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Some School Histories can be listed within the various Australian State / Territory listings if they also contain Local History of the area. 


New South Wales
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory
Miscellaneous Schools



AUSTRALIA    (General)

AUSTRALIAN SCHOOL CENTENARY & JUBILEE HISTORIES:  A Select Bibliography. S/C  (Compiled by: Geoffrey Burkhardt)  1995. 155pp.  A listing of school historical books published within Australia. 20.00





A CLASS OF ITS OWN: A History of The Queensland University of Technology.  S/C (Noeline Kyle, Catherine Manathunga & Joanne Scott) 1999. 248pp. This book explores the histories of these various institutions: Technical Colleges, Kindergarten Training Colleges, Teachers Colleges and Colleges of Advanced Education and examines their distinctive aspects. it analyses their similarities and relations to one another and sets them within the broader history of higher education in Queensland and Australia. This lively account is based on oral as well as documentary research. Illustrated. Good condition.  25.00
AN OLD BOY'S SCRAP-BOOK: Being an Unofficial History of "Churchie".  H/C  (Compiled by: Andrew Rowan) This is a reprint publication limited to 1000 copies of which this is copy number 188.  This book is also known as "An Unofficial History of "Churchie" (Church of England Grammar School, East Brisbane)  for the years 1912 - 1967. Very good condition except for some loose pages caused during the printing. A massive publication ! Special !  A bargain ! SOLD


ANGLICAN CHURCH GRAMMAR SCHOOL (East Brisbane)    See:   "THE MAKING OF MEN - A History of Churchie - The First 75 Years". 
ASHGROVE STATE SCHOOL - History of the First One Hundred Years 1877 - 1977.   Booklet    24pp.Oblong, 4to. Black & white frontispiece.  Black & white illustrations throughout. A history published for the centenary of this western suburban school in Brisbane. Very good condition. SOLD
BALMORAL STATE HIGH SCHOOL: Silver Jubilee Magazine 1958 - 1983.  Booklet  1983. 44pp. Some internal marks and name notations. Includes the Silver Jubilee Variety Concert programme.  SOLD
BANANA, Central Queensland - Yesterday and Today. Banana State School Centenary 1874 - 1974.  S/C  (No author) 1974. 112pp. An excellent local history of this town and surrounding area. Good condition. 25.00
BOGGO, YERONGA and BEYOND:   Leaving Footprints - Making Pathways   1871 - 1996.  S/C  (Ros Gillespie) 1996. 186pp.  This book provides a history and a story over the past 125 years of the school, the locality and the community. Very good condition.  35.00
BOGGO, YERONGA and BEYOND:   Leaving Footprints - Making Pathways   1871 - 1996.  S/C  (Ros Gillespie) 1996. 186pp.  Presentation copy signed by author.  Very good condition.  35.00
BRACEWELL STATE SCHOOL - 75th JUBILEE.  S/C  (Bracewell Jubilee Committee)  1990. 216pp. This school is situated west of Mount Larcom near Gladstone.  A lot information about this school and other previous schools in the area (Cedar Vale 1926 - 1978 & East End School 1915 - 1963) can be found in this thick book. Many historical and class photos included. Also includes some newspaper cuttings. Good condition apart from a small stain on the front cover.  SOLD
BRIBIE STATE SCHOOL: 1924 - 1974.    Booklet  (Bribie State School) 1974.  16pp. This booklet was produced for their Golden Jubilee. Good condition.  SOLD
BRISBANE CENTRAL STATE SCHOOL: Celebrating 120 Years - 1875 to 1995. Booklet  1975. 16pp. This school is situated in the city area. Good condition.  6.00
BUNKER'S HILL STATE SCHOOL CENTENARY: 1899 - 1999.  S/C  (Compiled by: R & E Shaw & Centenary Committee)  1999. 216pp.  This book also includes the histories of nearby by-gone schools at: Athol State School 1887 - 1962; Westbrook State School 1910 - 1969; Couper Memorial School 1946 - 1948 & Westbrook Training Centre 1900 - 1994. Many photographs and School Rolls.  Some pages trimmed at the bottom of the book. Special ! 30.00
CAIRNS NORTH STATE SCHOOL: 75th Anniversary  1917 - 1992. S/C (No author) 1992. 60pp. This book provides a nostalgic view of this school with much information and many class photos are shown from the 1920's right through to the 1980's. Good condition.  SOLD
CAMP HILL STATE SCHOOL MAGAZINE: Golden Jubilee - Mirrabooka: 1926 - 1976. Booklet  (No author)  1976. This booklet gives a "run down" on the school's history and the current sporting activities. Also includes is a further magazine for  FREE  is the school magazine for the year 1977. Good condition.  Special. SOLD
CAPALABA STATE SCHOOL CENTENARY 1880 - 1980. Booklet  (Capalaba State School) 1980. 74pp.    A history of the school throughout the past 100 years. Numerous stories by ex teachers and principals. Also included are photographs of early and present pupils. Good condition.  SOLD
CELEBRATING 125 YEARS: School Rules !          See:       "Toowong State School History"
CENTENARY OF CEDAR CREEK SCHOOL No. 180: 1874 - 1974. Booklet (Compiled by: Mr. W. W. Abell) 1974. 28pp. This roneoed copy provides the reader with information on the foundation and early history of this school and the area near Tamborine Mountain as well as extracts from the Brisbane "Courier Mail" and from the School Inspectors' Reports.  Local map included. Good condition.  SOLD
CLEVELAND HIGH SCHOOL - SILVER JUBILEE FESTIVAL: 12 - 17 October 1981.  Booklet  (No author) 1981. 16pp. This roneoed booklet gives a basic history of the Cleveland areas well as a chronology of Secondary Education in the Redlands 1950 - 1981. 4 photographs. Good condition.  2.00
COOPERS PLAINS STATE SCHOOL (Formerly: Orange Grove State School) DIAMOND JUBILEE 1931 - 1991. Booklet (Compiled by: Mary Bishop) 1991. 62pp + Appendix of Staff & Pupils names from 1931 to 1991. 50pp. A lot of information can be read here of the early school life right up to the Diamond Jubilee as well as including many memories of the activities that took place. Well presented. Good condition.  25.00
COOPERS PLAINS STATE SCHOOL (Formerly: Orange Grove State School) GOLDEN JUBILEE 1931 - 1981. Booklet (Compiled by: M. Fry (Editor), D. Sherrington, E. Hodby & E. Dale)  1981. 24pp.  This booklet comprises of a brief history of the school and its activities. Damaged / repaired cover.  Special. 4.00
CORINDA STATE PRIMARY SCHOOL: GOLDEN JUBILEE 1927 - 1977. Booklet (Research by: Miss G. Bailey. Edited by: Clem Conran) 1977. 24pp. This booklet records the history this south-western Brisbane school with short notes on the years in between plus numerous photographs. Good condition.  12.00
DOWNLANDS: The First Fifty Years 1931 to 1981.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (Father John F. Mooney)  1st Edition March 1981.   300pp. This book covers the history and activities, both past and present of this popular College situated in Toowoomba, Queensland.  Includes a staff listing from 1931 - 1981; Students roll call 1931 - 1981; Sports listing 1931 - 1980 and Notes on the Downlands Past Students' Union. Good condition.                  22.50
EMU CREEK STATE SCHOOL: CENTENARY Saturday May 24th, 1975. Souvenir Booklet. (No author. Centenary Committee) 20pp. This school is situated between Toowoomba and Clifton / Warwick area (Emu Creek of Steele Rudd - Arthur Hoey Davis - the popular famed author) details the history of the school and early residents and pupils.  Included is the School Roll from 1875 to 1974. Good condition.  SOLD
ENGLISH FOR QUEENSLAND SCHOOLS - PART 1 - GRADE 7.    S/C  1968. 130pp. This is one of the school books used by students for Grade 7. Good condition.  6.00
ENLIGHTNED HORIZONS: The History of Education in the Proserpine District. S/C (Neville Smith)  1988. 227pp.  A history on the following schools are included: Kelsey Creek1895-1963; Mt. Marlow 1900 - 1956; Foxdale 1904-1972; Bona Vista 1906-1963; Strathdickie 1907-1963; Cannon Valley 1910-1969; Palmgrove 1916-1918 & 1926-1951; Crystalbrook 1916-1967; Windermere 1922-1942; Gregory 1922-1962; Banana Pocket 1922-1948; Lethebrook 1948-1964; St. Catherine's Convent 1925 - to date; Andromache River 1926-1927; Bloomsbury 1927- to date (?); Dittmer 1938-1951; Mt. Proserpine 1938-1963; Riordanvale 1938-1963; Hayman Island 1969 - to date; Cannonvale 1969- to date; Hamilton Island 1986- to date; Proserpine State School 1897- to date; Proserpine State High School 1961- to date. 27.50
FERNY GROVE STATE SCHOOL: Upper Kedron Days / Ferny Grove Days Centenary Booklet: 1875 - 1975. Booklet (No author) An early history and the development of education at this North Brisbane school. Original roneoed format. Ex lib. Good condition. SOLD
FOREST HILL STATE SCHOOL - CENTENARY 1893 - 1993: Celebrating 100 Years. S/C 1st Edition 1993. 244pp. This massive book provides a lot of interesting information about the Forest Hill and Glen Cairn State Schools as well as Forest Hill town and surrounding area. Topics include: History, Pioneers, Government, Agriculture, Transport, Churches, Public Services, Associations and Sporting facilities. A very comprehensive book with many photographs. Includes a large section on school photos and admission rolls. Good condition.  SOLD
FRENCHVILLE STATE SCHOOL: Centenary 2000. S/C (Editorial Team: Fiona Bond, Sybil Pawley & Estelle Woodhouse) 2000. 150pp.  This is a full history of the school which is located in Rockhampton. This book contains a vast number of enrolment lists of the last 100 years. Good condition. 30.00
GRACEMERE STATE SCHOOL- CENTENARY SOUVENIR: 1871 - 1971.   S/C (No author)  1971. 119pp. This book, although it provides an early history of the school, it also includes an early history of the Gracemere region. Many notable events are recorded here as well as many names of pupils and teachers as well as some class photographs.  Good condition.  SOLD
GREENSLOPES STATE SCHOOL CENTENARY: 1890 -1990.   S/C   Large format  (No author. Centenary Committee) 1990.  68pp. In this book details are are recorded of the early history of the surrounding area and the school as well as its development over the years. Illustrated with photographs and numerous class photographs. Good condition.  19.50
GULUGUBA STATE SCHOOL.      See:  "SCHOOLS BESIDE THE TRACK: 1917 - 1992. 75 th Anniversary of Guluguba State School" 
HARRISTOWN STATE HIGH: Celebrating Fifty Years 1955 - 2005.   S/C   (Editor: Brian Gilroy, et al.)  2005. 67pp.  This book contains a record of the school situated in Toowoomba. Many interesting "snippets" from over the years is recorded here. Illustrated with black & white and colour photographs. Good condition. 17.50

HISTORY OF SOMERVILLE HOUSE (Brisbane High School for Girls) 1899 - 1949. H/C (Edited and Compiled by: Phyllis G. Freeman) 1st (and only) Edition 1949. 100pp. This book provides a detailed history of this well known Brisbane school. Filled with school photographs and roll calls of Past Pupils from 1899 to 1949. Extremely rare and collectable. Very good condition. 

IPSWICH GRAMMAR SCHOOL 1863 - 1963.  H/C  (Joseph Henry Allsopp)  1963.  139pp.  This attractive red book provides a well detailed history of this boys' school in Ipswich. There are many student, staff and honour rolls included as well many class photographs.  Also included is various memorabilia  (postcard, sticker, newspaper cuttings etc.)  Scarce.  Very good condition. 32.50
IPSWICH GRAMMAR SCHOOL - 1977.  S/C  (I.G.S.) 1977.  100pp. This book presents a record of the school's activities for the year 1977 and to further the interests of present and past students and well-wishers of Ipswich grammar School. Good condition.  4.00
IPSWICH GRAMMAR SCHOOL - 1987.  S/C  (I.G.S.) 1987.   156pp.  This book presents a record of the school's activities for the year 1987.  Good condition.  5.00
IPSWICH GRAMMAR SCHOOL - 1988.  S/C  (Edited: Elizabeth McKenzie)  1988.  183pp.  This is the school's yearbook detailing the activities for 1988 as well as commemorating 125 years of education at the school. Good condition. 5.00
IPSWICH GRAMMAR SCHOOL - 1989.  S/C  1989.  183pp. This is the school's yearbook detailing the activities for 1989. Good condition.  5.00
JEPARA - SUNNYBANK HIGH SCHOOL - 1986. Booklet 88pp. This is the Annual Magazine from this Brisbane South-side High School. Good condition 10.00
JEPARA - SUNNYBANK HIGH SCHOOL - 1987 80pp. Booklet 88pp. This is the Annual Magazine from this Brisbane South-side High School. Good condition 10.00
JEPARA - SUNNYBANK HIGH SCHOOL - 1989 80pp. Booklet 88pp. This is the Annual Magazine from this Brisbane South-side High School. Good condition. 10.00
KUMBIA STATE SCHOOL: 75 Years. S/C  (No author) 1989. 106pp. This book gives an account of the history of this school together with many class and activity photographs. Also includes enrolment lists.  Good condition.  SOLD
LEYBURN STATE SCHOOL: CENTENARY 1862 - 1962.  Booklet  (Leyburn State School Centenary Committee)  1962.  20pp. This booklet was produced for the school's Centenary and contains a history of the Leyburn School and district.  Good condition.  Scarce. SOLD
LOOKING BACK: The First 150 Years of Queensland Schools. H/C + Damaged D/W  (Hector Holthouse) 1st Edition 1975. 211pp. This well known Queensland author has presented a fine and detailed history of the schools in their early days. From the first school opened in1826, the author goes through the various good and hard times through the years and the activities which played a part in the curriculum. A vast number of photographs and illustrations can be found in this most enjoyable, but historical book.  Presentation copy to the Mayor of Toowoomba by the Regional Director of Education. Good condition.  22.00
LOOKING BACK: The First 150 Years of Queensland Schools. H/C   (Hector Holthouse)  1st Edition 1975. 211pp. . Good condition except for a small cut-out on the title page. Special.  15.00
LOOKING BACK: The First 150 Years of Queensland Schools. H/C +  D/W in plastic cover.  (Hector Holthouse) 1st Edition 1975. 211pp. Ex lib.  "Reading copy" in reasonable condition.  Special. 9.50
MAROON STATE SCHOOL: Centenary Celebrations 1891 - 1991. S/C  (Maroon State School) 1991. 80pp. This book reviews 100 years of achievement and progress of the school as well as a brief history of the Maroon District in S.E. Queensland. Good condition.  15.00
MILLMERRAN & DISTRICT SCHOOLS: 125 Years of Education 1882 - 2007.   S/C  (Millmerran State School)   2007  356pp..   This massive book provides a history of the Millmerran State School  and  other schools in the surrounding district.  Much local history of the district and activities are included as well as staff and student enrolment lists. Very good condition.  SOLD
MURGON STATE SCHOOL: 75th Anniversary 1908 - 1983. S/C (No author) 1983.  44pp. This book provides the history of this country school as as well as an early pupil enrolment list and class photographs in the later years including more photographs on the nearby early schools at Tableland, Crownthorpe, Redgate, Sunny Nook & Merlwood. Good condition.  SOLD
MURPHY'S CREEK STATE SCHOOL  1870 - 1995: "Belonging".   (Murphy's Creek State School Committee) 1995 112pp. This book is a most interesting account of this school from its inception to its 125th year. It details many of the activities both past and present. A well detailed school roll from 1907 - 1995 is included together with many class photographs. Good condition.  22.00
NUDGEE COLLEGE MAGAZINE: 1934.  S/C - Damaged / Repaired.  (Nudgee College)  This is a copy of one of the early the Nudgee College Magazines for the year 1934. It describes the activities of the year and include many sporting photos as well as some academic photos. It is noted that there are over 40 pages of local advertisements from businesses (nearly 80 years ago) around South-east Queensland - Classical !  Good condition otherwise.  Special.  15.00
OAKWOOD STATE SCHOOL -  60 YEARS 1924 - 1984.  Booklet  (No author)  1984.   43pp. This school is located near Bundaberg. The booklet describes its beginnings and its later activities in the past 60 years.   Many class photos are included here together with a list of student enrolments that date back to 1924. Good condition.  12.00
OAKEY STATE SCHOOL CENTENARY 1874 - 1974.  Booklet (No author)  1974.  12pp. This is a copy of the Programme and Historical Souvenir of the Centenary celebrations held on 10th August 1974.  It also includes a brief history of the school and the area as well as a couple of early class photographs. Good condition.  SOLD
ON THE POINT OF A SPUR.  S/C (Compiled and Written by: Chris Campanaris) 1986. 176pp. This is a well researched  history of the Mt. Whitestone State School 1886 - 1986 and District. Many local people both past and present are recorded here together with many student enrolment, staff and honour lists.  There is a massive amount of local history in this book !  Presentation copy signed by author on 3/5/1992. Very good condition.  32.50
ONE HUNDRED YEARS AT WILSONTON: A History of Wilsonton State School 1894 - 1994. H/C (Rae Pennycuick) 1st Edition 1994.  208pp.  This history relates to this school situated within the boundaries of Toowoomba. It is well researched and provides much details as to the development and activities of the school over the years. It also contains a large register of students enrolled from 1894 to 1993. Mint condition. 15.00
PENTLAND STATE SCHOOL: Centenary 1885 - 1985. S/C  (Charles A. Edgar)  1985.  64pp.   This is a history of the school and the area which is situated west of Charters Towers / Townsville. .It describes the beginnings of the school as well as the development of the area. There are many early photos of the town included together with student enrolments 1942, a complete staff list and a selection of class photographs. Good condition.  SOLD
PIMPAMA SCHOOL CENTENARY: 1872 - 1972.    Booklet    (No author)  1972.  24pp. This booklet provides a general history of the school and the area. There is also further information on the early settlers, the local Post Office, the Hotels, The School of Arts as well as details on the early transport.  Also included is a FREE copy of the  PIMPAMA STATE SCHOOL 90th JUBILEE booklet. Good condition. SOLD
PROSERPINE & DISTRICT SCHOOLS.    See:  "ENLIGHTENED HORIZONS - The History of Education in the Proserpine District".
RACEVIEW STATE SCHOOL.   See:   "REMEMBERING RACEVIEW: A Journey of 100 Years   1901 - 2001"
RAGLAN STATE SCHOOL CENTENARY: 1879 - 1979.  S/C (No author) 1979. 112pp. This book has a lot of early information about the school and the town of Raglan and the immediate area. There is a school roll  for most years as well as some photographs.  There is some family histories included.  Good condition.  SOLD
RANGEVILLE STATE SCHOOL: 90th Anniversary  1909 - 1999.  S/C  (Compiled and Edited by: Angus Lucas & Eddie Habben)  1999. 122pp.  An excellent account of this school  which is in the city of Toowoomba, west of Brisbane..  22.00
REDLAND BAY STATE SCHOOL: 1881 - 1981.  Booklet  (No author)  1981.  36pp.  This booklet gives a brief early history of the school and its activities. Includes Class photos of 1980. Good condition.  8.00
REMEMBERING RACEVIEW: A Journey of 100 years  1901 - 2001.  S/C  2001. 172pp. This book covers much of the history of the Raceview State School and the people associated with it. Many photographs have been included. Good condition.  27.50
ROCHEDALE STATE SCHOOL GOLDEN JUBILEE 1931 - 1981: The Story of the School and the Surrounding District.    S/C  (Compiled by: G. R. Klupp / Rochedale State School Jubilee Committee)   1981.  61pp. A detailed account of the school, its activities and its staff and pupils are remembered in this Jubilee year. Includes class photographs taken in that year.  Good condition. 14.00
SALISBURY STATE HIGH SCHOOL, Brisbane.   "Challenge '81".     1981.  108pp. A copy of the school's yearly magazine for the year 1981.  Good condition. 5.00
SARINA STATE SCHOOL - 75th Anniversary 1897 - 1972,   Booklet   (No author) 1972.   8pp. This booklet provides a brief history of this school and a list of the first students as well as a listing of headmasters. A history of Sarina is also included.  Apart from this book, another booklet  (37pp.) titled "Sarina State School Jubilee" put together by the current 1972 students talk about their favourite things and poems etc. and their activities. Good condition.  SOLD
SECONDARY EDUCATION IN QUEENSLAND: 1860 - 1960.  H/C  (Rupert Goodman)   1968.  396pp. This traces the origins of the system of secondary education in Queensland - the early grammar schools and small academies, the church schools, the state high schools. It examines the influence of the Scholarship Examination and the effect of university control over public examinations. It deals with the work and influence of individuals, politicians, administrators, headmasters and teachers. All those concerned with education will find this book of value. Good condition.  9.50
SCHOOLS BESIDE THE TRACK: 1917 - 1992.    75th Anniversary of Guluguba State School.  S/C (Compiled by: Lyn Bahnisch & Assisted by: Doris Stiller) 1992.  107pp.  This is a history of the Guluguba, Gurulmundi, Giligulgul and Downfall Creek Schools. Near mint condition. 30.00
SHARON STATE SCHOOL:  Centenary 1883 - 1983. S/C (No author) 1983. 72pp. This school near Bundaberg had early beginnings and developed as time progressed. Numerous class photos are recorded here. Good condition.  17.50
SIXTY YEARS IN QUEENSLAND SCHOOLS.  (Thomas Hanger)  1963.  110pp.  A narrative describing the experiences as a school teacher in Central Queensland & Gympie, Inspectors, Committees and Examinations. . Presentation copy with an Inscription by the Hanger family. Very scarce  and collectable.  Good condition except for a slight water stain on the cover SOLD
SOLDIERS OF THE SERVICE: Some Early Queensland Educators and their Schools.  S/C  (Edited by: Greg Logan & Tom Watson) 1992. 182pp. This book introduces some of the generals, senior officers, and front line infantry in the colonial "armies of education". It describes those who planned the educational offensive, the administrative officers, the rebels and the extraordinary teachers and even the lone 'medic' and many others whose ideas and practices influenced successive generations of school children in Queensland. Mint condition.   SOLD
ST. JAMES'S SCHOOL, Boundary Street, Brisbane.  Photocopy of the Centenary Celebrations 1868 - 1968 & Official Invitation FREE
ST. JOSEPH'S COLLEGE, TOOWOOMBA: JUBILEE 2000.  S/C  This is the Annual magazine for the college for the year 2000.  Edition No. 16. 116pp. A record of the year's events.  Many, many photographs. Good condition.  5.00
STAR OF THE SEA - SOUTHPORT: Commemorative Magazine 1900 - 1990.  S/C  (Sister Rita Huxley)  1991.  237pp. This massive book details the early history of Southport and the school. Many photographs including class photos, Lists of teaching staff, School Roll from 1900 to 1990 and much more can be found here.  Good condition.  SOLD
TELLING TALES: An Oral History of Kelvin Grove College 1942 - 1990.   S/C .  (Susan Pechey & Paul Thomas)  1992.  227pp.  This captures the personal recollections of the people associated with the college. The people interviewed here give fascinating insights into an institution that has been the most important of its kind in Queensland for over half a century. It is an oral history that is readable, informative and enjoyable. Mint condition.  22.00
THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED YEARS: Ipswich Girls' Grammar School. H/C + D/W  (Thalia R. L. Kennedy) 1st Edition 1991. 138pp. This story traces the beginnings of the school through the "ages" to 1992. It is a story as you will realise, of people - for they are the heart of the school, of those responsible for policy and direction. It also reflects the character of the school and from the first page it illustrates that it has been built upon fine foundations of human dedication and commitment. The book contains many memories of events at the school by ex pupils. Includes many black & white colour photographs. Near new condition.  23.50
THE HISTORY OF BEERWAH STATE SCHOOL:  1888 - 1988.  S/C (B.S.S. Centenary Committee)  1988. 120pp.  An historical account of this school which is situated in the Glass House Mountains north of Brisbane.  Includes a full register of names and plenty of school photographs.  Scarce. Very good condition. 27.50
THE MAKING OF MEN: A HISTORY OF "CHURCHIE" - THE FIRST 75 YEARS  1912 - 1986.  H/C + D/W  (John R. Cole)  1986. 462pp. This massive book provides a complete history of this school from its inception to the present in 39 chapters, It details all the activities and is illustrated with dozens and dozens of black & white and colour photographs. A real collector's item. Mint condition in box. 40.00
THE QUEENSLAND GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS: A History.    H/C + Damaged D/W    (T. Max Hawkins)  !st Edition 1985.  324pp.  This history deals with the following schools: Ipswich Grammar School, Brisbane Grammar School, St. Joseph's Christian Brothers College - Gregory Terrace, Toowoomba Grammar School, Nudgee College, The Southport School, Brisbane Boys' College, Church of England Grammar School & Brisbane Sate High School. It deals individually with school, tracing its development from foundation to the time of publication, noting the achievements of both masters and boys while at school and in later life. Each history is complete with lists of scholars and school leaders. There is a chapter on the history of the G. P. S. Association, and a separate section of comprehensive records of inter-school sporting events. Contains over 50 black & white photographs recall prominent old boys and teachers with pictures of each school.  Good condition. 10.00
THE QUEENSLAND GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS: A History.  H/C  (T. Max Hawkins)  !st Edition 1985.  324pp.  Special.  5.00
THE WIND BENEATH THEIR WINGS: A History of John Paul College 1982 - 1992.  H/C +  Scuffed D/W  (Noel Quirke) 1st Edition 1992. 278pp. This is the complete history of this private school on the south-side of Brisbane. Many photographs including a school roll from its inception in 1982 to 1992. Good condition. 16.00
TINGALPA STATE SCHOOL - No. 127: The Centenary 1873 - 1973.   Booklet  (No author)   1973. 8pp. This booklet describes a brief history of the school and the area and lists the principals from 1873 to 1973 and the 1973 staff.  Good condition.  8.00
TOOWONG STATE SCHOOL HISTORY: Celebrating 125 Years - School Rules !    S/C - Card Covers   (Julie Martin)  2005. 82pp. This book provides the history and development of this near city school. Very informative. Good condition.  18.00
TOOWOOMBA GRAMMAR SCHOOL: A Centenary History 1875 - 1975. S/C (Rupert Goodman) 1976. 144pp. This book is divided into 5 main chapters being: The Foundation of the school in the 1870's; The struggle to survive 1879 - 1910; A school is built 1910 - 1935; The continued development and expansion 1935 - 1970; The school in the 1970's: The Enduring Traditions. Very good condition. 19.50
WILSONTON STATE SCHOOL.  See:  " ONE HUNDRED YEARS AT WILSONTON: A History of Wilsonton State School 1894 - 1994"
WOOMBYE STATE SCHOOL - CENTENARY 1885 - 1985.  S/C (Woombye State School Centenary Committee) 1985. 104pp. A well researched book giving much valuable information of the early days. Also includes reference to other now non-existent schools of the area including: Diddillibah School 1885 - 1962; Mons State School 1916 - 1974 & Kiel's Mountain State School 1918 - 1962. Many photographs and a well researched School Roll. Excellent condition. 22.00
YARRAMAN  P-10  STATE SCHOOL: 100 Years of Education 1901 - 2001.  S/C (No author) 2001. 144pp. This excellent publication provides a history of the school and many memories of years past by some of the local families. It contains a vast amount of photographs of individual pupils and school class photos plus a monstrous list of student admissions from 1901 - 2001.  Good condition.   25.00
YUNGABURRA STATE SCHOOL 1909 - 1984.    Booklet   (No author) 1984. 32pp. This book gives a brief history of the school with some early memories and some family histories plus a listing of principals, teachers and P & C Office bearers plus some class photographs. God condition.  12.00



ASCHAM Remembered: 1886 - 1986.  H/C + D/W  (Edited by: Caroline Fairfax Simpson, Annette Fielding-Jones Dupree & Betty Winn Ferguson)  1986.  246pp.  This limited edition presents a fascinating social history of Ascham (a Sydney Girls' School) from its beginning with just nine students until this centenary year it touched one thousand all of whom are listed in the book. From hundreds of Old Girls and teachers there are many recollections - serious, frivolous, sad, happy and sometimes funny. A major section is the most impressive listing and illustration of over 48 professions and careers of former students. This book is delightful nostalgia for past students and their families, and inspired reading for its present and future generations. Good condition. 29.50
CRANBROOK: The First Fifty Years  1918 - 1968.  H/C + Scuffed D/W  (A. C. Child)  1968.  263pp. This book is an historical  record of early days of "Cranbrook" which was part of the Captain Piper Estate and later owned by Daniel Cooper, a pardoned convict and then by the Tooth family (later known for their brewery business) which eventually became a well known Sydney school.  It also includes the School Register that dates back to 1918. Good condition. 19.50
GOWAN BRAE: The First Hundred Years 1889 - 1989. S/C  (Drawings by: Graham Johnson. Text by: Bruce Hilliard)  1989.  64pp. This history also relates to THE KING'S SCHOOL at Parramatta.

 Please see: "GOWAN BRAE: The First Hundred Years 1889 - 1989" in the    LOCAL HISTORY   section under NEW SOUTH WALES    for more information.

LANE COVE PUBLIC SCHOOL CENTENARY BOOK 1876 - 1976. Card covers. (Edited by: L. J. Lind - Lane Cove Centenary Book Committee) 1976, 1st Edition. 118pp. This book provides an early history and the development of this school. Includes memories, recollections and class photographs for 1975. Black & white illustrations. Numbered - Limited Edition - Number 31 of 2000 copies.  Very good condition. SOLD

MEETING THE CHALLENGE: The History of Public Schools in the Blayney District. S/C - Card covers. (Frank O.Barr) 1st Edition 1983. 98pp. Selected items of note and early history of the school from source material. Schools / Locations included are as follows in alphabetical order: Barry, Beneree, Blayney, Blayney High, Boxland(s), Brown's Creek, Burnt Yards, Campfield, Carcoar, Errol, Errowanbang, Flyers Creek, Forest Reefs, Gallymont, Garland, Greghamstown, Hadsonville,Hanover, Haverton Hill, Hazelwood, Hobbys Yards, Ingliswold, Junction Reefs, Kings Plains, Lyndhurst, Mallowgrove, Mandurama, Marangulla, Millthorpe, Milpost, Moorilda, Neville, Newbridge, Norton, Osborneville, Panuara, Platform, Shaw, Springmount, Tallwood, Teesdale, Thommond, Trendon Grange, Wattleville. Good condition.

NEWRYBAR PUBLIC SCHOOL:  1890 - 1990.  S/C (No author - Newrybar Public School) 1990. 103pp. A history of this Northern Rivers school together with class photos and names of student enrolments. Good condition.  15.00
RIVERVIEW: A History.   H/C + D/W  (Errol Lea-Scarlett) 1989. 423pp.  Aspects of the story of Saint Ignatius' College and its peninsula 1836 - 1988. This college is situated on the Riverview Peninsula on the Lane Cove River, 5 miles from the heart of Sydney. Illustrated with colour and black & white photographs. Includes a large photograph of all the students assembled together on 21st September 1989 at 9.30 am. (They must have had to get there at 4 am to line up for the photo - you will see what I mean.  Well done students and teachers !)  Good condition.  25.00
SYDNEY AND THE BUSH: A Pictorial History of Education in New South Wales.  H/C in plastic cover.  (New South Wales Department of Education) 1980. 271pp. An excellent account of education in the early days. Lots of photographs. Good condition.  12.50
SYDNEY AND THE BUSH: A Pictorial History of Education in New South Wales.  H/C - Cover a little worn  (New South Wales Department of Education) 1980. 271pp. An excellent account of education in the early days. Lots of photographs. Good condition.   9.50
TELLING TALES OUT OF SCHOOL.  S/C (Edited by: M. McPherson)  1996. 180pp. This is a delightful concoction of entertaining and universally appealing documented historical anecdotes depicting life in New South Wales government schools within the context of Australian society circa 1850's to the 1950's. Ex lib. Good condition. 10.00
THE CENTENARY OF EDUCATION IN GULGONG 1868 - 1968.  Card covers. (Gulgong Central School Committee) 1968, 1st Edition. Unpaged 32pp. A history of the school and its activities. Black & white illustrations. Very good condition.  18.00
THE FUTTERS OF KINGS. H/C + D/W  (William J. Pickard)  1984. 143pp.  The book examines in detail the family's history which culminated in the generous bequest to the School in 1950 under Mrs Violet Macansh's will. It is a story with special significance for The King's School community. There is particular reference to the first settlers at Bungonia (near Goulburn) and to the squatters in the Murrumbidgee and Lachlan districts. The author was Bursar of the school for 26 years. Signed by author. Good condition.  22.00
WARDELL SCHOOL & DISTRICT:   CENTENARY  1867 - 1967. S/C  (Helen and Ian Lockton) 1967. 64pp. This book is a history of the school and district situated in the Northern Rivers area. Includes reminiscences, articles, photographs and relics  by some of the residents.  A lot of named families and their family history is recorded here. Cover worn.  Hard to find.  Special. 16.00



A DECADE OF GROWING AND CARING: BILLANOOK COLLEGE. H/C + D/W (Roger Hawthorn) 1990. 256pp. The successful establishment and development of Billanook College by a community of determined, highly motivated families and teachers, into a thriving, dynamic co-educational school of over 1,000 students, in less than 10 years is a story worth telling. It is a school  of the future fashioned from the past. Good condition.  22.50
BELAH - Volume 5. 1968. Booklet (Red Cliffs State High School) 24pp. This booklet is the Red Cliffs High School magazine for the year 1968. It covers the various form and school's activities with many student black & white photographs. Good condition. 10.00
HISTORY OF ABBOTSLEIGH.  H/C - with clear plastic cover. 4to. (Denys Burrows, School Council of Abbotsleigh) 1968. 1st Edition. 109pp. A most comprehensive school history. Black & white illustrations. Very good condition. 28.00
HISTORY OF WANGARATTA HIGH SCHOOL: 75th ANNIVERSARY  1909 - 1984.  S/C  (Edited by: Dawn and Lyn Barr)  1984.  152pp. This book describes the beginnings of this school to 1920 and further development through to the eighties. Numerous recollections are recorded with numerous black & white photographs. Good condition.  22.00
WITH ITS HAT ABOUT ITS EARS: Recollections of the Bush School. S/C (Hank Nelson) Reprint 1990. 211pp. This book is rich with the nostalgia of sack race and barn dance. The author has linked the reminiscences of teachers and pupils with detailed archival research. The result is engaging anecdote and significant social history. Many Victorian country schools are recorded here. Good condition.  15.00




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