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AN ISLAND UNTO ITSELF. H/C   (Professor L.R. Marchant)  1988.  224pp. The biography and history of William Dampier; his times and exploration in Western Australia  in 1688 and 1699. Illustrated. Mint condition.


AUSTRALIA TWICE TRAVERSED.  S/C  (Ernest Giles)  1995 reprint of 1889 edition.  382pp. A classic of Australian exploration in one volume, including maps. Illustrated. Mint condition.


AUSTRALIA'S LAST EXPLORER:  Ernest Giles.    H/C + Damaged D/W  (Geoffrey Dutton)   1st Edition, 1970.  175pp. This is a story of Ernest Giles who has covered more terrible country than other explorers in his several journeys across the enormous, searing distances of Central and Western Australia. In the 1870's it was a mystery whether rich country or desert lay in the 2,000 miles west of the newly installed Overland Telegraph Line running north and south across Australia. Giles tried time and time again to find out. Being astonishingly brave and a consummate bushman, Giles was a delightfully poetic and humorous character and was the first white man to see the greatest rocks in the world - Ayers Rock and Mount Olga. His own observations of both human beings were always original, and sometimes eccentric - he was a man never incapable of responding to the wonders of the world he discovered. Ex lib.  Good condition. 


BEYOND LEICHHARDT: Bushcraft and the Exploration of Australia.  S/C (Glen McLaren) Reprint 2000. 316pp. This is an account of Australia's first century of exploration, concentrating not so much on where the explorers went as to how they went, how they learned, or failed to learn from experience, and how they overcame their fear of the unknown. At the centre of this story of enterprise, endurance, courage, and occasional foolhardiness and stupidity, stands the figure of Ludwig Leichhardt, a man driven to explore the unknown, blazing clear trails for his successors. Ex lib.  Good condition. 


CALVERT'S GOLDEN WEST.  S/C (Geoff Blackburn) 1997.  88pp. The story of the enigmatic Calvert’s and their role in Western Australian history. Includes a full bibliography. Illustrated. Mint condition.


CAPTAIN COOK'S FIRST VOYAGE.   S/C  (Reproduced from the "Newcastle" edition of Cook's diaries. Hisine Echnique, Herberton, Queensland) No date. 80pp.  This is a facsimile of his first published account of the landing in the Endeavour River, North Queensland which took place during his voyage which commenced in 1768 and finished in 1771. Scarce.  Good condition.


CROSSING THE DEAD HEART.   S/C + D/W   (Cecil Madigan)  1st Published 1946. This Revised Edition 1998,  Corkwood Press. 173pp. This is the true story of one of Cecil Madigan's epic adventures in 1939 when he led his party of nine men and nineteen camels into the trackless and waterless Simpson Desert from Andado to Birdsville. This edition contains photographs not seen in any other edition. Some of the original images were of poor quality and did not reproduce well. Where these were of landscape features, studies by modern photographers have been inserted. Only a very few illustrations, such as The Royal Mail, are from the first edition of this book because good quality copies have not been obtainable elsewhere. This is a great Australian story of enterprise, scientific investigation and determined human courage. Mint condition. 


DOCTOR HUNGER & CAPTAIN THIRST: Stories of Australian Explorers.    H/C + D/W in plastic cover.  (Meredith Hooper) 1st Edition, 1982. 144pp. Using the journals and contemporary reports of many Australian inland explorers, the author has written an absorbing account of the expeditions of Eyre, Burke & Wills, Sturt, John McKinlay and Colonel Peter Edgerton Warburton. These are sagas of daring and danger and tell of skill, of courage in conditions as bad as any on earth, of appalling bad luck, of tragedy and sometimes success. of more than a century ago. Good condition.


EXPEDITIONS IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA 1837 - 1839: 2 Volumes.   H/C  (George Grey) 1983 reprint of 1841 edition.  916pp,  This classic of Western Australian exploration in two volumes details Grey’s discoveries.  Extensive details of natural history, Aboriginal life, culture, language, and more.  Grey’s party suffered shipwreck, starvation and thirst in their long travels from  Gantheaume  Bay to Perth. Illustrated with maps. Mint condition.


EXPLORERS OF AUSTRALIA.  S/C  (Ernest Favenc)   Senate - Tiger Books,  1998. 303pp. This book is a comprehensive chronicle of the early explorers who ventured throughout Australia and paved the way for future permanent settlement by white settlers. This volume, first published in 1908, this account charts all the major explorations of Australia from the expeditions of the 1780's to those late 19th century journeys to the inaccessible parts of the continent that had remained undiscovered or too difficult to reach. Mint condition. 


FIRST IMPRESSIONS:  The British Discovery of Australia. H/C + D/W (Margaret Steven) !st Edition 1988, British Museum, Natural History. 96pp. The book was published for Australia's Bicentennial celebrations. It provides much historical information. The chapters include: European Exploration of the Pacific 1520 to 1700; The Voyage of the Endeavour; The Royal Society and the Endeavour; Banks's florilegium; First Fleet 1770 to 1788; First Settlement 1790 - 1820; Maritime Exploration; Back in Britain.  Mint condition.


GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELS IN CENTRAL AUSTRALIA: From 1872 to 1874.  H/C (Ernest Giles) First Published 1875. 2nd Facsimile Edition, Corkwood Press, 1995. 223pp. This is the first time since 1875, Giles' own first hand account of his two major Central Australian expeditions have been republished. This volume will be of interest to those who live in, visit or just love Central Australia, as well as those who enjoy a true adventure written in an exciting literary style. This book is essential companion to anyone planning to travel in the Centre or on the Gunbarrel Highway.  Mint condition. 


GREAT AUSTRALIAN EXPLORERS: The courageous exploits of the men who challenged the new land. H/C + D/W (Marcia McEwan) 1st Edition 1979. 459pp. This massive volume is a gripping account of the discovery and exploration of Australia. It tells the tales of the courage and endurance of those explorers, who names are now household words in Australia. This comprehensive book is richly illustrated with maps and photographs. Each chapter covers in exciting detail the different phases of exploring Australia's vast and often inhospitable interior. Mint condition. 


IN LEICHHARDT'S FOOTSTEPS: More stories from The Packhorse Drover. S/C (Bruce Simpson) 1st Edition 1997. 182pp. This book is a wonderful retelling of the legend as to the disappearance of the explorer Ludwig Leichhardt and his party in 1848. Bruce found some artefacts in the sand in 1947 which could belong to the explorer. He later explores the country again many years later with his droving mates in the hope of finding more clues. Mixed with The packhorse Drover's stories of the authentic droving life , this book is a wonderful brew of the legends and history, stories and humour of the Australian outback.  Signed by author. Good condition. 


JOURNAL OF A VOYAGE TO NEW SOUTH WALES with 65 Plates of Non-descript animals, birds, lizards, serpents, curious cones of trees and other natural productions.    H/C + D/W  (John White, Surgeon General to the First Fleet and the Settlement at Port Jackson. With a Biographical Introduction by Rex Rienits. Edited by Alec H. Chisholm) First published 1790. Facsimile Reprint, Angus & Robertson, 1962. 282pp.  This book contains most illuminating material of a general nature - details of happenings and sights and scenes during the voyage of the First Fleet; summaries of events as the infant settlement of Sydney struggled to find its feet; accounts of exploratory journeys; numerous stories of encounters with aborigines as well as many illustrations on flora and fauna of the colony.  Ex lib in good condition.   This facsimile second-hand book can sell for up to $150.00 .    Special.



JOURNALS OF AUSTRALIAN EXPLORATIONS 1846 - 1861.   S/C  (A. C. and  F. T. Gregory)  2002 reprint of 1884 edition with 20% larger text. 210pp.  Journals of nine (9) expeditions from 1846 to 1861. Illustrated. Mint condition.


Maps to Accompany - "Journals of Australian Exploration 1846-1861"   (A. C. and  F. T. Gregory)
Maps not previously published and that have not previously been available to readers. Please note that while these maps are not identical with those listed in 2002 edition, they appear to be all those published by Gregory's.  Mint condition. 


KENNEDY OF CAPE YORK.    H/C + D/W   (Edgar Beale)  1st Edition 1970. 282pp. This is an account of Kennedy's early life in the colony and wanderings but in 1848 he led an expedition to Cape York was to be his last as the aborigines speared him to death. The author of this book reveals him as a completely human character; humorous, brave, gifted, and exuberant. He becomes the here of a narrative which is full of dramatic impact, and is based on meticulous historical research. Good condition. 


KENNEDY OF CAPE YORK.   H/C + D/W (Edgar Beale)  1st Edition 1970. 282pp. Good condition but has a library number on the Dust Wrapper only. 


KENNEDY OF CAPE YORK.   H/C + Damaged D/W (Edgar Beale)  1st Edition 1970. 282pp. Ex lib copy with tape marks on the front and back cover. The pages are in good condition. Reading copy. Special. 


KENNEDY OF CAPE YORK.    Paperback (Edgar Beale)  Seal Books / 1977.   282pp. Ex lib copy with tape marks on the front and back cover. The pages are in good condition. Reading copy. Special. 


LOST PARADISE: The Exploration of the Pacific. H/C + Slightly damaged D/W (Ian Cameron) This book describes the physical creation of the Pacific, and suggests how the ocean's multitude of islands may have first been populated by those true discoverers of the ocean, the Polynesians. It brings vividly to life the epic voyages of the Spanish, Dutch, British, French, Russian and American explorers as they battled against the vast distances of the pacific, the appalling weather conditions of the ocean's polar approaches. It recounts the excesses of the exploiters - the freebooters, sealers, whalers, missionaries and traders - who followed in the explorers' wake. A most interesting book. Good condition. 


SIR JOSEPH BANKS. H/C (Hector Charles Cameron) Reprint 1966. 341pp.  This book was first published in 1952 and is an absorbing study of a great and many-sided man. It is based largely on unpublished manuscripts and traces the story of Banks' life from the point where the journal of his voyage with Captain James Cook ends and he steps ashore at Gravesend to find himself the centre of interest in London. We see him turning the Royal garden at Kew into a botanical exchange; issuing commands to Bligh, Matthew Flinders and others, bringing merino sheep from Spain to England and shipping them to Australia to become founders of a great industry.   Ex lib. Very good condition. Please note: Pages 5 & 6 have been bound incorrectly in the book but can be found a few pages prior to page 4. Special. 


SIR JOSEPH BANKS: 18th Century Explorer, Botanist and Entrepreneur.  H/C + D/W  (Charles Lyte)  1st Edition 1980. 248pp.  This is an excellent account of the life of this famous man who travelled to many places including the Pacific Islands, New Zealand and Australia. It also details his work and his personal life. It is unfortunate that this man was not recognised the way should have been but buried in an unmarked grave in Heston, England.  Scarce.  Excellent condition except for some blemishes on the inside front and back Dust Wrapper. 


SO CAME THEY SOUTH. H/C Large format. (Robert Clancy & Alan Richardson) 1st Edition 1988. 176pp. This excellent reference book provides a massive amount of information on the early explorers and the maps associated with their voyages. Many detailed maps can be seen together with illustrations. This provides essential reading for everybody. Good condition except for a couple of slightly foxed / stained blotches on the introductory pages. 


STURT OF THE MURRAY: Father of Australian Exploration.    Paperback   (Michael Langley) Seal Books, 1971. 272pp. It was men like Charles Sturt who explored and settled Australia against all odds; and this book, detailed and well documented and even includes a list of equipment for one of Sturt's expeditions will help the persevering reader to appreciate their achievement. The sketch maps are clear and the illustrations excellent. Good condition. 


THE CAPTAIN COOK MYTH.   S/C  (Jillian Robertson) 1st Edition 1981. 164pp. Who discovered Australia? Years before Cook's birth, the Australian continent featured on world maps - incomplete in outline, but firmly in place. In this fascinating book, the author sets out to answer many questions, to separate the truth from the propaganda, to explore, and explode, the captain Cook myth. Good condition. 


THE CONCISE OXFORD DICTIONARY OF AUSTRALIAN HISTORY.  H/C + D/W (Jan Bassett)  1st Edition 1986. 276pp. This concise dictionary contains about 550 entries and is designed particularly to assist students of Australian history. The book is arranged alphabetically and contains the principal people, institutions, places, ideas, movements, events, artefacts and documents generally considered to be historically significant in Australian history to 1975.Near new copy except for a faded spine.


THE EXPLORERS OF THE MORETON BAY DISTRICT (Queensland0 1770 - 1830.   S/C (J. G. Steele)  Reprint of the Hard Cover 1st Edition of 1972 in Paperback 1983. 386pp.  The Moreton Bay District, within a radius of 70 miles of Brisbane, attracted a number of Australia's greatest explorers. The author has collected for the first time in one volume, the original manuscripts of private journals, field books, official reports and letters of the explorers who made discoveries in this area including those who came by sea and those who travelled overland. Some of these have never been published, some have appeared with inaccuracies, others have been inaccessible.  This book is essential for all historians, antiquarians, botanists, geologists, bushwalkers and yachtsmen, and immediately relevant for those who know the present outlines of the district. Mint condition. 


THE EXPLORERS OF THE PACIFIC.   H/C + D/W (Geoffrey Badger) 1st Edition 1988. 248pp.  This is a story of hazard and adventure as the explorers found their way around the Pacific Ocean.  Excellent reading. Mint condition. 


THE JOURNAL OF A FORGOTTEN EXPEDITION.   H/C   (Ernest Giles)   First published in the Adelaide Observer, 1880 & Reprinted as a pamphlet, 1880. This copy reprinted by Corkwood Press as a Limited edition 1999. Copy No. 254 of 400 copies.  Map pasted in rear of book. This is an account of the journey undertaken by Giles for Sir Thomas Elder, a South Australian pastoralist who required the country to be explored between Beltana and Perth for possible pastoral use. The expedition set off from Fowler's Bay to Beltana on 13th March 1875 and then successfully crossed Australia from east to west and back again using camels instead of horses that died on the early part of the expedition. Scarce.  Mint condition. 


THE VOYAGE OF THE ENDEAVOUR.  Paperback. (G. Arnold Wood)  Australian Pocket Library 1944. 116pp. This pocketbook provide the reader with historical facts on the early explorers of Australia followed by an account from Captain James Cook's Journal of the journey to New Zealand and Australia in the Endeavour. Reading copy. Special.


THE VOYAGE OF THE INVESTIGATOR 1801 - 1803. Commander Matthew Flinders, R. N.   Paperback  (K. A. Austin) First published 1964. This edition / Seal Books / 1968, Reprint 1974. 223pp. This is a story of this famous explorer's travels to circumnavigate Australia in his boat The Investigator. Good condition. Special. 


TWO EXPEDITIONS INTO THE INTERIOR OF SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA, DURING THE YEARS 1828, 1829, 1830 and 1831; WITH OBSERVATIONS ON THE SOIL, CLIMATE, AND GENERAL RESOURCES OF THE COLONY OF NEW SOUTH WALES.  2 VOLUMES.     H/C    (Charles Sturt)  First published 1833, This edition is a facsimile copy published by Doubleday Australia, 1982. Volume 1, 219pp.  Volume 2, 271pp.The first expedition in 1828 was from the Macquarie marshes into desert country, reached and named the Darling River and visited the Castlereagh before returning. The second expedition traced the Murrumbidgee to the Murray River which he named and continued all the way to Lake Alexandrina. Sturt's description of his whaleboat journey down the Murray is one of the most fascinating accounts in Australian Exploration literature. Near mint condition. This edition is very hard to find. Special.


TWO EXPEDITIONS INTO THE INTERIOR OF SOUTHERN AUSTRALIA, DURING THE YEARS 1828, 1829, 1830 and 1831; WITH OBSERVATIONS ON THE SOIL, CLIMATE, AND GENERAL RESOURCES OF THE COLONY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. S/C (Charles Sturt)  First published 1833, 2nd Edition 1934. This edition, Corkwood Press 1999. 298pp.  The first expedition in 1828 was from the Macquarie marshes into desert country, reached and named the Darling River and visited the Castlereagh before returning. The second expedition traced the Murrumbidgee to the Murray River which he named and continued all the way to Lake Alexandrina. Sturt's description of his whaleboat journey down the Murray is one of the most fascinating accounts in Australian Exploration literature. Mint condition. Mint condition. 


WATERLESS HORIZONS: The first full-length study of the extraordinary life-story of EDWARD JOHN EYRE, Explorer, Overlander and Pastoralist in Australia.    H/C    (Malcolm Uren & Robert Stephens) 4th Edition. 1944. 256pp. This is the life story of a man typical of the company which laid the foundations of the British Empire. It begins with Eyre's antecedents in England, follows him to Australia as a youth, takes the reader with him on his pioneering pastoral adventures in the Hunter River district, Liverpool Plains, and Molonglo Plains and on his overlanding journeys to Melbourne and Adelaide, and traces his emergence from overlanding for personal profit to exploration for national service. Good condition. 


WILLIAM CARRON'S NARRATIVE OF KENNEDY'S CAPE YORK EXPEDITION. H/C + D/W (William Carron) First published, Sydney, 1849. This facsimile edition, Corkwood Press, 1996. 97pp plus map. This book is a narrative of an expedition undertaken under the direction of the late Mr. Assistant Surveyor E. B. Kennedy, for the exploration of the country lying between Rockingham bay and cape York, By Wm. Carron, one of the survivors of the Expedition. To which are added: (1) The statement of the aboriginal native Jackey Jackey, who accompanied Mr. Kennedy. (2) The statement of Dr. Vallace and Captain Dobson, who rescued the survivors of the expedition; and (3) The statement of Captain Simpson, of the "Freak" who proceeded in search of Mr. Kennedy's papers &c.  Mint condition. 


WILLIAM CHARLES WENTWORTH OF VAUCLUSE HOUSE.  Booklet (K. R. Cramp)  3rd  /or4th Edition 1934. 38pp.This edition of Mr K. R Cramp's article on William Charles Wentworth, the father of constitutional government in New South Wales has been issued for the Vaucluse Park Trust. Together with Mr. C. H. Bertie's admirable article "The Story of Vaucluse House and Sir Henry Browne Hayes". It presents a complete story of the two prominent characters connected with the Vaucluse property. Readable condition. Special.