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ANARE: Australia's Antarctic Outposts.  H/C   (No specific author / Phillip Law, Director, Antarctic Division, Department of External Affairs / et al.)  Circa 1958.  152pp. ANARE stands for Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions. This book provides the reader with a excellent insight of Antarctica, the stations, expeditions, the mountains, fauna, icebergs plus information on Macquarie and Heard Islands. A cheap 'reading copy' of this now hard to find book.   Ex lib. Special. 


ANTARCTIC DIVISION: Department of Science & Technology. -  Project Folder ... with lots of information, poster, press clippings and a colour detailed map. Good condition.


AURORA AUSTRALIS: From Ernest Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition 1907 - 1909.  H/C + A little chipped D/W  (Ernest H. Shackleton) Bay Books 1988. (12mm thick - No page numbers) This book is based on one of less than 100 copies of "Aurora Australia" known to exist. It is printed as a "type of facsimile" book and illustrated with Lithographs and etchings. This book is the story of that book and the men who created it. It is also an insight, often humorous, into the rigours and hardships accepted as daily necessities by those intrepid explorers. Very good condition. 


CAPTAIN SCOTT: And the Antarctic Tragedy. H/C + D/W (Peter Brent. Introduction by: Sir Vivian Fuchs) 1st Edition 1974. 223pp. This is a fully illustrated account of the life of Captain Robert Falcon Scott describes not only the events surrounding Antarctic exploration in the early 1900's but also the complex character of this remarkable man - introverted, self-disciplined, in many ways a very conventional figure, yet a dreamer and capable of passionate love.  He experienced 2 polar expeditions the second being his last when the weather conditions, lack of food and fuel, physical exhaustion and increasing frostbite beat him. His diaries were found beside his body are quoted throughout this book. 16 pages of colour plates and approximately 100 black & white illustrations. Ex lib. Good condition. 


CONQUERORS OF THE ANTARCTIC. H/C + D/W  (Robert de la Croix. Translated from the French by: Edward Fitzgerald)  1958. 268pp. In this book the author describes the thrilling conquest of the Antarctic, and tells the story of the men who made it possible. The few who opened up a vast continent include: Dumont d'Urville and Charcot, the Frenchmen; Ross, Shackleton and Scott, the British; Gerlache, the Belgian; Amundsen, the Norwegian; Mawson, the Australian - All of these men were the pioneers, the men who blazed the trail - the men who reached the South Pole during the heroic era of Antarctic exploration. This story of men against ice contains enough high adventure, heroism and self-sacrifice to thrill every reader. Illustrated. Good condition. This title is very hard to find. Ex lib. A few tape marks. Special. 



EDWARD WILSON OF THE ANTARCTIC: Naturalist and Friend - Together With a Memoir of Oriana Wilson. H/C + D/W (George Seaver) 26th Impression 1959. 310pp. In the epic of South Polar exploration, no name is more rightly honoured than Edward Adrian Wilson. His devotion to his work and others inspired his comrades with a wondrous feeling of affection and admiration. This book is a very stirring story of a great and truly noble hearted Englishman. Contains half-tone Illustrations, maps and facsimiles of some pages from his diary. Ex lib. Good condition.  


ICE BIRD: The first single-handed voyage to Antarctica.  H/C (David Lewis)  1st Edition 1975.223pp. This book gives an account of this hair-raising adventure single-handed to Antarctica from Sydney, Australia to the Palmer Base and others, through the Straits and then to Cape Town. Hang on to what you have whilst you read this enthralling book. Good condition. 


MAWSON OF THE ANTARCTIC.  H/C & D/W  (Paquita Mawson. Introduction by: H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh)  1964.  240pp. This book is the life story of Douglas Mawson the Antarctic explorer and scientist as told by his wife. Mawson served his apprenticeship to the Antarctic in 1907 -1909. In 1914 he was knighted on his return from the Australasian Antarctic Expedition, a journey unparalleled in the history of exploration. This scientific exploration remained his over-riding interest throughout his life.  His work culminated in the two famous Banzare voyages of 1929 - 1931. Lady Mawson does full justice to a modest, gentle and humorous man, who was also an outstanding explorer, leader and scientist and one of Australia's greatest citizens. Ex lib.  A few tape marks on the inside covers but in very good condition.


SCIENCE: Men on Ice in Antarctica - Australian Life Series.  S/C  (John Bechervaise) 1978.  104pp.  Though science is implicit in most Australian living, in Antarctica it provides the total reason for the occupation of the icy continent. The future possibilities of exploiting mineral and marine wealth are examined. The various kinds of Australian are briefly discussed, and the importance of science in the modern world. This book reveals Life in Australia, and its territories, at one extreme of all the opportunities offered by our continent. Good condition. 


SOUTH POLE ODYSSEY: Selections from the Antarctic Diaries of Edward Wilson.   S/C  (Edited by: Harry King) 1982. 176pp. This book is based upon extracts from the diaries that Edward Wilson kept on two historic Antarctic journeys - the Discovery expedition and the ultimately tragic expedition with Scott to pole from the Terra Nova. Includes illustrations of Edward Wilson's watercolour paintings. This special edition of the diary extracts has been edited by Harry King, Librarian of the Scott Polar Research Institute at the University of Cambridge, U.K. Good condition. 


THE CROSSING OF ANTARCTICA: The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955 - 1958.   H/C ( Sir Vivian Fuchs and Sir Edmund Hillary. Edited by Andrew Scotland) Cadet Edition 1964. 136pp. The story of the Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition is one of the great stories of the twentieth century. This book will be read and studied by all who admire courage and determination in the face of adversity. Presentation label pasted on the flyleaf. Good condition. 


THE FIRE ON THE SNOW. Paperback (Douglas Stewart) Reprint 1978. 57pp. This play is based on the British Antarctic Expedition of 1910. This play was first performed in 1941 by the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Good condition. 

This book is FREE when the book "CAPTAIN SCOTT: And the Antarctic Tragedy".    (see above) is purchased.


THE HOME OF THE BLIZZARD. H/C  (Douglas Mawson)   6th Edition - but this is the 1st London Edition, 1938.  348pp.This is Douglas Mawson's own story of the Australasian Antarctic Expedition which he led in 1929 - 1921.Good condition except for a few foxed pages. Special. 


THE SURVIVOR: DOUGLAS MAWSON.   H/C + D/W  (David Parer & Elizabeth Parer-Cook)  1st Edition 1983. 160pp. This book is based on the Australian Broadcasting Commission / Natural History Unit television production of the documentary "Douglas Mawson - The Survivor". It contains detailed text and many, many photographs taken by the author whilst in the Antarctic as he was the photographer / cameraman for the series. Highly informative.  Very good condition. 


THE YEAR OF THE QUIET SUN - One Year at Scott Base, Antarctica: A Personal Impression.  H/C + Damaged D/W (Adrian Hayter) Quality Book Club, 1st Edition 1968. 191pp. This is the personal story of a New Zealander who was appointed the leader of an expedition to New Zealand's Ross Dependency in Antarctica. Highly interesting and informative with many photographs. The book itself is in very good condition. 



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