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         CONVICTS     &   Related Histories



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A BURGLAR'S LIFE: A Classic of the Convict Days….OR …. The Stirring Adventures of the Great English Burglar, Mark Jeffrey.    H/C + Damaged D/W   (Edited with an introduction by: W. & J. E. Hiener)  First published in 1893. This Edition by Angus & Robertson 1968. 194pp. This book, an autobiography of mark Jeffrey which the editors rescued provides an unusual self-portrait from obscurity and restored a fascinating piece of Australiana with searching interest. The introduction and notes on the man and the times complete the portrayal of what must surely be the most unrepentant and self-righteous convict of our history. Good condition. 


A BURGLAR'S LIFE: A Classic of the Convict Days….OR …. The Stirring Adventures of the Great English Burglar, Mark Jeffrey.      Damaged / marked cover - H/C (Edited with an introduction by: W. & J. E. Hiener) First published in 1893. This Edition by Angus & Robertson 1968. 194pp. The pages are in good condition. Special.


A PICTORIAL RECORD OF THE FIRST FLEET RE-ENACTMENT VOYAGE: SAILING HOME.    H/C + D/W (Photographs by: Malcolm Clarke. Text by: David Iggulden) 1st Edition 1988. 120pp. This book contains excellent photographs of the voyage and the activities on board of 10 sailing ships en route to Australia via: Plymouth, Tenerife, Rio de Janeiro, Cape Town, Mauritius, Fremantle and arriving in Sydney on 25th January 1988. Very good condition.  12.00

BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT? - Irish Famine Orphans in Australia. S/C (Trevor McClauglin) reprint 1999. 256pp. This is a collection of documents as well as a register of all the orphans who came to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide in the 1840 - 1850's and proves to be an essential reference tool for family historians and anyone interested in the migration of Irish females during this time. The author has also included where possible a small personal history of many orphans as to what eventuated in their life after arriving in Australia. Excellent condition.


CLARKE OF THE KINDUR: Convict, Bushranger, Explorer. H/C + D/W (Dean Boyce) 1st Edition 1970. 100pp. Was George Clarke, alias "The Barber" who lived for 5 years among the Aborigines in New South Wales in the early 1800's, the first white man to cross Australia to the north coast? This biography traces his history from his transportation in 1824 for robbery, through his escape from the Hunter valley and life with the Kamilaroi tribe, to his capture in 1831, subsequent imprisonment at Norfolk Island and death on the gallows in Van Dieman's Land. The author examines the evidence concerning Clarke's claim to have crossed the continent and to have discovered a great inland river, the "Kindur" or "desired blessing". This report prompted Major Thomas Mitchell's expedition in 1931-32.   Ex lib.  Very good condition.  20.00

CONVICT DOCUMENTS.    Folder.    Tasmanian Archives  1978.   Contains selection of 15 pages of reproduced convict documents used in Tasmania. New condition.


CONVICT WORKERS: Reinterpreting Australia's Past. H/C + D/W (Edited by: Stephen Nicholas)  1st Edition 1988. 246pp. This book offers a radical new interpretation of Australia's convict past, based on an exhaustive and detailed analysis of records of 20,000 male and female convicts - one in three of those transported to New South Wales between 1817 and 1840. By illuminating the contribution of the convict workers to Australia's economic and social development, a fresh historical understanding of Australia's convict past emerges with new insights into the history of British, Irish and Australian history and society of the 19th century. Ex lib. Good condition.  SOLD

CONVICTS.  A School Project for study, reference work and cutting up at home or school. A Peter Leyden's Resource Book No. 6. New condition - Multiple copies available. 3.00

CONVICTS OF LINCOLNSHIRE. Large booklet  (Lincolnshire County Council, U. K.)  16pp. Filled with a background history, illustrations and photographs. Also includes an alphabetical Index (18pp) of names of convicts transported from the County of Lincolnshire to Australia between 1789 and 1840. This publication cannot be purchased in Australia. Brand new condition. 


EARLY AUSTRALIA - WITH SHAME REMEMBERED.   Paperback  (Bill Beatty)   Seal Paperback 1978.  212pp. An account of the early and wild convict days in Australia. Good condition.  Special. 


FOR THE TERM OF HIS NATURAL LIFE.   Paperback  (Marcus Clarke) Lloyd O'Neil No date. 445pp. This story was originally published in 1874. The author, Marcus Clarke visited Tasmania in in 1869 to write an account of convict times. The result was this book in which much of the detail of the penal system was undoubtedly based on actual records - skilfully dramatised and woven into the story of Rufus Dawes' terrible ordeal. This book was subsequently made as a television series. Good condition. 


FOR THE TERM OF HIS NATURAL LIFE.   Paperback  (Marcus Clarke) Angus & Robertson Reprint 1980. 446pp. . Very good condition. 


FOR THE TERM OF HIS NATURAL LIFE.   Paperback  (Marcus Clarke) Specially condensed Illustrated Edition. 1983. 355pp. . Good condition. 


LAGS & LEGIRONS.   H/C  (G. Mackeness)  1944. 117pp.  This is an account of some notorious convicts and others of their activities in Australia including New South Wales and Norfolk Island. Scarce.  Good condition. 


LANDED ENTERPRISE and PENAL SOCIETY: A History of Farming and Grazing in New South Wales before 1821.    H/C + D/W    (Brian H. Fletcher)   1st Edition   1976.  265pp.  This book provides a systematic study that examines the whole range of farming and grazing activities, relating them to each other and to the overall development of New South Wales. It begins with an examination of British land policy and goes on to consider the role of government as well as private interests in the field of primary production. There are valuable chapters on the farming activities of officers, migrants and emancipists and an illuminating discussion of the policies of successive governors. Attention is given to major industries such as wheat, cattle and wool as well as to lesser branches of agriculture. Highly informative. Scarce.  Good condition. 


MOONDYNE JOE - The Man and the Myth.   S/C (Ian Elliot) 1998 Reprint of 1978 Edition with new material, 148pp.  Joseph Bolitho Johns—convict and escapee, bushranger, legend in Western Australia  and now a folk hero. Mint condition.


ORPHANS OF HISTORY: The Forgotten Children of the First Fleet.   S/C   (Robert Holden) 1999. 219pp. In this book the author describes the lives of these forgotten young colonists: their grim existence in the slums of London, their astonishing experiences in its courts and prisons and their uncertain future in their strange new home. There is much to read here. Near new condition.


PATRICK LOGAN: Tyrant of Brisbane Town.   H/C + D/W  (Charles Bateson) 1st Edition, 1966. 190pp.This is a detailed and documented study of a man who was an enigma to his contemporaries as well as to posterity. This book also recaptures the colourful past of this man who is to be remembered for his harshness of his rule as Commandant of the penal / convict settlement at Moreton Bay, later to become the city of Brisbane in Queensland.  Mint condition. 


PATRICK LOGAN: Tyrant of Brisbane Town.   H/C + D/W  (Charles Bateson) 1st Edition, 1966. 190pp. Good condition.


PENAL PENINSULA.   H/C + D/W   (Ian Brand) 1st Edition 1978. 226pp.  This outstanding book tells the story of Port Arthur and its Outstations: 1827 to 1898. Illustrated.  Good condition. 


PENAL PENINSULA.   S/C   (Ian Brand) Reprint - No date.  226pp.  Good condition. 


REGULATIONS OF THE PENAL SETTLEMENT AT PORT ARTHUR.    Booklet   (H. A. Evans & Son)  1966. 25pp. This is a most interesting booklet as it contains the rules and regulations that had to be adhered to by: The Commandant, The Superintendent, Medical Officer, Storekeeper, Officers, Convicts, Marine Department and not forgetting the List of returns which had to be submitted of nearly everything that was used, given away and a lot, lot more. (We think we have too much red tape to get through in the 21st century .... they, in my opinion, had a lot, lot more !)  Ex lib. Good condition. 


THE CRIMES OF THE FIRST FLEET CONVICTS.  S/C  (J. Cobley)   Reprint 1985. . 324pp.  A comprehensive register of the First Fleet convicts and their crimes and sentences. Each entry contains all the information on each convict.  A remarkable piece of research and a valuable historical record.  Mint condition.


THE CURRENCY LASS: A Tale of the Convict Days.    H/C - cover worn & 1 page slightly torn.   (James Devaney)   1st Edition,  1927.   239pp.   This is a tale of a settlement called "The Quarries"  in the convict days and the activities that took place and further afield. It is based on occasions with true facts and put together as a "factual novel". One of the early convict-type book published. Good reading !   Good condition otherwise. Scarce.  Special. 


THE FLOATING BROTHEL: The extraordinary story of the Lady Julian (Juliana) and its cargo of female convicts bound for Botany Bay.   S/C  (Sian Rees)  Reprint, 2001. 248pp. This is the story of more than 200 convict women from Newgate gaol in London who were transported to Port Jackson, New South Wales and arrived healthier and happier than before they left. It portrays the story of John Nicol a steward and ship's cooper on the voyage who fell in love with 19 year old Sarah Whitelam. Their child who was born on the voyage. After arriving, no one knew where they went and whatever happened to them. This lively and refreshing may hold the clue.  Ex lib. Good condition. 


THE IRISH EXILES IN AUSTRALIA.   H/C + Damaged D/W   (T. J. Kiernan)  1st Edition 1954. 196pp. This is a story of the Irish who went in convict ships to Australia is a sad story with a happy ending. Australian democracy, no less than the foundation of the Catholic Church in Australia, derived from the Defenders and the 1798 and 1803 men who were sent to Van Dieman's Land, the last of whom were at the left that isle as the first wave of post-Famine was beginning; and the story of the Eureka Stockade seems but a continuation of Irish history, though something so strange in the Australian context that it is still a matter of controversial interpretation by Australian commentators. The book ends, as it begins, with the tale of the convict ships; for the very last of these human cargo-boats brought to Western Australia the Fenian felons who leader was John Boyle O'Reilly. and subsequent events. Scarce.  The book itself is in near mint condition.


THE  REBEL OF GLENMALURE: A History of Michael  Dwyer. H/C  (George Cargeeg)   1988.  118pp. This is the story of Michael Dwyer, patriot, his life in Ireland and Australia, his trial and exile.  Charged with Rebellion he was sent to Norfolk Island until his release to his farm in New South Wales where he died in 1825. Faded cover. Pages are in very good condition. Special price.



THROUGH THE EYES OF THOMAS PAMPHLETT: Convict and Castaway.    S/C - Large format. (Chris Pearce)  1st Edition 1993. 188pp. The everyday lives of Pamphlett and other ordinary people in such diverse places as Manchester, a convict ship, a chain gang, Sydney, Newcastle, Hawkesbury area and Brisbane. A history of this convict who landed at Moreton Bay, Queensland. Maps and illustrations throughout. Very good condition.


TRANSPORTED: IN PLACE OF DEATH: Convicts in Australia.   H/C + D/W  (Christopher Sweeney) 1st Edition 1981.  185pp.  This book presents a lively panoply of the new colony and the thriving life that surrounded its black core of convict life. Very informative !  Excellent condition. 


UNWILLING EMIGRANTS.  H/C + D/W (A. Hasluck) 1st Edition 1959. 165pp.  A study of the convict period in Western Australia. Ex lib. Good condition except for some tape marks on the front and back covers. Special.