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  This section contains books relating to "general" History within Australia.


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A GIRL AT GOVERNMENT HOUSE -  An English Girl's Reminiscences: "Below Stairs in Colonial Australia" H/C + Damaged D/W (Edited by Helen Vellacott) 1982. 145pp. These reminiscences of an English girl called Agnes "in service" present a remarkable portrait in Australia in the eighties and nineties. The story is delightfully different, an evocation of a little-documented side of life in nineteenth century Australia. Brisbane during the Jubilee, Sydney Centennial celebrations, and the Melbourne Exhibition provide the background to the colourful, continuous whirl of dinners, balls and garden parties of colonial society. Great care has been to take Agnes's story with a great many authentic photographs depicting the people and places mentioned in her narrative. Good condition. 


A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA.  H/C in plastic cover (Rex & Thea Rienits)  1st Edition 1969. 317pp. This book commences with a view of Australia before the white man when only the Aborigines inhabited the land. The authors then turn to the early discoveries and exploration of the continent. They then follow the development of Australia from its first beginnings as a penal settlement and colony up to federation and the dramatic events of the twentieth century. Contains over 600 photographs, engravings and drawings - many from historic archives and previously unpublished. All Australians and anyone interested in the fascinating story of Australia will be held by this exceptional book. Good condition.  10.00
A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF AUSTRALIA.  S/C  (Rex & Thea Rienits)  Revised, 2nd Impression 1980. 320pp. Good condition. 


GHOST TOWNS OF AUSTRALIA.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (George Farwell)  Reprint 1976.  245pp.  Good condition.  SOLD
GHOST TOWNS OF AUSTRALIA.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (George Farwell)  Reprint 1980.  245pp.   In this lavishly illustrated book, the author describes his visits to ghost towns in many parts of Australia. He compares their present appearance with their bright, busy past, and with nostalgic affection and many touches of humour he records conversations with old inhabitants and anecdotes of bygone days. Throughout his text one feels the strangeness of these deserted towns, although the sun-bleached timbers and crumbling masonry all seem to have stories to tell. Included are 188 illustrations in colour and black & white. Good condition.  19.50
GLIMPSES OF AUSTRALIA - 2 Volumes  H/C + D/W (Gordon & Gotch)  Volume 1 : (Facsimile of 1897 Edition - published 1987)  388pp.  Volume 2 :  (Facsimile of 1897 Edition  also published in 1987) 388pp. These 2 volumes depict Scenes, Cities, Industries, and Interesting phases of Australian Life, with classic literary descriptions by E.D. Hoben. An album of photographic "Gems".  Good condition


OUR ORIGINS: From Penal Camp to Parliament.   S/C    1973.  52pp.  This is the souvenir booklet of paintings which accompanied "An Exhibition Bearing Witness to the Australian Past  1788 - 1856" at the Mitchell and Dixson Galleries, Sydney. Good condition.


SAVAGE LIFE AND SCENES IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND: Being an Artist's Impressions of Countries and Peoples at the Antipodes. H/C + D/W Chipped. (George French Angas) 1847 - Facsimile Edition 1967. In two (2) Volumes, 635pp. This is a first-hand account of the two countries in 1846 by a gifted writer and artist is of great value to all readers. At the age of 20 years George set out to travel the Pacific and to sketch its inhabitants and natural fauna and flora. Good condition.


S (South) & W (Western) AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. H/C - Cover marked.  (Anthony Trollope) Circa 1880 1st Edition (?) - Blue cover with gold gilt on pages. 312pp.This book is broken up into 2 chapters. The first being South Australia and Western Australia and the second chapter for New Zealand. This is an account of the author's travels with much information on various subjects at that time.  Pages are good condition. Special.


THE OXFORD ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY OF AUSTRALIAN HISTORY.   H/C + D/W (J. Bassett)  1st Edition, 1993. 304pp. This book contains entries on people, institutions, places, ideas, movements, events, artefacts and documents generally considered to be of significance in Australian history. Brand new (unread)  Ex Library copy .