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A DICTIONARY OF MAORI PLACE NAMES. Paperback (A. W. Reed. Illustrated by: James Berry) Reprint 1974. 144pp. A history and meaning of the Maori place names within New Zealand. Good condition. 


A HISTORY OF NEW ZEALAND. Paperback (Keith Sinclair)  Pelican Books. Reprint 1973. 335pp. This history is a story of a people's growing national self-consciousness and an increasing awareness of its real place in the world. Covering race relations, politics, economics and cultural change, the author's narrative is a study in the development of New Zealand's society from the voyages of captain Cook and the foundation of the colony to the present day (at the time of publication). Good condition. 


AA ROAD ATLAS OF NEW ZEALAND. S/C (Lansdowne Press) Revised Edition 1985. 72pp. A well designed atlas. Good condition. 


BEAUTIFUL NEW ZEALAND.   H/C + D/W (Errol Brathwaite) 1st Edition 1985. 256pp. This massive book has been put together by the author who takes us for a tour of New Zealand - in text and with magnificent photographs. He shows us sophisticated ski resorts (some on the slopes of active volcanoes), busy cities, remote sheep stations, Maori meeting houses, prosperous market towns, sleepy villages - the many aspects of a society uniquely New Zealand. You will also read and see the cool lakes set in snow-clad mountains contrast with the boiling pools of the thermal regions, icy glaciers with fertile pastures of the plains and much, much more. Near mint condition. 


DESCRIPTIVE GUIDE TO ROTORUA AND THERMAL REGIONS. Booklet (Issued by: Rotorua Motor Transport Co. Limited) 1935. 56pp plus separate  street map. A very informative guide describing the history and attributes of all the places in the Rotorua region. Good condition. Scarce. 


FAIRY FOLK TALES OF THE MAORI. H/C (James Cowan) 2nd Edition 1930. 173pp. This book contains many legends which is part of the Maori's life. Many enthralling stories here !. The cover a little scuffed but overall the book is in good condition. Scarce.


ROAMING AROUND NEW ZEALAND.  H/C +  D/W (Frank Clune)  Reprint, 1957. 322pp. This book is an account of the author's visit to New Zealand. He went from one end to the other visiting every province and all the principal cities, boroughs, and tourist resorts. He describes vividly with his usual careful observation and lively easy-to-read style, what he saw, what he did, and what he learnt on his wanderings in the "miniature continent", which he believes to be unlike any other land on earth. Highly informative. Good condition. 


SAMUEL MARSDEN. H/C + D/W (Cyril J. Davey) 1st Edition 1957. 93pp.This young minister of religion set out to Australia in August 1793 with a boatload of convicts and set out for Australia. After pending time here he set out again to become the first Christian Missionary to the really savage, cannibal tribes who lived in the beautiful land of New Zealand. This is that story.  Good condition. 


THE BULL PEN. H/C (Alan Stuart Paterson) Reprint 1974. 36pp. The author was once a first-class daily newspaper cartoonist. This book is the result of a few of his "Bull" (four legged with a tail)  cartoons. People will enjoy his humour  and figures of fun particularly by farmers everywhere. Good condition. Special.


THE CASTAWAY. H/C (Aaron Fletcher) 1st Edition 1984. 424pp. This is a novel based on historical developments in New Zealand during the first part of the 19th century. A man named John Rutherford, a crewman who survived a shipwreck, lived with Maoris and then returned to England. This story is what happened in between. Good condition.


THE EXPLORATION OF NEW ZEALAND. H/C + D/W (W. G. McClymont) 2nd Edition 1959. 125pp. The author deals with exploration of the hinterland, where problems confronting the explorer were very different from those encountered on the coasts by the seaborne discoverers. Some were hunting for gold, others for new grazing for sheep, and others again for passes that could be used as stock routes.  A fascinating and abundantly documented history. Ex lib. Good condition except for some tape marks on the inside of the front and back covers. 




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