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  •     Papua - New Guinea
  •     New Caledonia
  •     Vanuatu




ADAM WITH ARROWS. H/C +  D/W (Colin Simpson) 1st Edition, 1953. 239pp. The author presents a picture of the New Guinea interior that is startling in its strangeness. He takes us beyond a last frontier of primitive world, and even to natives who have not seen a white face before. here are scenes and peoples fascinatingly new - the Kukukukus in their bark cloaks, to whom killing and cannibalism are as natural as their breathing, the Wabagas in their extraordinary wigs, the men of Telefolmin near naked frontier with Dutch New Guinea, whose "dress" is perhaps the most curious in the world. Colin brilliantly brings before the reader the lives of these warrior tribesmen in their rugged mountain world. Ex lib. Damaged / Reading copy. Special.


ADAM AN OUTPOST IN NEW GUINEA. H/C (Arthur Kent Chigwell, Priest of the New Guinea Mission)  2nd Edition 1915. 374pp .in this book the author describes his daily life, and the people who form part of it, just as it strikes him. And the freshness and humour, the varying moods, and the flavour of personal experience pervading the whole, make together a picture which grips the imagination. We see how the days pass upon a Mission Station, we learn how much routine there is, and yet how often perplexing situations arise. Good condition. Slightly loose spine.


BEST OF PARADISE.  H/C & D/W (Editor: Gerald Dick). 1st Edition 1978. 135pp. This book is a selection of the best stories that appeared in Air Niugini's in-flight magazine. Good condition.


BEYOND THE LAGOON:  Hoverdoctors to Papua New Guinea. S/C   (Cecil D. Pearse) 1st Edition 1993. 250pp. The vast tropical swamplands of the Fly River in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea is the setting for this remarkable and inspiring story of a group of people from diverse backgrounds who join together to being Hovercraft medical services to the remote jungle communities of one of the most inaccessible regions on earth. This is the 4th international Hoverdoctor expedition. Good condition. 


CANNIBAL CARGOES. H/C + D/W (Hector Holthouse) 1st Edition 1969. 233pp. This book gives the full story of what seemed at times to be Australia's own slave trade, and recounts the almost incredible adventures of men who sailed to unknown ports in the South Seas to lure and bring back their cargoes of men which was named "black-birding kanakas" for work in the Queensland sugar plantations. Good condition. 


DOCTOR'S WIFE IN NEW GUINEA. H/C + Damaged D/W (Margaret Spencer) 1st Edition 1959. 189pp. This book is set in the New Guinea Highlands. As the wife of a Government medical office, Margaret Spencer found her daily round so full of compelling interest and the enchantment of discovery that she set down her experiences as they happened day by day. The narrative gradually encompasses the whole range of native activities, keeping pace with the author's increasing knowledge. It deals with house building, gardening, problems of hygiene; with the great pig festivals, with murder, suicide and marriage ceremonies. Good condition. 


HANDS ACROSS THE PACIFIC. H/C + Damaged D/W (Frank Clune) 1st Edition 1951. 304pp. This book recounts the travels of the author to the Hawaiian Islands then to Canada and Alaska. . Good condition. 


KIDNAPPING IN THE SOUTH SEAS: being a Narrative of a Three Months' Cruise of H.M. Ship Rosario.  Paperback (George Palmer) First published in 1871. Facsimile Edition / Penguin Books 1973. 233pp. This is a first-hand account of the conspiracy between Sydney merchants, Queensland planters and the notorious "blackbirders" to kidnap Polynesians for work on the sugar plantations of north-eastern Australia. Good condition. 


LAND OF DAHORI. Paperback (Olaf Ruhen) Horwitz Edition 1966. 278pp. Land of Dahori - set in New Guinea - is a land of witchcraft and taboos, of evil spirits and pagan idols. It is a land invaded by white men, with their own separate beliefs, customs and innovations. Good condition but the edges of the pages are a little foxed.  


LAST DAYS IN PARADISE: Tahiti then and now.  H/C + Damaged D/W (George Farwell) 1st Edition 1974. 222pp. When the author was young he spent 18 months on Tahiti. He returned 25 years later to rediscover paradise. He describes the vast changes - so vast that people said it was progress. He then searched for a remote island where the traditional way of life which still exists. Good condition. 


MOUNTAINS IN THE CLOUDS. H/C + D/W (Olaf Ruhen) 1st Edition 1963. 240pp. The author has carried out extensive research into the history of New Guinea, the world's second largest island. His travels and studies are reflected in the vivid and colourful pages of this first popularly written history of Australia's New Guinea territories. Reading copy. Ex lib. Special. 


MOUNTAINS IN THE CLOUDS. H/C + D/W (Olaf Ruhen) 1st Edition, Reprint 1963. 240pp. Good condition.


PLUMES AND ARROWS: Inside New Guinea.  S/C / Paperback  (Colin Simpson) A & R Edition 1973. 405pp. This is possibly the most comprehensive and exciting account written of the Australian adventure in primitive New Guinea. This book - Plumes and Arrows is a selective combination of the author's vividly authentic accounts - Adam with Arrows and Adam in Plumes and Islands of men. Good condition but a couple of loose pages. Special.


PIONEERS OF THE PACIFIC: The Story of the South Seas.  H/C + D/W in plastic cover. (Harold Rabling) Reprint 1966. 147pp. Here is a true story of discovery, adventure and settlement in the wide expanses of the Pacific Ocean, from the first hazardous voyage of Magellan to the closing years of the 19th century.  It contains stories of the sealers, the sandalwood cutters and the gold seekers to Australia and New Zealand as well as Canada and the U.S.A. Ex. lib. Good condition.  Ex lib.


PLEASURE ISLANDS OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC.   H/C + Damaged D/W  (Colin Simpson) 1st Edition, 1979.239pp. This top author of travel books provides vivid reading and expert guidance about the best places to holiday in the South Pacific. The places include: Fiji, New Caledonia, New Hebrides (Vanuatu), Rarotonga (Cook Islands), French Polynesia (Tahiti) and Easter island. Vividly illustrated with 32 pages of colour plates as well as maps. Good condition. 


THE BOUNTY. Paperback (Richard Hough) Corgi Edition 1984. 293pp. This is the story of the mutiny on HMS Bounty in 1789 has become a legend. As such, many accounts of this famous incident have portrayed Captain Bligh and Fletcher Christian in black and white terms: the former as a tyrant, the latter fully justified in leading the mutiny against his captain. The original published title is: Captain Bligh and Mr Christian. The condition of the pages are a little foxed - otherwise OK. Special.


THE ISLAND WORLD: An Anthology of the Pacific. H/C - Green cloth cover (Edited by: Charles Barrett) 1st Edition 1944. 185pp. This is a collection of short stories that relate to the islanders, traditions and legends of the Solomon Islands, New Guinea, New Hebrides, Fiji, Tonga, Samoa and others. Good condition. 


THE ISLAND WORLD: An Anthology of the Pacific. H/C - Brown cloth cover (Edited by: Charles Barrett) 1st Edition 1944. 185pp. Good condition. 


THE KON - TIKI EXPEDITION: By Raft Across the South Seas.  H/C (Thor Heyerdahl. Translated by: F. H. Lyon)  14th Impression, June 1951. 235pp. This book is a record of an epic adventure across the Pacific. Good condition except fly-leaf removed. Special. 


TIME NOW - TIME BEFORE. H/C + D/W (Osmar White) 1st Edition 1967. 260pp. A sweltering New Guinea town suffering the transition between yesterday and today; a neglected outpost in the savage fastness of the jungle; a dreaming atoll in the Pacific; a bizarre confrontation of Anglo-Saxon and Gallic temperaments in the New Hebrides; an abortive coup in the troubled Republic of Indonesia; a study of bondage without handcuffs in Portuguese Timor - these are the varied ingredients of Time Now, Time Before. Good condition. 


TRUSTEE FROM THE TOOLROOM. Paperback (Nevil Shute) 2nd Printing 1971. 285pp. Nevil Shute's last novel is an exciting story, splendidly told, glowing with the warmth of human kindness. Keith Stewart, middle-aged and happily married, must suddenly exchange his Ealing workshop for an island in the South Seas to search for a fortune his own ingenuity had helped to hide - his niece's birthright. There were problems in plenty, but from London to Tahiti, from Honolulu to Seattle, this gifted engineer found more friends than he ever knew about. Good condition. 


VANUATU & NEW CALEDONIA. S/C (Jocelyn Harewood / Lonely Planet) 6th Edition 2009. 224pp. This is an excellent guide for anyone anticipating a cruise and / or a holiday to these places. What to do, where to go, Points of interest, shopping, currency, translation of language and much more including maps. Very good condition. 


WHERE THE TRADE WINDS BLOW: Stories and Sketches of the South Pacific Islands.  H/C (Collected by: R. W. Robson & Judy Tudor) 1st Edition 1946. 175pp. These stories and sketches, brought together in this book for your entertainment are about real people. They describe, without colour or embellishment, conditions of life in the Pacific Islands, as they are today (at time of printing). The book, compiled mostly from new and original material, published in the "Pacific Islands Monthly" may indicate  how and where conditions have changed. Ex lib. Good condition except for a worn cover. The pages are OK.  Scarce and collectable.