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This section also contain other books relating to the Northern Territory.


NOTE:  Some School Histories are listed here (and within the various Australian State / Territory listings) if they also contain Local History of the area ... or ... they could be listed separately in the SCHOOL HISTORIES page.



ALICE SPRINGS Share Our Story.     Booklet      (N.T. Tourist Commission)   2005. 17pp. 


AUSTRALIA'S FRONTIER PROVINCE.   H/C   (C. L. A. Abbott) 1st Edition 1950. 218pp. The author has put together this book which includes the early history of the Northern Territory, the explorers and the early days of Commonwealth control. Following this is the appointment of the Payne Committee and the administering thereof. Details of the air raid on Darwin are included as well as the further development of the city, its peoples, the railways and roads and information on the pearling, mining and pastoral industries. Good condition.  18.00
No titles at present
CENTRAL AUSTRALIA.   H/C   (C. T. Madigan)   Revised Edition 1944.  316pp. This is a story of early exploration in central Australia by many of the early explorers as well as Madigan himself. It includes an account of Birdsville, Lake Eyre, Simpson Desert, MacDonnell Ranges and Alice Springs as well as mining and meteorites. Good condition.  25.00
CENTRAL AUSTRALIA.   H/C   (C. T. Madigan) Revised Edition 1944. 316pp. Reading copy - Cover marked but the pages are in good condition.  6.00
COAST OF ADVENTURE: Untamed North Australia. H/C (Charles Barrett) Reprint 1946. 216pp. This particular book written by one of Australia's loved writers about nature provides an interesting account of a trip undertaken by him and his wife to the northern part of Australia including the islands off the coast of the Northern Territory. Good condition.  7.50
CROCODILES AND OTHER PEOPLE.   H/C  (Douglas Lockwood)  1st Edition, 1959.  222pp. The author has presented this colourful, exiting, and authentic picture of life as well as crocodile hunting in the Northern Territory. Good condition except for a little foxing around the edge of the pages.  9.00
CROCODILES AND OTHER PEOPLE.  H/C +  Chipped D/W  (Douglas Lockwood)  Reprint 1963.  222pp. Good condition. 9.50
DIGGING, SQUATTING AND PIONEERING LIFE IN THE NORTHERN TERRITORY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. H/C + D/W  (Mrs Dominic D. Daly) Reprint of 1887edition. 1984.  368pp. A pioneering classic from first settlement to 1887. Vivid description of life and events that shaped the destiny of the Northern Territory. Includes map.   New. 40.00
DIGGING, SQUATTING AND PIONEERING LIFE IN THE NORTHERN TERRITORY OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA. H/C + D/W  (Mrs Dominic D. Daly) Reprint of 1887 edition. 1984.  368pp.   New copy but with a faded spine.  Special. 30.00
No titles at present
FAIR DINKUM.  H/C +  D/W   (Douglas Lockwood)   1st Edition, 1960.   188pp.  This is a collection of "not-so-tall" stories collected in the course of 18 years in the rugged outback of the Northern Territory. Here we meet gold diggers, stock drovers, and many other various characters and much more. Good condition with some foxing. Special.  SOLD
FAIR DINKUM.    H/C   (Douglas Lockwood) Readers Book Club - No date. 239pp.   Good condition with some foxing around the edges. Reading copy.  Special. 


FAIR DINKUM.  Paperback (Douglas Lockwood) 1969 / Seal Books.. 188pp. Stain on side of pages.  Reading copy.  Special.


FORSAKEN SETTLEMENT.   H/C   (Peter G. Spillett)  1972. 195pp.  An illustrated history of the settlement of Victoria, Port Essington, North Australia 1838 -1849.(Last page of Index/Contents partly torn out. A cheap 'reading' copy. Special.


FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH: An Autobiography. S/C (Sara Henderson) 1993. 337pp. The author's family life at Bullo River. Ex lib. Good condition. 


FRONTIER TERRITORY.  H/C  (Glenville Pike)  3rd Printing.  240pp.  Illustrated. This book is an exciting and colourful history of Northern Australia - one of the last of the worlds Frontier Lands. The story contains an account of exploration and its development, its pioneers and more.  Very good condition. . 


GRAND OLD LADY OF THE TERRITORY.      Please see: "JESSIE LITCHFIELD: Grand Old Lady of the Territory"
No titles at present
I SAW A STRANGE LAND.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (Arthur Groom)  1st Edition 1950.  216pp.  The author has an intimate knowledge of central Australia for he lived and worked here for several years journeying about the Centre, meeting its residents, black and white, and falling under the spell of this harsh and fascinating country of limitless distances and unbelievable colour. He stayed at Hermannsburg, the home of Albert Namatjira and of other well-known aboriginal painters, thence into the MacDonnell and Kritchauff Ranges with a native guide and camels into many areas now known to us. Illustrated with black & white photographs. The book itself is in good condition.  19.50
I SAW A STRANGE LAND.  H/C  (Arthur Groom) 1st Edition 1950.  216pp.  Signed by author at Binna Burra, Queensland. The cover is a little worn with some marks. The pages are in good condition. Special.  9.50
JESSIE LITCHFIELD: Grand Old Lady of the Territory.   S/C   (Janet Dickinson)  1982.  105pp.   Jessie Sinclair Litchfield first came to the Territory in 1907. She was a poetess, writer, journalist, public figure, housewife and mother, and left an indelible mark as one of the Territory's pioneers. This book is an account of the life of an extraordinary woman who had faith in the future of the Northern Territory. Good condition.  8.00
JOURNEY TO THE RED ROCK.   H/C - Large format.  (Bruce & June MacPherson)   1965.  48pp.  This is a story of a girl called Gail from Sydney who took a journey into outback Northern Territory and the places she visited. Complete with text and photographs. Good condition. Special. 2.00
No titles at present
LIFE ON THE DALY RIVER.  H/C  (Nancy Polishuk with Douglas Lockwood)  Reprint, 1961. This is a true story of Nancy and her husband who went to seek the individuality and independence they felt was missing from life in the big cities. Stories of her friends the aborigines, the kangaroos, the cockatoos and the coloured settlers who live along the river. her enemies are the crocodiles, sharks and snakes. The climax of the story is her dramatic, frightening evacuation along the flooded river when their boat capsized. An exciting, interesting and amusing book. Ex lib. Signed by Douglas Lockwood who is a part author of this book. Good condition.  7.50
LITCHFIELD'S GOLD: The Life of Fred Litchfield.    S/C   (Janet Dickinson)  1988.  93pp. Fred Litchfield was the first person to find gold in the Northern Territory. He was one of the Finniss Expedition to Escape Cliffs in 1864/65 and made several exploration trips around the Adelaide and Daly Rivers, finding and naming many features in the area. He had great faith in the possibility of workable gold-fields being found in the country over which he passed. This book tells of the life of Fred Litchfield from his arrival in the colony of South Australia at the age of seven until his untimely death in about 1873. He made a valuable contribution to the knowledge of the Territory, a contribution that was ignored by the South Australian Government of the day. Signed by author.  Good condition. SOLD
MEDICINE MAN.     H/C in plastic.  (Frank McCann)   1st Edition 1959.   208pp.  This is a story of a doctor who took to the outback of the Northern Territory. Many serious and amusing incidents are recorded here. This book is hard to find. Ex lib. Good condition. Special. 5.00


NAKED UNDER CAPRICORN.  H/C (Olaf Ruhen) A& R Classic, 1982. 254pp. This is a story of a man, Davis Marriner. Who ventured into the Northern Territory wilderness and was robbed and abandoned. The aborigines came to his aid and taught him how to adapt and survive. He eventually he established as one of the land's richest cattle kings. But while Marriner shares the Aborigines' philosophy of quietude and independence, he becomes the source of their misery and the gradual destruction of their ancient way of life.     They, in the end depend on him.   Very good condition. 


NORTHERN GATEWAY. H/C (Frank Flynn) 1st Edition, July 1963. This provides an account of the author, Father Flynn, a man of an unusual background and is internationally known as an eye specialist who devoted his life to the church both within Australia and overseas. As a priest, doctor, anthropologist and journalist his last 20 years went spent in the Northern Territory. This story is spiced with humour, darkened by occasional tragedy, diverging often into tales of out-of-the-way places and the characters who live in them. Signed by author. Good condition. 19.50
NORTHERN GATEWAY. H/C (Frank Flynn)   Reprint  September 1963. Repaired. Ex lib. Reading copy. Special. 7.00

NORTHERN TERRITORY SKETCHBOOK.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (Drawings by: Ainslie Roberts. Text by: Douglas Lockwood) 1st Edition 1968. 64pp. This book is divided into two parts. Part1 - The Centre and Part 2 - The Top End. To assist the reader as to the actual locations of the areas mentioned, the front cover covers the Centre whilst the back cover shows the Top End. Very informative. Good condition.



No titles at present


PATROL INDEFINITE. H/C + D/W  (Sidney Downer)  1st Edition, 1963. 212pp. This book is packed with incidents that helped to make the Northern Territory Mounted Police Force famous - encounters with aboriginal outlaws and white desperadoes, long patrols through waterlogged or waterless country in search of cattle-duffers, the quest for the mythical "White Women of Arnhem Land".  The rescue work of the police during the Darwin bombings, the handling of Mrs Petrov's defection from the Russians, the Darwin "Revolution" and many more. Good condition.  SOLD


QUEST UNDER CAPRICORN.  H/C  (David Attenborough / Quality Book Club)   1963. 162pp.  This is an account of David's expedition to the Northern Territory. Very interesting reading as it provides an insight to some areas which a lot of people have not visited before.  Some marked pages.  Special.



No titles at present


No titles at present


THE ALICE: The story of Alice Springs.  H/C + D/W  (Compiled by: Country Women's Association, Alice Springs Branch)  3rd Edition. 1964. 88pp. This is the story of the town and district of Alice Springs. A lot of historical information can be found here in relation to explorers, mining and pastoral activities. Community services is also covered. Good condition. 


THE BIG RUN.            Please see: "The Story of Victoria River Downs Station" 

THE FRONT DOOR: DARWIN 1869 - 1969. H/C + Damaged D/W (Douglas Lockwood) Reprint 1969. 288pp. Darwin initially was a roughly romantic world of goldminers, explorers, cattlemen, buffalo hunters, pearlers, seafarers and workers on such great projects as The Overland Telegraph. Every chapter of the Darwin story has its full content of drama and human interest, spiced with ironic humour and shadowed by such tragedies as shipwrecks, massacres, and the Japanese air raids. The author covers every aspect, from the roistering days of the past to the present. Good condition. 


THE FRONT DOOR: DARWIN 1869 - 1969. H/C  (Douglas Lockwood) Reprint 1969. 288pp.Ex lib. The condition of the pages are fine but the book has a slightly damaged spine.  Reading copy. Special


THE FRONT DOOR: DARWIN 1869 - 1969.   Paperback   (Douglas Lockwood) Reprint / Seal Books 1974. 288pp. Good condition. 


THE FRONT DOOR: DARWIN 1869 - 1969.   Paperback   (Douglas Lockwood) Reprint / Seal Books 1977. 288pp. Good condition. 


THE FARTHEREST COAST: A Selection of Writings Relating to the History of the Northern Coast of Australia. H/C + D/W in clear plastic. (Edited by: Campbell C. Macknight) 1st Edition 1969. 218pp. The author outlines the history of exploration and settlement of the coast from the Gulf of Carpentaria west to the Kimberleys in his introduction. His selections from the writings of early visitors are exciting and interesting for their own sakes, and an invaluable guide to a region of growing economic and strategic importance. Ex lib. A few tape marks. The pages are in very good condition.


THE FURIOUS DAYS: The Relief of Darwin. H/C + D/W (Alan Stretton) 1st Edition 1976. 207pp. This is a first hand account of one of the most extraordinary events in Australia's history. It relates to Cyclone "Tracy" that devastated Darwin on 25th December 1974 and the events that took place thereafter.  The book shows how the people of Darwin, ably supported by General Streeton, set about reconstruction. One cannot help being moved by this story. Good condition. 


THE FURIOUS DAYS: The Relief of Darwin. H/C + D/W (Alan Stretton) 1st Edition 1976. 207pp. Ex lib. Reading copy. Special. 


THE GLEN HELEN STORY. (Bryan Bowman) No date. 39pp. A story and history of the Glen Helen homesteads that are scattered throughout the Northern Territory. Mint condition. 


THE GOVERNMENT OF THE NORTHERN TERRITORY.  H/C + D/W   (Alistair Heatley) 1979. 211pp. This book is one of the series of States and Territories. It deals with the politics and administration and describes the major institutions of government - cabinet, parliament, the bureaucracy, and local government - as well as the parties and pressure groups which play key parts in the political process. Ex lib.  Good condition.  4.50
THE LINE THAT LED TO NOWHERE: The Story of the North Australia Railway.  H/C + D/W  (Ian R. Stevenson) 1st Edition 1979. 188pp. This is a true story of the North Australia Railway and the people who built, worked, and depended on it spans 90 years and makes enthralling reading. Derelict tracks and abandoned sidings may be the only physical reminders of "the line that led to nowhere" but its place in Australia's history is beyond dispute. Very good condition.  15.00
THE LIZARD EATERS. H/C + Damaged D/W  (Douglas Lockwood) 2nd Edition, December 1964. This is the fascinating story of the "lost aboriginal tribe" who had never been in touch with our way of life , or had even met a white person until the late 1950's to early 1960's. The tribe known as the Pintubi people were located west of Alice Springs towards the Canning Stock Route. Good condition.  SOLD
THE NORTHERN TERRITORY PASTORAL INDUSTRY: 1863 - 1910.  H/C + Damaged D/W (Ross Duncan) 1st Edition 1967. 190pp. This is a history of the pastoral industry when South Australia was in control. Progress by large private investors improved the properties and developed outlets for stock was achieved by 1910. Ex lib. Good condition.  7.50
THE RED CENTRE: Man and Beast in the Heart of Australia.  H/C (H.H. Finlayson) 5th Edition 1943. 153pp. This is an interesting account of the fauna and flora in Central Australia as well as the way of life of the aborigines. Good condition. Special.  12.00
THE RED CENTRE: Man and Beast in the Heart of Australia.  Paperback (H.H. Finlayson) Angus & Robertson / Australian Pocket Library) 1945. 144pp. Foxed condition. Reading copy. Special. This copy is FREE with the above book. FREE
THE SPELL OF THE INLAND: A Romance of Central Australia.   H/C (John Armour)   Reprint, 1934.  273pp. Good condition but cover is marked.  9.50

THE SURVEYORS: The Story of the Founding of Darwin.  H/C + D/W  (Margaret Goyder Kerr) 1st Edition 1971. 183pp. This book is a sensitive portrait of a man - George Woodroffe Goyder and his methods - and of the immense task which he undertook in planning the town of Darwin and surveying 600,000 acres of wilderness in the township area. He and his men battled against almost impossible odds, including hostile natives, scurvy and other sickness, and sheer isolation. How Goyder and his expedition succeeded in their work, and blazed the trail for the settlement of Darwin, is an epic of Australian exploration and an inspiring example of human courage. Good condition. 


THE STORY OF VICTORIA RIVER DOWNS STATION: THE BIG RUNH/C + D/W (Jock Makin) 2nd Edition, Revised & Enlarged, 1983. 176pp.  A history of the early explorers who battled the vastness, wilderness, and unfamiliarity of the environment on their gruelling expeditions inland; settlers were reluctant to follow. The author captures the spirit and challenge of the land which has inspired men with visions of a success that has so often eluded them on this station - once the world's largest cattle run. Very good condition. 


THE TERRITORY. H/C + Damaged D/W (Ernestine Hill) Reprint 1968. 454pp. This book is largely the story of the first one hundred years of exploring, pioneering, and settlement in Australia's tropic north. It includes cattle droving over unknown wildernesses, tragic encounters - for both races - with aborigines and the efforts to establish settlements. The author brings every character, incident and scene to life. Good condition. 


THE TERRITORY. H/C  (Ernestine Hill) Reprint 1965. 454pp.  Ex lib.  Good condition. 


THE TERRITORY.  Paperback  (Ernestine Hill) Angus & Robertson / Reprint 1985. 454pp. Good condition. 


TO AYERS ROCK AND BEYOND. S/C (Bill Harney) 1988. 192pp. This is the story of an immense solitary mountain in the heart of Australia, called "Uluru" by the aborigines and "Ayers Rock" by the Europeans. It also covers the country to the north of Alice Springs, the mythology, customs, and hunting pattern of the aborigines. This book is worth a read if intending to visit this area. Good condition. 


TO AYERS ROCK AND BEYOND. Paperback (Bill Harney) Seal Books / Reprint 1976.  192pp. Good condition. 


TOP END SAFARI: Modern Travel Adventure Amongst Northern Territory Wildlife - and Wild Men !. H/C + Damaged D/W (Vic McCristal) 1st Edition 1966. 192pp. A story of the men who live by rope and rifle - the slash of sharks in freshwater streams - the ponderous charge of buffalo and the silent midnight stalk of a hungry crocodile - the jolting strike of a long-fanged gamefish .... all seen against the developing problems of the Northern Territory and its unconventional people ... the truth of life on Australia's last frontier. Good condition. 


TWO AT DALY WATERS.  H/C  (Elisabeth George) 1st Edition 1945. 144pp. This book is the life and times of Mrs. Henriette Pearce who lived at Daly Waters in the Northern Territory as told to the author.  Very enlightening.  Collectable. Good condition. 



UP THE TRACK. H/C + D/W (Douglas Lockwood) Reprint 1964. 228pp. This book is an "amble" through the Northern Territory with the author who has written many articles and books on his previous travels. He takes you on many side trips to privately owned stations and homesteads. They must not be thought of as tourist destinations but left privately as is. Many a good yarn can be read here. Good condition. 


UP THE TRACK. H/C  (Douglas Lockwood) Readers Book Club.   No date.  223pp. A little foxed.  Good condition.  Special.


UP THE TRACK.  Paperback (Douglas Lockwood) Seal Books /   Reprint, November 1970.   223pp.  Good condition.


UP THE TRACK & TO AYERS ROCK AND BEYOND.   Paperback (Douglas Lockwood & Bill Harney) Seal Books /   Reprint 1975.  223pp.  This book is a joint issue with the two authors. Their separate titles are listed above. Good condition.



No titles at present


WE HELPED BLAZE THE TRACK: Pioneering Experiences in the North.    H/C + D/W   (Vanda Marshall)    1st Edition 1980. 248pp. This book is a fascinating tale of true experiences in the Northern Territory Outback with vivid glimpses of Darwin during World War One. The author has captured the atmosphere of a land that was at first very strange to her but which she soon came to love, seen first through the eyes of a schoolgirl, then as a young mother. The outback of the Northern Territory was then a fever-stricken land where few white women dared venture. Vanda writes of stark pioneering adventures, tragedy, and lonlieness on the Marranboy tinfield, enlivened by the dry humour, the tales and experiences of the old time bushmen such as "Sanguine Scot" of "We of the Never Never", the packhorse mailmen, the miners, and the many "characters" in the Outback and in Old Darwin, then an Oriental ramshackle backwater. The loyalty of the Aborigines, then still in their tribal Stone Age state stands out sharply in this story that is a valuable contribution to our heritage. Ex lib copy.


WE HELPED BLAZE THE TRACK: Pioneering Experiences in the North. S/C   (Vanda Marshall)  1st Edition 1980. 248pp. Mint condition. 



No titles at present


No titles at present


No titles at present


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