland Museum - Booklet No. 2).    Booklet   (E. B. V. Crosby & J. C. Hodge - Queensland Museum)  Revised Edition 1969. 14pp. An outline of some current ideas about the origin of Australia's indigenous people and how they lived before the coming of the white man. Good condition. 


STEADFAST ENDEAVOUR.  S/C (G.J. Wilson) 1995.  155pp.  A chronicle of Church interaction with the Pilbara Aboriginal Society 1945 - 1995.  Mint condition.


THE ABORIGINAL RELICS OF QUEENSLAND. Booklet  (Department of Aboriginal and islanders Advancement, Queensland)  1977. 12pp. Describes the various relics such as: Rock paintings, Rock engravings, Bora and Ceremonial grounds, Stone arrangements and Carved trees. Living sites such as Middens, Native wells and Grinding grooves. Sources of raw materials such as Quarries, Container trees and Canoe trees. Good condition.


THE ABORIGINES OF ARNHEM LAND.   H/C + D/W (Keith Cole)   1st Edition 1979.  298pp.  This book deals with the characteristics of the Aborigines as well the author's descriptions of Arnhem Land, a 'natural paradise' make enchanting reading. The birds, the animals, the bush and the rivers come alive in his story. Good condition. (This book is normally catalogued at around $40.00)


THE ABORIGINES OF AUSTRALIA.    H/C   (Roderick J. Flanagan)   First published in 1888.  Facsimile Edition Limited to 1500 copies. 1988. 167pp.  This is one of the few books published in the 1800's on the Australian Aborigines, their origins, tribes, language, music, hunting grounds, councils, beliefs, funerals and massacres and more.  Mint condition. 


THE ABORIGINES OF QUEENSLAND (Queensland Museum - Booklet No. 3).     S/C   Booklet  (E. B.V. Crosby & J. C. Hodge. Illustrations by: M. E. McKenzie. Queensland Museum)  Revised Edition 1969. 20pp. An outline of the history of Aborigines and their culture in Queensland, both past and present.   Good condition. 


THE AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES.  S/C (Department of Territories, Canberra) 1st Edition July 1967. 111pp. This book was one of the first of its type published to present in one volume a record of progress in Aboriginal welfare throughout Australia. It also shows to dispel many of the prevalent misunderstandings about the Australian Aborigines and their place in Australian society and what the Governments are doing in the terms of expenditure for the welfare of the Aborigines. Illustrated. Very informative. Good condition.


THE AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES: How to Understand Them. H/C  (A. P. Elkin)  3rd Edition Reprint 1961.  349pp. This ever popular book provides the reader to understand the Aboriginal tribal life, social organisation, law, belief, ritual and philosophy. This large volume covers all the these and a lot more. Cover marked but the pages are in very good condition. Black & white photographs. Special.


THE AUSTRALIAN ABORIGINES: How to Understand Them. H/C  + Damaged D/W  (A. P. Elkin)  4th Edition 1964.  393pp. Special.


THE BOOMERANG BOOK OF LEGENDARY TALES. H/C + damaged D/W (Chose, edited and arranged by: Enid Moodie Heddle. Illustrations/decorations by: Nancy Parker. 1st Edition 1957. 150pp. This book contains a selection of lively tales dealing with the myths of natural phenomena, with legends of physical and mental characteristics, of magic changeovers and the drawing of the long-bow, it covers the folk-lore of the Australian Aborigines as retold by Mrs. K. Langloh Parker and Roland Robinson, and includes legendary tales of white men in Australia by Lance Skuthorpe and Dal Stivens alongside tales from New Guinea, Borneo, Fiji, Tonga, the Solomon Islands and Micronesia. Good condition. 


THE BROADBEACH ABORIGINAL BURIAL GROUND: An Archaeological Analysis. H/C + D/W (Laila Haglund) 1st Edition 1976. This burial ground on Queensland's Gold Coast was discovered accidently and due to the fragile state of this burial ground, action had to be taken immediately to preserve it from further deterioration took over 4 years to complete. This book describes in detail all material recovered including skeletal material which is described from an archaeological point of view. remains of 150 persons were excavated which had been buried in the last 1000 years. This book is profusely illustrated and details are given also of the techniques used during the excavation. Good condition.  Scarce.


THE DREAMING OF ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIA: A large collection of inspirational stories.  S/C - A4 size (Edited by: Jean A. Ellis) 1st Edition 2006. 148pp. People in every corner of the world and through every era of time have wondered much about the mysteries of life. Traditional Aboriginal people in their many separate groups, found answers and guidance in the intricate, in-depth, varied and creative Teachings which came from their Dreaming. The dreaming was both lore and law to them and remains so for many contemporary Aboriginal people as well. Most dreaming Stories whether they were sacred or non-sacred in their origin were used as teaching tools. Generally speaking, through them, we learn that actions which were thoughtful or wise, were rewarded, while acts of treachery or foolishness were punished. This book presents the largest, single collection of Dreaming Stories ever published. The many illustrations are fascinating and quite unique - each was created by an Aboriginal artist. These stories were gathered from many separate areas, each of which is clearly revealed. Mint condition. Normally $36.00. Special. 


THE FIRST AUSTRALIANS: Prehistory 1810 (Seeing History #1).   H/C + D/W (K. M. Adams. Illustrated by: Genevieve Melrose) Reprint 1972. 98pp. This book describes pictorially, the discovery, occupation, settlement and development that transformed a land, unknown to man before the last Ice Age, into a well established colony. Through hundreds of authentic and accurate illustrations, contemporary charts, documents, pictures, maps and a lucid and readable text, Australia comes to life in this book. Ideal for the young historian. Good condition. 


THE PEOPLE IN BETWEEN: The Pitantjatjara People of Ernabella.  H/C + D/W  (Winifred Hillard) 1st Edition 1968. 253pp.  The author who took up a position as a craft leader at the Ernabella Mission in the Musgrave Ranges near the South Australia & Northern Territory border found that the Aboriginal people who lived there were a highly intelligent people with a richly ceremonial and ethical tribal life. She discusses in fascinating detail the language, exogamous rules, morality, hunting, food gathering, cooking, child care and burial customs with special reference to the craft skills of the people have mastered and the artistic sensibility they display, fine examples which are reproduced in this book in full colour. Signed by author. Scarce.  Good condition.



H/C   (W.E. Roth)   873pp. In three (3) magnificent volumes, a facsimile of Roth's 1897 - 1910 publications. Some of the most significant ethnographic material ever published on the Australian Aborigines. This limited edition with over 1500 photos, line drawings and maps is essential for all interested in aboriginal culture.  (New) 



THE QUEENSLAND ABORIGINES: 3 Volumes.  S/C (Soft Cover Edition)     (W.E. Roth)   873pp.    (New)



THURSDAY ISLAND NURSE.  H/C + D/W (Elizabeth Burchill) 1st Edition 1972. 139pp. The experiences of the author's nursing career on the romantic Torres Straits Islands situated  between Queensland and Papua New Guinea. Good condition.  


WE,  THE ABORIGINES.   H/C + Damaged D/W  (Douglas Lockwood)  1st Edition 1963.  259pp.  The author's experiences with various tribes around Australia. The book itself is in good condition. Special. 


WHERE STRANGE GODS CALL.   H/C + D/W   (A.M. Duncan-Kemp) 1st Edition, 1968. 325pp. A history of the aboriginal tribes of South-west Queensland. Mint condition. 

Normally priced at around $60.00 even in second-hand condition.



This book describes in rich and absorbing detail the Channel Country world of the author - the far south-west of Queensland and the north of South Australia where lie the mighty cattle kingdoms.

Few, apart from the Aborigines, know the Channel Country as does the author - its climates and its moods, its secret trails and the creatures that use them, its shadowy blue ranges and its rugged stony slopes, its maze of water-bearing streams and gullies - in good seasons the far-from-simple network of irrigation channels provided by Nature to carry silt and seed and water across the land, its shy tribesmen who lived in three worlds ruled by strange gods, self-contained but connected by spirit-links all rigidly inaccessible except to the initiate and those favoured few white folk who know the Aborigines well.

In its dangers and discomforts, and above all in the unwritten laws of its wild society, she finds a deep personal fulfilment in early youth her father told her: "You will always be alone, but not lonely. Loneliness can be communion."

William Duncan's strangely attractive personality is unforgettably caught up in these pages so understandingly written by his daughter . So is the country itself (called "desert," but which is totally unlike any other desert in the world) and the ways of the creatures among which the author has spent so much of her life.

Alas! ... The ever onward march of civilization leaves less and less room for the untamed, whether land, animal or human, and Mrs. Duncan-Kemp's colourful and fascinating book shows what Australia and the world has already lost, and could lose beyond recall by their passing unrecorded.

In the midst of this strange, yet attractive area lies an old cattle station, "Mooraberrie," owned by her parents from the early 1890's, and where Alice Duncan, as she prefers to be called, was born and grew up. "Where Strange Gods Call" tells of her love for this, then, remote spot, the Kirrenderri of the aboriginal tribes that once roamed and had their being there. It portrays adventures and experiences unusual in any language and in any walk of life. It is a narrative which threads its way through a vast and colourful canvas - a story (or many stories within a story) which divulges as many secrets of the country's mysteries and aboriginal people as it recounts exciting encounters with wild cattle, sudden floods and a wild untamed land, written by a person with rare insight and experience in these little-known areas.

Alice Duncan has told more than the tales of growing up on an outback cattle station. This is her fourth book is at the same time an important study of natural history and of the aboriginal tribes who were associated in these adventures. It is a vivid account of men and women against nature, of survival, of the dangers as well as the pleasures of the seldom trodden tracks, and of making the pioneers' lonely way over the trackless sand-hill and channel country.


A Biography on Alice Monkton Duncan-Kemp (1901-1988) can be read on the following web-site:




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