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Oil & Gas



  A SAGA OF COAL: The Newcastle Wallsend Coal Company's Centenary Volume.  H/C + D/W  (M. H. Ellis)  1st Edition 1969.  289pp. This book was originally commissioned by The Newcastle Wallsend Coal Company (New South Wales) to celebrate its centenary in 1958. However, the directors of the company felt that the book should include a short history of the coal industry as a whole in New South Wales as well as an account of the company's development and the enormous changes that have turned a primitive business into a highly mechanized industry vital to Australia's economy. Good condition.  18.00
  A SAGA OF COAL: The Newcastle Wallsend Coal Company's Centenary Volume.  H/C + D/W  (M. H. Ellis)  1st Edition 1969.  289pp. Ex lib. Reading / reference copy in good condition. Special.  6.00
A TREATISE ON COAL AND COAL MINING. H/C (Warington W. Smyth. Chief Inspector of the Mines of the Crown and of the Duchy of Cornwall) 1st Edition 1867.  253pp. This most collectable book contains information on the use, occurrence and the origin of coal. It also describes the various coal-fields in England, South Wales, Ireland, Europe, North America, Asia and other fields in the Southern hemisphere including New South Wales - Australia. Following on is information on the search and recovery and underground mining methods. The previous owner's name is hand-written in the front of the book as:  Andrew Henry Barlow, Newcastle, New South Wales, 16th September 1867.  A verse is also written: "It is not coal you are burning out, but human creature's lives" This book has a damaged / repaired spine / cover but the pages are in good condition with a little foxing.. Very scarce and collectable.  50.00
  AT THE COAL FACE:  The human face of Coal Miners and their communities:  An Oral History of the early days.  H/C + D/W   ( Fred Moore, Paddy Gorman & Ray Harrison)  2nd Edition, 1998. 185pp.   Most of those who were interviewed for this book served as union officials and although their stories occasionally get bogged down in the politics of the industry, they ultimately expose the lie of a "classless" Australia. This is a fitting testament to a body of people extraordinary in their ordinariness - unsung heroes of an oft-neglected calling. Illustrated with many photographs. Good condition.  19.95
  BLACK COAL IN AUSTRALIA: 1979-1980 & 1980 - 1981. (2 Volumes) S/C (Published by the Joint Coal Board) 1981. 229pp.& 1982.133pp. These Statistical Year Books cover in the main, New South Wales and Queensland.  Ex lib. Good condition. 2.00
  BROWN COAL: Its Mining and Utilization. S/C (Organized & Edited by: P. L. Henderson) 1953. 351pp. This book comprises of a series of Post-Graduate Lectures delivered in the School of Engineering, University of Melbourne, Victoria by: R. S. Andrews, G. E. Baragwanath, E. A. Bruggemann, F. J. Bromilow, A. B. Edwards, W. M. Morgan, H. P. Reinbach, F. H. Roberts & R. W. Urie. The subjects covered are: The nature of Brown Coal, Distribution, mining, Raw Brown Coal for steam generation, Briquetting of coal and its use and the History of pressure Gasification. Ex lib. Good condition although the spine has been repaired.  Special. 8.00
  BROWN COAL. H/C (H. Herman) 1952. 612pp. Published by: The State Electricity Commission of Victoria. With special reference to the State of Victoria. This large volume provides all the information available in regard to Brown Coal - Characteristics, Geology and geographical Distribution, Coal winning, Briquetting, combustion, dust firing and gas. Good condition but the cover is a little marked.  SOLD
  BROWN POWER: A Jubilee History of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.  H/C (Cecil Edwards) 1969. 313pp. This book provides an account and the mining of Brown Coal and its use for the generating of power within the state of Victoria. Good condition. 12.00
  COAL IN QUEENSLAND: THE LATE NINETEENTH CENTURY: 1875 - 1900H/C + D/W    (R.L. Whitmore)  1st Edition, 1985.  338pp. This book traces the growth in understanding of the geology of the coalfields and the arrival of entrepreneurs and the complex interplay between the personalities of the owners, the miners, their leaders, and the government. It is copiously illustrated with plans, maps, drawings and photographs giving a comprehensive picture at this time. Contemporary newspapers were used in piecing together the histories of various operations and a detailed bibliography is included. Good condition.  27.50
  COAL MINING IN AUSTRALIA. H/C (Harold S. Elford & Maurice R. McKeown) 1947. 247pp. This is an historical review for all States in Australia, and their Coal Deposits, Mining Methods. Most informative. Repaired, Ex lib. Special.  6.00
  COAL RESEARCH IN C.S.I.R.O. A selection of 12 magazines produced by the CSIRO between 1957 & 1970. Each magazine has several articles. Good condition. Only $3.00 for the lot.  3.00
  GEOLOGY AND COAL MINING IN THE HUNTER VALLEY 1791-1861. S/C (D.F. Branagan. Newcastle History Monographs No. 6. 1972. 105pp. This book provides much information about the discovery of coal near Newcastle, New South Wales and the sub-surface exploration from 1799 to 1800. It then discusses the development for mining, ownerships, and geological work during the 1840's. The contributions by geologists and the miners. Complete with reference notes and cross references as well as 4 Appendices with tables showing the geological time and rocks of the region. Good condition.  SOLD
  HOLES IN THE GROUND: Queensland coalminers in struggle 1840 - 1980. S/C (D. J. Bailey) 1983. 60pp. The development of Queensland's coal mining industry was turbulent one. This is an account of how the coal miners and their wives battled callous or indifferent bosses to secure safer working conditions and a fair day's pay for a fair day's work. It depicts that class war from the first big strike in 1861, to the tragedies at Mt. Mulligan in 1921 and Box Flat and Kianga in the 1970"s to the historic tax revolt of 1980. In essence, this book is the account of tough men made even tougher by a dangerous industry, and how they overcame victimisation for the right to form and maintain their union. Marked cover.  Special.  7.50
  THE COALMINERS OF NEW SOUTH WALES: A History of the Union 1860 - 1960. H/C + D/W (Robin Gollan) 1st Edition 1963. 249pp.  This is primarily the story of the coal miners union - The Coal and Shale Employees' Federation, the fundamental objectives of which were to ensure that the cost of economic progress should not be borne exclusively by its members, that increased productivity brought improvement, not deterioration, to the lives of the miners.. This story of ignorance, brutality and suffering has a social and political importance that will commend it to every thoughtful reader, regardless of his political affiliations. Near mint condition. 19.50
  THE COALMINERS OF QUEENSLAND: A narrative history of the Queensland Colliery Employees Union - Vol. 1 Creating the Traditions.   (Pete Thomas) 1st Edition 1986. 679pp. This book draws substantially on recollections of Queensland mining veterans who experienced the "gut-busting" ways of work when human muscles, and not machines, mined and shovelled and hauled the coal - even women lent a hand who lived in primitive conditions of mining towns in earlier years. There were strikes in the 1930's and 1940's which demonstrated the effective militancy which has been traditional among miners. Good condition.  25.00
  THE COALMINERS OF QUEENSLAND: A narrative history of the Queensland Colliery Employees Union - Vol. 1 Creating the Traditions.  (Pete Thomas) 1st Edition 1986. 679pp. Ex lib.  Good condition.  15.00
  THE NYMBOIDA STORY: The work-ins that saved a coal mine.  Card Covers  (Pete Thomas) 1975. 52pp. This booklet provides an account of the historic events of this Northern New South Wales coal mine. Good condition.  2.50
  THE WONTHAGGI COALFIELDS: A Story of the men and the Mines. S/C (Philip Harper) 1st Edition, 1987. 152pp. This book, which is could be possibly be called a local history book, is mainly about the development of the pioneer township and the mines both with and without their problems survived the hard times looking only to the future. There were several fires and accidents, some fatal, at the mine. Then there was a decline in the markets and its eventual closure. Good condition.  18.00
  VICTORIA'S BROWN COAL - A Huge Fortune in Chancery. H/C (Ed: J. T. Woodcock) Published bY The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Monograph Series No. 11.  1984. 204pp. The Sir Willis Connolly Memorial Volume. A history and development of the brown coal deposits in Victoria. Ex lib. Excellent condition. 15.00


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  A THIRST FOR BURNING: The Story of Australia's Oil Industry. H/C + D/W (Rick Wilkinson) Revised Edition, 1988. 532pp.  This massive book is essential reading for anyone interested in the oil industry. It provides an account from its beginnings in the late 1800's up to late 1980's. It details the massive exploration activities of the 1960's onwards with the major players being Ampol, Australian Oil & gas, Santos, Woodside, Planet, Exoil & Alliance plus others. Very good condition.  15.00
  MOONIE & OIL SEARCH.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (Lindsay Campbell)  1st Edition, 1964. 151pp. The story of the discovery of oil in Australia and technical background to oil search. This book is not confined to the historic discovery of Australia's first commercial oilfield at Moonie, Queensland. It deals in general terms with the world's most vital natural sources of energy. Inscription by author. Scarce. Good condition.  SOLD
  OUR INDUSTRY PETROLEUM. H/C + Damaged D/W (The Britsh Petroleum Company Ltd) 1970. 528pp. The 4th Edition of this book. A handbook dealing with the organisation and the functions of an integrated international oil company, with particular reference to The British Petroleum Company Limited. Good condition. 8.00
  PETROLEUM PRODUCTION HANDBOOK. H/C (Thomas C. Frick & R. William Taylor) 2nd Printing, 1962. This 50mm thick book is Volume 1 only (of 2 Volumes) titled: "Mathematics and Production Equipment" published by the Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME, Dallas, Texas, USA. Special. Good condition. 5.00
  PRACTICAL PETROLEUM ENGINEERS' HANDBOOK. (Vinyl cover) (Joseph Zaba & W. T. Doherty) Revised & Enlarged, 2nd Edition, 1945. 492pp. There are 7 main chapters in this book - namely: General Engineering Data, Steam, Power Transmission, Tubular goods including pipe specifications, Drilling, production and transportation. Collectable. Good condition.  10.00
  SHALE OIL. H/C (Ralph H. McKee, S. C. Ellis, M. J. Gavin, R. D. George, R. T. Goodwin, W. A. Hamor, L. C. Karrick & E. E. Lyder. American Chemical Society, Monograph Series) 1st Edition 1925. 326pp. This book provides  much information on this subject from the origin, geology and distribution of Oil Shales, refining and more.  Ex lib. Scarce. 15.00
  THE APEA JOURNAL: 25 Years - A National Achievement.  H/C This is Volume 25, Part 1, 1985 of The Australian Petroleum Exploration Association Ltd. 386pp. This book is comprised of many papers submitted to the Australian 1985 APEA Conference on gas and petroleum in Australia. Excellent condition.  SOLD
  THE PETROLEUM HANDBOOK  H/C (Shell International Petroleum Co. Ltd)  4th Edition, 1959. 678pp.  This book provides information on the Shell Company -Production, refining, petroleum chemicals, Storage, transport and distribution. A section is devoted to the application of its oil and chemical applications. A few foxed pages otherwise in very good condition. 10.00
  THIS AGE OF OIL. H/C + Damaged D/W  (Petroleum Information Bureau, Melbourne) 1960. 204pp. This is a complete history of the Petroleum Industry in Australia, plus a history on the Australian Petroleum marketing companies and the operating Refineries. . Good condition.  SOLD
  THIS AGE OF OIL. H/C (Petroleum Information Bureau) 1960. 204pp. This is a history of the Petroleum Industry in Australia. Ex lib.  Reference / reading copy. Special SOLD
  MISCELLANEOUS LEAFLETS & BOOKLETS. A selection of over 40 mixed brochures, booklets, information sheets, details on refineries and refinery operations which goes back to early 1960's. A lot of memorabilia here. Special SOLD


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