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A TRIBUTE TO AUSTRALIAN WOMEN.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (John Larkins & Bruce Howard) 1976. 280pp. Contains a listing of over 70 true Australian women pioneers.  Good condition. 8.00
A TRIBUTE TO AUSTRALIAN WOMEN.  H/C  = Damaged D/W  (John Larkins & Bruce Howard) 1976. 280pp.   Ex lib. Reading copy  Special. 5.00 
BAREFOOT AND PREGNANT: Irish Famine Orphans in Australia - Volume 2. S/C (The Genealogical Society of Victoria, Inc. - Trevor McClaughlin) 2001. 460pp. This is a collection of documents which allows the reader to decide if they were wrongfully condemned from the outset. The register of all the orphans who came to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Hobart proves to be an essential reference tool for family historians and anyone interested in the migration of Irish females. Mint condition 50.00
COMPILING  YOUR FAMILY HISTORY. S/C (Nancy Gray) 19th Edition 1993. 46pp. This book shows the beginner the steps to take to find the answers to questions like these: Who are my ancestors? When did they come? Where did they come from? Why did they come? .... and the procedures to follow in order to compile an authentic well-documented pedigree. A very popular book. Mint condition.  9.50
COMPILING  YOUR FAMILY HISTORY. S/C (Nancy Gray) 16th Edition 1985. 36pp. Good condition.  Special 2.00
FAMILIES IN COLONIAL AUSTRALIA. S/C (Edited by: Patricia Grimshaw, Chris McConville, Ellen McEwen) 1st Edition 1985. 227pp. The accounts that are presented in this book extend over all mainland states and cover the full span of the colonial period from the convict period to the early 20th century. They introduce the reader to families in the city and "the bush", to the families of the poor and the "well-to-do", to those falling apart or settled into comfortable routines. Here is a fresh and valuable collection which can help us to understand "the way we were". Good condition. SOLD
GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH DIRECTORY: Regional & International.  S/C (Keith A. Johnson & Malcolm R. Sainty)  1985.  680pp.  A guide to Genealogical Societies. Good condition. FREE
GRASS ROOTS: Craft  and Self-sufficiency.   Magazine. Things that great grandma used to do. 

Volumes: No. 12 - Spring 1977  &   No. 15 - Winter 1978. 

HANDBOOK ON IRISH GENEALOGY: How to trace your ancestors and  relatives in Ireland. S/C  (Heraldic Artists Ltd, Ireland) 5th Impression, 1980. 145pp. This book tells you how to trace your ancestors, the records and the record repositories - where they are. Other tips on preliminary research in one's home country. Atlas of the counties of Ireland. Emigrant passenger lists to America. Irish Parish Registers. Good condition.  8.00
HOW TO TRACE YOUR CONVICT ANCESTORS: Their lives, times and records.  S/C (Janet Reakes)  1987  71pp. In this useful book, the author guides the reader through the key events in a convict's life, from the commission of the crime, through sentencing, transportation and assignment to ticket of leave or eventual pardon. Brand new condition.  SOLD
HOW TO TRACE YOUR ENGLISH ANCESTORS.  S/C (Janet Reakes)  Reprint 1989  163pp. In this useful book, the author tells the reader what records they require, how to obtain them cheaply, how to correspond with the appropriate authorities and more. Very good condition.  18.00
HOW TO TRACE YOUR MISSING ANCESTORS: Whether living, dead, or adopted.  S/C (Janet Reakes)  1986  95pp. In this useful book, the author suggests ways to solve some of the most common and baffling problems that confront the keen compiler of the family tree: How to trace birth dates and places of ancestors, the dates of shipping arrivals, the date and place of death of a person with a common name, how to use parish records, business directories, and other resources. . Good condition except for a couple of foxed pages. .  8.00
INDEX TO THE TOWNLANDS AND TOWNS, PARISHES AND BARONIES OF IRELAND - 1851.  H/C (Agricultural and Emigration Statistics Office, Registrar General, Dublin) Facsimile of 1861 Edition,  Reprint 1992. 968pp. This is a record of the Census of Ireland. General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes, and Baronies of Ireland showing the number of the sheet of the Ordnance Survey maps in which they appear: The county, Barony, Parish, and Poor law Union in which the Townlands are situated and the Volume and page of the Townland Census of 1851, which contains the population and number of houses in 1841 and 1851, and the Poor law Valuation in 1851. Excellent condition. Scarce.   SOLD
IRISH TOURING GUIDE:  All Colour.   S/C  (Little Hills Press) 1985. 128pp. 75 page gazetteer on: What to do Where to go .. What to see including 16 page road atlas, street maps of cities and major towns, a large scale atlas at the end of the book.  It also contains chapters on history, geography, ancient monuments, genealogy, architecture, music, theatre, folklore, festivals and sport. Over 80 full colour photographs. Good condition. 10.00 
LOCAL HISTORY: A Handbook for Enthusiasts. S/C (G. M. Hibbins, C. Fahey and M. R. Askew)  2nd Impression 1985. 149pp. This handbook shows where to find information you need and how to assess its reliability by setting out the steps you need to uncover the history of people, places and buildings, and gives useful tips on interviewing and how to go about writing the results of research. The emphasis throughout is on finding the most effective and enjoyable ways to enquire into the past. Near new condition.   9.50
MY ANCESTOR WAS A SEAMAN: How can I find out more about him?  S/C (Christopher T. & Michael J. Watts)  Reprint with Addendum, 1991.  84pp.  This small but all important book provides a great amount of information and details on the maritime scene including a listing of Lloyd's Marine Records which are available including registers of Shipping and more.  Excellent condition.  SOLD
OUR FAMILY HISTORY:  How to trace your family tree.  S/C (Janet Reakes)  Revised 1992. 96pp.  This is a book that you can use as a work-book or an actual genealogical record of you family history. Just add your information to the headings provided - saves you all the trouble in trying to get the "family tree" in the correct order. Helpful notes are added at the end of the book. Near new. 8.00
PERMANENT ADDRESSES - Australians Down Under.  S/C (R. Brasch)  Reprint 1995. 328pp.  This book is a fascinating account of the stories and legends behind Australia's gravestones.  It shows tragedy, bravery, romance, the bizarre, freak accidents, prediction of death, unusual headstones and more. Good condition.  9.50
PIONEERS AND THEIR BETTER HALVES (Or: Seven Generations of Women in Australia. S/C (Honour C. Burcher) st Edition 1985. 239pp. This historical account shows the growth and development of Australia during the past two centuries, as seen through the eyes of typical pioneering women. We see the adventure, courage, common sense and stamina which filled the lives of the various generations of our forbears. Near new / Very good condition.  13.50
PIONEERS AND THEIR BETTER HALVES (Or: Seven Generations of Women in Australia. S/C (Honour C. Burcher) 1st Edition 1985. 239pp. Reading copy in good second-hand condition.  Special.   3.00
RELATIONS IN RECORDS: A Guide to Family History Sources in the Australian Archives.  S/C  (The National Library of Australia)  1988.  161pp.  The Australian Archives houses a wealth of essential documents for the family historian. Your questions and more are answered in this book being the first comprehensive guide to all Commonwealth holdings of genealogical interest stored in its regional offices. The book advises the reader as to how to begin research and also includes sections on how best to approach the Archives, how to use its finding aids and how to go on to further research. Good condition. 18.00
RELATIONS IN RECORDS: A Guide to Family History Sources in the Australian Archives.  S/C  (The National Library of Australia)  Reprint, 1989.  161pp.  Good condition. 18.00
ROOTS AND BRANCHES: Ancestry for Australians. H/C + D/W  (Errol Lea-Scarlett) 1979. 232pp.  How to trace your Family Tree. The author details the most fruitful sources of information and how to get the best out of them, from conversations with ancient relatives who have long memories, to family bibles, local libraries, historical and genealogical societies and official archives such as government, church and military records. A useful glossary of terms and an index are included. Good condition.  12.00
THE ORIGIN & SIGNIFICATION OF SCOTTISH SURNAMES - With a vocabulary of Christian names)   H/C + Damaged D/W  (Clifford Stanley Sims)  1969. 122pp. The original title of this book was published in 1862 and lists several hundred Scottish surnames, with brief background information on their origins. With the book here being offered for sale it includes additional research material. Good condition.  SOLD
THE SCOTTISH CLANS & THEIR TARTANS.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (W. & A. K. Johnston Ltd.) 35th Edition 1950. 300+ pages.  This very small (wee) book contains much of the same type of information as the book above.  Good condition. Collectable.  3.00
THE TARTANS OF THE CLANS AND FAMILIES OF SCOTLAND. H/C (Sir Thomas Innes of Learney) 4th Edition 1948. 300pp. This highly informative book provides details on the Scottish Clan System and designations of Chiefs and Lairds. The Highland Dress and how to wear it. Flags and Banners. Illustrations of tartans and historical sketches of Clans and Families.  Cover and slightly foxed. Special. 12.00
TRACING FAMILY HISTORY IN AUSTRALIA. S/C (Noeline Kyle) 1st Edition 1985. This invaluable book makes tracing your family history in Australia easier, more absorbing and more rewarding. No family historian should be without it. Very good condition. 12.00
TRACING FAMILY HISTORY IN AUSTRALIA: A Guide to Sources.  S/C (Nick Vine Hall) Reprint 1987. 324pp. This reference book is national summary of the genealogical sources available in Australia. They are listed for each state in 41 specific categories including: Adoptions, business records, cemeteries, census returns, convicts, directories, divorce, inquests, local history societies, marriage licences, naturalisation, newspapers, occupational records, orphans, parish registers, shipping, wills and many, many more. Brand new condition. 12.00
TRACING FAMILY HISTORY IN AUSTRALIA: A Guide to Sources.  S/C (Nick Vine Hall) Reprint 1987. 324pp. . Display shop copy. Special.  8.00
WE SHOULD'VE LISTENED TO GRANDMA: Women and Family History.  S/C   (Noeline Kyle)   1988. 147pp. This book will prove to be an invaluable guide through sources as diverse as family mementos and marriage certificates, birthday cards and census statistics, citations of merit and gaol returns. It shows how to get the best out of libraries and archives, courts and schools, local history groups and churches. Brand new condition.  9.50
WHAT AN EXPERIENCE: An Autobiography of (the authors) Their Endeavours From 1927 and Still in Active Service.  S/C (Will and Marjorie Sharpe) 1st Edition 1989. This is the story of a Christian couple and their work in Western Australia and Queensland amongst the Aborigines. Brand new condition.  9.50