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AUSTRALIAN BUSHRANGERS.  H/C + Damaged D/W (Bill Wannan) 1970. 268pp. This book explores the whole exciting field of Australian outlawry from the earliest protagonist, a West Indian Negro nicknamed "Black Caesar", who met a violent end in 1796, to the self-styled "last of the notorious bushrangers", Jack Bradshaw, who died in a Sydney hospital in the 1930's. Here, in addition to the fascinating stories of the more important bushrangers such as: Ben hall and Ned Kelly is a wealth of folk ballads, legends and eye-witness reminiscences. For the firearms enthusiast is a special illustrated chapter on rifles and revolvers in use in Australia during the bushranging era. Illustrated. Good condition. 


AUSTRALIAN BUSHRANGERS: The Romance of Robbery. H/C  (Sacha Molitorisz)  1st Edition 1998. 62pp. This book provides the reader with a history of the more popular ten bushrangers in Australia. Good condition. 


AUSTRALIAN BUSHRANGERS: Part II. H/C (George E. Boxall) 5th Edition 1924. Pages 237 - 447. This book is Part 2 (starting at Chapter 17) of the 2 volume set which was first published in 1899. In this volume it details the activities of many bushrangers of the time including Frank Gardiner, Morgan and "Thunderbolt" plus there are separate chapters for the various Australian States and New Zealand and ends with Ned Kelly. Some pages are a little foxed. Collectable. Special. 


AUSTRALIAN BUSHRANGING. S/C (Charles White) This is a set of the books which are actually titled  "History of Australian Bushranging" which was originally printed in 4 Parts. Unfortunately the 1st Part - BOOK 1  is missing. The books being offered are: BOOK 2 - 2nd Edition 1910 and covers the bushranging years from 1850 to 1862. BOOK 3 - 1st Edition c 1908 and covers the bushranging years from 1863 to 1869. BOOK 4 - 1st Edition c 1908 and covers the bushranging years from 1869 to 1878. The condition of the books are good overall, some foxing here and there and the spine / title is a little worse for wear. The pages are in good condition. It is very rare to find these copies at all.   Collectable.   Special. 


AUSTRALIA'S SON: A Life of Ned Kelly.  H/C + Damaged D/W (Max Brown) Revised Edition 1956. 283pp. This book, besides being an exciting story and a colourful and penetrating picture of forty years of Australian life, is essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand what is unique in Australian tradition and character. Illustrated with black & white photographs. Includes the "Jerilderie Letter" which is a recently discovered Statement of 8,300 words made by Ned Kelly. The book itself and the pages are in very good condition  - only the Dust wrapper is badly damaged. 


AUSTRALIA'S GREATEST FOLK HERO. S/C (Written & Illustrated by: King Crawford) Limited / Collector's Edition 1993. 168pp. This book is a true life story put into ballad form of 354 verses (That would be a world record !)  relating to the Kelly Gang and their activities. A little water-stained / damaged. Special.  5.00
BUSHRANGERS: A Pictorial History.  H/C + D/W   (Harry Nunn)  1st Edition 1980. 226pp. This pictorial study traces the entire history of Australian Bushranging, from the first convict to the later native-born heroes. The author describes the police bravery as well as the daring exploits of the bushrangers themselves. Illustrated by over 200 photographs and engravings, this is a fascinating account of a group of men who were destined to become part of the Australian legend. Excellent condition. 


BUSHRANGERS: A Pictorial History.  S/C  (Harry Nunn)    Reprint 1991. 226pp. This pictorial study traces the entire history of Australian Bushranging, from the first convict to the later native-born heroes. The author describes the police bravery as well as the daring exploits of the bushrangers themselves. Illustrated by over 200 photographs and engravings, this is a fascinating account of a group of men who were destined to become part of the Australian legend.Mint / unsold condition.  20.00

BUSHRANGERS: A Pictorial History.  S/C  (Harry Nunn)    Reprint 1991   226pp.  Good condition. 


CAPTAIN  MELVILLE. H/C (Frank Clune) 1st Edition 1956. 216pp.  This is a book concerning convicts but more importantly the story of a Scottish youth named Francis McNeish McNeil McCallum from Perth, Scotland who self-named himself "Captain" Edward Melville (or "Malvell") was sent to Van Dieman's Land (Tasmania) for stealing.  He eventually was given a "ticket-of-leave" and caught a boat and across Bass Strait to Victoria. He he went to the goldfields and later became a bushranger. He was eventually caught and ended up in Melbourne Jail where he committed suicide. This book is the story of his short life.  Some marked and stained pages but generally in a good condition. Reading copy.  Special. 


CAPTAIN MOONLIGHT: BUSHRANGER. H/C + Damaged D/W (George Calderwood) 1st Edition 1971. 140pp. Andrew George Scott, who later gave himself the grandiose title of "Captain Moonlite" was one of the most colourful rascals outside the pages of fiction. From his boyhood in an Irish vicarage to his own premature end on an Australian gallows, he seemed unable to keep on the paths of righteousness.  The author (an Irishman himself) has thoroughly researched the story of this wild compatriot, and for the first time tells the true story of this odd piece of "Australiana". Ex library copy in good condition. Special. 


FARMERS, BUSHRANGERS, BUSINESSMEN.   H/C  (B. Hall) 1947.  158pp.  I didn't know as to which category it should be placed - "Australiana" or "Bushrangers" as it has many references as to how to "diddle" the Australian Taxation (Bushranger) Department!  Don't take the book too seriously otherwise you could end up like Ned Kelly. However, it's worth a read for the fun of it !  Good condition. 


GUILTY WRETCH THAT I AM: Echoes of Australian Bushrangers - From the death row memoirs of Richard Burgess and Historical notes by Ken Byron. H/C + D/W (Ken Byron) 1st Edition 1984. 176pp. This is the story of a man who had spent time in prison in England before being transported to Australia where he eventually became a bushranger and then spending time in the Port Phillip prison then Pentridge Gaol. He eventually slipped across the Tasman sea to New Zealand to escape police attentions and hopefully search of gold. Things went wrong and ended up in Nelson Gaol (in New Zealand) where he wrote this book before he was hanged. Ex lib. Good condition. 


HAUNTS OF THE BUSHRANGERS: The Lives and Deaths of Eight Australian Bushrangers.  H/C + D/W  (Frank Haddon) 1st Edition 1990. 191pp. This large book provides the reader with much information on the following bushrangers: Dan Morgan, Ben Hall, James McPherson, Ned Kelly, Frank Gardiner, Michael Howe, Andrew Scott (Captain Moonlite) Fred Ward (Captain Thunderbolt). Illustrated mostly in colour. Photographs by Leo Meier. Good condition. 


HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN BUSHRANGING.- Volume 2.  H/C + D/W (Charles White) 1st Edition, Lloyd O'Neil Pty Ltd)   1970. 400pp. In this book the author examines at length the incredible story of the Kelly Gang - Ned, Dan, Steve Hart and Joe Byrne. Good condition.


HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN BUSHRANGING  -  Volumes 1 & 2.  Paperback  (Charles White) 1980, Lloyd O'Neil Pty Ltd / Currey O'Neil)   Volume 1 - 385pp. + Volume 2 400pp. These two volumes cover the author's classic account the full story of bushranging in Australia. Good condition.


HISTORY OF AUSTRALIAN BUSHRANGING.- Volume 1.  Paperback  (Charles White) 1980, Lloyd O'Neil Pty Ltd / Currey O'Neil)   Volume 1 - 385pp.  Good condition.


MORGAN: The Bold Bushranger.   H/C + Chipped D/W  (Margaret Carnegie) 1st Edition 1974. 136pp.  Good condition.


MORGAN: The Bold Bushranger.    H/C  (Margaret Carnegie) 1st Edition 1974. 136pp.  This is an interesting and sensitive biography of one of our famous Australian characters. Some say that he was prepared to turn his hand to an honest day's work whereas others claim that he was no more than a boastful petty criminal. The author spent 30 years in "Morgan country"  even though she feels that this bushranger did not confine his activities to New South Wales but was also seen in Victoria.   Ex lib.  Good condition.


NED AND THE OTHERS.    S/C  (Dagmar Balcarek & Gary Dean)  3rd Edition, march 1999. This well researched novel based on fact provides the reader with a fresh insight of Australia's most famous bushranger. Good condition. 


NED KELLY: A Short Life.    H/C + D/W (Ian Jones)  1st Published 1995, Reprint 1995. 404pp. This massive book provides the reader with the full facts of Ned Kelly with much unknown material now published in this volume. This book is the result of 54 years of research by the author. A most enjoyable book. Ex lib.  Good condition.


NED KELLY: Australian Son.   H/C + D/W   (Max Brown)  Revised Edition 1981. 262pp. This is a bold and intriguing account of the man known to some Australians as a black-hearted murderer and to others as the father of our national courage. This is the author's story. Very well written with much gusto and enthusiasm. Good condition. 


NED KELLY: Australian Son.    H/C + Damaged D/W   (Max Brown)  Reprint 1987. 262pp. Good condition.  7.50
NED KELLY: Bushranger.    H/C + D/W in plastic cover. (Brian Carroll)  This is the story of Ned Kelly and his notorious gang of bushrangers and their spectacular raids on banks and towns and murders and more. This book is lavishly illustrated with photographs, line drawings and engravings from contemporary sources.   Ex. Lib. Damaged  & Repaired spine. Special.  5.00

NED KELLY: The Last Stand - Written & Illustrated by an Eyewitness.  S/C (Edited and with an introduction by: Ian Jones)  1st Edition 2003. 36pp. This book is mainly an account of Thomas Carrington, a press artist at the the time who travelled with Ned Kelly and his gang to many places as well as the Glenrowan adventure. This book includes many of Carrington's engravings many of which which appeared in the newspapers of the day. Very good condition. 


NED KELLY: Man and Myth.   S/C (Editor: Colin F. Cave. Contributors: Professor Manning Clark, Professor Weston Bate, Professor Louis Waller, Ian Jones, Glen Tomasetti, et al.) Reprint 1980. 218pp. The views of leading academics and other historians have been brought together in an effort to uncover the truth of this historical bushranger. An attempt has been made to remove the layers of myth and legend, lies and innuendoes. half-remembered truths and remembered half-truths - all of which have helped to obscure the Kelly story. A picture has now emerged showing that Ned Kelly is even more romantic, exciting and fantastic than that portrayed by his elaborate legend. Good condition. 


QUEENSLAND DESPERADOES.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (Cyril Grabs) 1st Edition 1983. 215pp.  This book comprises of various stories and wild tales of the Bushranging Days mainly in Queensland. Good condition. Special. SOLD

SAINT NED: The Story of the Near Sanctification of an Australian Outlaw.   H/C + D/W (Keith Dunstan) 1st Edition 1980. 127pp. The Kelly legend has supported a small army of academics, writers, artists, musicians and playwrights - not to mention film, radio and television producers. The author takes a wry look at the Kelly legend, and what it has meant for Australian commerce. In the process, he examines why we regard an Irish horse thief and murderer as an unofficial national hero. Ex lib. Good condition. Special.  6.50

THE BUSHRANGERS.   H/C + D/W (William Joy and Tom Prior) 208pp. The two authors have put together an historical account and their bushranging activities of many bushrangers including: Black Caesar, Governor Brothers, The Kelly Gang, Bold "Jack" Donahoe, "Jew-boy" Edward Davis, the monster John Lynch, the Van Dieman Land Bolters, Jackey Jackey and the robbers of the golden age, Frank Gardiner, Ben Hall, Johnny Gilbert, Captain Thunderbolt, Mad Dan Morgan, Captain Moonlight, the Clarke Brothers and others who laid in wait by the gold roads.   Ex lib.  Good condition except some pasting and tape marks on the front and back covers. Special. 


THE GOLD ESCORT ROBBERY TRIALS.  H/C + D/W in plastic cover. (Noel Thurgood)  1st Edition 1988. 192pp. This book relates to the Gold Escort Robbery by Frank Gardiner on 15th June 1862 near Eugowra, New South Wales and the court room trials which took place after his arrest. Ex. lib. Good condition. 


THE  JERILDERIE LETTER (By: Ned Kelly). S/C (Edited & Introduced by Alex McDermott) Text Publishing 2001. 84pp. Letters as written by Ned Kelly. Very good condition.  12.00
THE LADY BUSHRANGER: The Life of Elizabeth Jessie Hickman.  S/C (P. Study-Clift)   1st Edition 1996.  112pp. The story of Elizabeth Hickman 'Wild Australian' circus performer, who became the 'Lady Bushranger' in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, clashing with police until her eventual imprisonment and death in 1936.  Illustrated.    New 22.00
THE LADY BUSHRANGER: The Life of Elizabeth Jessie Hickman.  S/C (P. Study-Clift)   1st Edition 1996. 112pp. Shop display copy in good condition.  Special.


THE UNCENSORED STORY OF MARTIN CASH: The Australian Bushrangers - as told to James Lester Burke.    S/C (Compiled & Edited by: Joan Dehle Emberg & Buck Thor Emberg)  1991. 268pp. This book supersedes all other editions of MARTIN CASH. The authors discovered the "Cash Manuscript" in the Hobart Archives.  With all the additions the book is now twice the original size as it contains much new information taken from the original manuscript. Good condition. 


THE WILD SCOTSMAN: James McPherson the Queensland Bushranger. H/C + Damaged D/W (P. H. McCarthy) 1st Edition 1975. 123pp. This book provides a concise but fully documented biography of  this well known Queensland bushranger known as the "Robin Hood of the Burnett" and in the doing gives a brief account of the times in which he lived. The book is in extremely good condition. 


TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG.   S/C   (Peter Carey) 2000. 401pp. The author has provided a full account of the Kelly Gang which he has brought to life in this enthralling book. Good condition. 


WILD HONEY. H/C + D/W (Frank O'Grady) 1st Edition 1961. 210pp. In this story, the author brings us into contact with Australia's living past.  In this instance, Jock Miller a horse breeder with a secret to keep, his daughter Aileen, a Harry Boydell who loved Aileen but was tempted to desperate action by his family's troubles; George Patterson, who wanted Aileen too, but wanted her father's property still more and also Tom Boydell who risked too much to make his wife's dream come true - all of these and others found their lives changed because their paths crossed Captain Thunderbolt's, as with his devoted half-caste wife the outlaw ranged the lonely roads and trackless mountains of the north. Good condition.


WILD COLONIAL BOYS.   Paperback   (Frank Clune)   Arkon Edition, 1982. 496pp. The 1860's in Australia were years when gangs of bushrangers roamed the country, stealing gold and horses and seeking refuge among country people who often protected the outlaws from government troopers. Many bushrangers have been immortalised in song and legend: men such as Donahoe, Frank the Darkie and bold Ben Hall, who preferred to die with their boots on than to perish in irons. This book is the story of those adventurous years when the Wild Colonial Boys, renowned for their pluck and daring, baffled law officers time and time again. Good condition. 


WOMEN & BUSHRANGERS. S/C (Dagmar Balcarek. Illustrated by: Lynda Warwick-Hynes. Edited by: Michaela Easton)  1st Edition 1987. 56pp. This book comprises a series of 10 stories of how women became "bushrangers" or "bushranger's mates" or the subordinate role they were forced to play in a range of "manly" virtues: skilfulness, initiative, ingenuity, determination, resourcefulness, courage, daring and steadfastness. Signed by author.  Good condition.