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  ICE AGES: RECENT and ANCIENT. H/C (A.P. Coleman) 1926. 296pp. An excellent account of the Ice Age and Glaciation around the world. Damaged spine and marked cover. . Ex lib. This is a very scarce book. 50.00
  ICE AGES: The Story of the Earth's Revolutions. H/C (Joseph McCabe) 1st Edition of 5,000 copies. 1922.  112pp. An easy-reading account of the Ice Ages. Good condition.  15.00
  THE ICE AGE: Past & Present. H/C + D/W in plastic cover. (Brian S. John) 1st Edition, 1977. 254pp. This is a book about ice: about what it has done in the past, what is it doing now, and what it may do in the future. Fascinating reading. Ex lib. Good condition.  12.00
  THE PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY OF GLACIERS and GLACIATION.   H/C (R.Kay Gresswell) Reprint, 1964. 128pp. A well written study on this subject of Glaciers, Ice and The Ice Age. Good condition. 6.00



  AN INTRODUCTION TO THE THEORY OF SEISMOLOGY.   H/C + Damaged Dust Wrapper   (K.E. Bullen)  1st Edition, 1947. 276pp. This book provides a brief history of Seismology; Mathematical Theories; Wave Theory, Principle of the seismograph; Observatories and earthquake information. Good condition.  19.50
  EARTHQUAKES. H/C + D/W in plastic cover.  (G.A. Eiby) 1st Edition, 1957. 168pp. A complete account of their causes, effects and known history. This is a complete and popular accounts of seismology ever published and offers an assimilation of facts and figures both important and absorbing. Flyleaf corner cut. Good condition. Special.  12.00
  EARTHQUAKES. H/C + D/W  (G.A. Eiby) Revised Edition, 1967 / Scientific Book Club Edition, 1968. 207pp. This revised edition has been brought up-to-date at time of publication. Very good condition.  18.00
New EARTHQUAKES.   S/C  (Susanna van Rose. Institute of Geological Sciences, Geological Museum, London, UK)  1st Edition 1983. 36pp. This book investigates and describes the nature, distribution, causes and effects of these transient but terrifying natural events, and look to the possibilities of averting their most disastrous consequences.  5.00
  EARTH SHOCK. Paperback (Basil Booth & Frank Fitch) Sphere Books 1980. 327pp. This is a fascinating study by two leading geologists, the causes and effects of earth movement are discussed with reference to past tragedies and future projections. Most important of all , they highlight the serious implications for civilization of future earth-shocks and offer recommendations which could mean the difference between survival - or global extinction. Good condition.  2.00
  INTRODUCTION TO GEOPHYSICAL PROSPECTING. S/C (Milton B. Dobrin) 2nd Edition, 1960. 446pp. This book deals with Geophysics, Seismic Prospecting, Seismic Refraction & Reflection methods, Gravity, Magnetic Prospecting, Magnetometers etc. The book is in reasonably good condition.  SOLD
  PLATE TECTONICS AND GEOMAGNETIC REVERSALS. S/C (Readings, selected, edited, and with Introductions by: Allan Cox) 1st Edition 1973. 702pp. This is a collection of 40 articles relating to magnetic reversals, sea-floor spreading and plate tectonics. This book is very hard to find. Good condition.  20.00
  THE EARTHQUAKE HANDBOOK. H/C + Damaged D/W (Peter Verney) 1st Edition, 1979. 224pp. In clear, non-technical language, and with over 120 diagrams and photographs, the author explains how earthquakes happen, where they occur and why, and traces the growth of seismology from its early beginnings to its present status as a modern international science. It also provides information for survival. Ex lib. Some tape marks inside the front and back covers. Very hard to find. Good condition. Special.  12.00




  SCIENCE BOOK OF VOLCANOES.  S/C Booklet (Patricia Lauber. Illustrated with drawings by: Matthew Kalmenoff) 1965. 64pp. This is a study of volcanoes designed for the younger generation with much information and photographs and drawings. Special. Good condition but foxed.   .50c
  UNDARA VOLCANO AND ITS LAVA TUBES.  H/C + D/W  (Anne and Vernon Atkinson) 1995. 86pp.  A most interesting account of these caves near Chillagoe in North Queensland. Near new condition. 20.00
  VOLCANOES.   S/C  (Text by: Susanna van Rose & Ian mercer. Institute of Geological Sciences, Geological Museum, London, UK)  2nd Impression with amendments, 1977.  36pp. An excellent descriptive and illustrated book on volcanoes as to how they originate, how they behave, and how man has learned to live with them, to make use of them and to understand and predict their activity. Good condition. Special. 5.00
  VOLCANOES.   H/C (G. W. Tyrrell) 1st Edition, 1931. 252pp. This is a 'Home University Library' publication. A great little informative book as at that time. Good condition except for an insect damaged spine. Special. 3.00
  VOLCANOES.   H/C + Damaged D/W  (K. Wilcoxson) 1st Edition, 1967. 237pp. This is an excellent on the subject of volcanoes embracing as it does a scientific analysis of the information and actions of volcanoes with detailed accounts of their activities and their influence ob mankind's history. Good condition. 12.00
VOLCANOES and EARTHQUAKES: A Popular Description of the Movements in the Earth's Crust - From "The Subterranean World". H/C in plastic cover.  (Dr. G. Hartwig) 1st Edition 1887. 158pp. This fascinating book provides the reader with intriguing information on: Geological Revolutions - the eternal strife between water and fire; Fossils; Subterranean Heat, upheavals, depressions, subterranean waters and wells; Volcanoes; Destruction of Herculaneum and Pompeii; Gas Springs and Mud Volcanoes; earthquakes, The Great Earthquake of Lisbon; and Landslips.  30 Illustrations.  This book has a slightly damaged spine but it is in generally very good condition for its age.  Dark blue and coloured cover with gold gilt-edged pages. Rare and collectable.  75.00 
  VOLCANOES AND THE EARTH'S INTERIOR.   S/C - Large format.  (Scientific American -Introductions by: Robert & Barbara Decker) 1982. 141pp. A very informative collection of articles on Volcanoes, Plate Tectonics, Volcanic Products and Windows into the Earth's Interior. Illustrated. Good condition. 9.00
  VOLCANOES as Landscape Forms.   H/C + Damaged/Marked D/W   (Professor C.A. Cotton)  1944. 416pp. A well researched book on Volcanoes and Landscape Forms. It provides much information on the different types of Volcanoes, Domes, cones, Lava fields and plateaus, craters and calderas, erosion and destruction of volcanic mountains. This is an excellent book on the world-wide activities on this subject. Scarce. 25.00
  VOLCANOES OF THE EARTH.   H/C + D/W (Fred M. Bullard) Revised Edition, 1977. 579pp. This would have be one of the best books ever published on the subject of world-wide volcanoes. Excellent condition except for a slightly scuffed cover.  22.00
  VOLCANOES OF THE EARTH.  H/C + D/W (Fred M. Bullard) Revised Edition,1977. 579pp. Good condition. 15.00
  VOLCANOES OF THE NATIONAL PARKS IN HAWAII. S/C (Gordon A. Macdonald & Douglass H. Hubbard) 2nd Edition, Revised, May 1961. 40pp. This book is a well detailed account of all the volcanoes that have erupted on Hawaii. Illustrated. Good condition. 7.50
  WUDALIANCHI VOLCANOES IN CHINA.  H/C  (Geological Museum, State Bureau of Geology of the People's Republic of China) 1st Edition, 1979. 85pp. This book is published in the Chinese language and includes an English commentary explaining the various photographs. Beautifully illustrated - lots of photos. (Back page slightly damaged). Special. 15.00



  ASTRONOMICAL CHART. This is not a book but a chart (30cm x 30cm)  which will help you identify and observe many of the stars visible to the naked eye of which the closest one is 4.3 light years away. This moveable circular chart has been designed for star observations using latitude 27degrees 30' (South-east Queensland area). It provides the month and day and times when the various stars can be seen. Good condition.  5.00
New AUSTRALIA'S METEORITE CRATERS. Card Covers - Booklet  (Alex Bevan & Ken McNamara. Western Australian Museum) December 1993. 27pp. This is an account of meteorites and meteorite falls within Australia, the largest being the at Wolfe  Creek in Western Australia. A map shows where most of the recognized falls are in each state or territory.  8.00
  EXPLORATION OF THE MOON. H/C + D/W (Franklyn M. Branley) 1965 / Scientific Book Club Edition, 125pp. The author explains what man has learned so far about the nature of the moon (at time of publication) and the present flights to the moon prior to a man landing on the moon. He gathers together all information to look into the future. Here, he reviews the possibilities of establishing a lunar colony and what it might accomplish. He also reviews the thinking on sites, buildings, equipment needed for men to survive in that desolate environment. Interesting reading ! Good condition.  7.50
New FALLING STARS: A Guide to Meteors & Meteorites. S/C (Mike D. Reynolds) 1st Edition 2001. 148pp. This well known scientist has produced this straight-forward and practical guide to all aspects of meteors and meteorites and covers the following topics: Origins, Meteor watching, Meteor showers, Meteorite falls and finds, Meteorite craters, Meteorite classification, Tektites, collecting and preserving meteorites and other various miscellaneous information. 15.00
  GUIDE TO COMETS. H/C + D/W (Patrick Moore) 1977. 111pp. The author explains in this book the basic structure of a comet and its relation to the rest of the solar system, describing the effects that the planets - especially Jupiter - can have on comets' orbits. He also describes the famous comets of the past and in the appendix of periodical comets which have been observed at more than one return - it's quite amazing. Illustrated with explanatory diagrams and photographs plus a glossary of terms. Good condition.  Their history, structure and place in the solar system, together with essential appendices. 12.00
  HALLEY'S COMET OVER AUSTRALIA. S/C (Brian Greig) 1985. 49pp. This book was produced to alert Australia that the coming path of this planet is due to cross the Australian skies in 1986. However, he also goes into details about the comets of the past and other important information. This comet will be returning in the year 2061  so make sure that you get to read this book before then. Good condition. Special. 2.00
  MAN'S VIEW OF THE UNIVERSE. H/C + Damaged D/W (R.A. Lyttleton)  A Scientific Book Club Edition, 1961. 108pp. Beginning with the Earth itself as an astronomical body, the author discusses the Moon, then the planets in turn - Mars in particular - and their probable origin; and the vast family of comets that accompany the Sun. Good condition.  8.00
New METEORITES. Glossy Card Covers (D. W. P. Corbett. South Australian Museum) 2nd Revised Edition 1973. This Australian produced book details the history. origin and the composition of Meteorites, Meteorite craters, and other Tektites such as "Australites".   Illustrated.  15.00
New METEORITES. Glossy Card Covers (Robert Hutchison & Andrew Graham) 1993. 60pp. This highly informative guide offers a thorough introduction to meteorites by explaining: How meteorites break apart from asteroids, Ages of meteorites, possible size of a parent asteroid, effects meteorites have on evolution plus many other interesting facts and theories. Illustrated with colour and black & white photographs displaying craters and close up views of meteorites from around the world.  11.00
  METEORITES: A Concise Account. H/C (A. A. Moss)  British Museum, London, UK. 3rd Edition, Revised 1975. 26pp. This is a most informative book that provides information on meteorites, geographical distribution around the world, Morphology of meteorites, composition and accessory minerals. There is also a section on British and Irish meteorites as well as Tektites. Illustrated. Near new condition.  12.00
New ROCKS FROM SPACE: Meteorites and Meteorite Hunters.   S/C  (O. Richard Norton. Illustrated by: Dorothy S. Norton)   Revised & Updated, 2nd Edition. Reprint, 2001.  467pp. This is a massive paperback book and an illustrated guide as the author introduces the fascinating world of meteorites, asteroids, comets and impact craters. There are4 main parts which cover: Falls, Finds and craters; What is a meteorite?; Meteorite Hunters; Origins of Meteorites plus 5 appendices and a glossary.  39.95
  SURFACE OF THE MOON: Its Structure and Origin. H/C (V.A. Firsoff) 1st Edition, 1961. 128pp. What forces have shaped the Lunar surface? What are its rock formations? This book offers answers to these questions and gives a concise description of the Lunar surface, its problems and theories of origin, from the geological standpoint.  Makes interesting reading!   Ex lib. The book has a slightly scuffed cover but the pages are in good condition. Special.  6.00
New TEKTITES.  Glossy Card Covers  (Ken McNamara & Alex Bevan. Western Australian Museum) 2nd Revised Edition 1991. 28pp. This most interesting book provides factual information on the origin of Tektites, where they are found in Australia, the composition and shapes, the use of Tektites by the early aboriginal tribes and more. Illustrated.  8.50
New UFO's ... and How to See them.  H/C + D/W (Jenny Randles)  1996. 144pp. This book is for those persons who are intrigued by the UFO phenomenon and wish to find out more. Packed with 100 revealing photographs, many unpublished, this handbook written by one of the world's leading UFO writers, shows you how to evaluate your own experience and decide whether it was a real UFO or one of the countless possible identified objects - many of which are fascinating in their own right.  She explains what UFO's look like and more plus a full listing of hot spots around the world.  15.00



(Some of the following Journals include other subjects as well).

  CANADIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES - Volume 13, Number 11, November 1976. Pages 1608 - 1612. "Evidence in support of a meteorite impact crater at Poplar Bay, Lac du Bonnet, southeastern Manitoba, Canada" By: D. L. Trueman.  5.00
  JOURNAL OF PETROLEUM GEOLOGY - Volume 3, January 1981. Pages 279 - 302.  By: Richard R. Donofrio. The specialized report deals with "Impact Craters: Implications for Basement Hydrocarbon Production" being North American oil pools formed by meteorItic impact.  5.00
  JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY  (U.K.) Volume 131, Part 2. March 1975. Pages 103 - 119. "Apollo and the geology of the Moon" by Harrison H. Schmitt. Illustrated with 4 black & white Plates.  5.00
  JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA - Volume 17, Part 2, Sydney 1971. Pages 221 -228. (By: C. J. Barclay & J. B. Jones) This paper relates to the Olivine-Bronzite "Kielpa Meteorite" found at Kielpa, Eyre Peninisula, South Australia in 1948. Illustrated with 7 Plates. 5.00
JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA - Volume 24, Parts 5 & 6, Sydney 1977. Pages 263 -268. (By: G. S. Gibbons) This paper relates an "Index of Australian Meteorites". It is divided into 3 sections accompanied by its own map. ((a) Where Iron and Stony-iron meteorites have been found. (b) Where Stony Meteorites have been found. (c) Where meteorite Falls and Craters have been found.   10.00
  ROYAL SOCIETY OF VICTORIA.   (A. B. Edwards) Read on: 11th October 1951. Pages 73 - 77. "The Wedderburn Meteoritic Iron"   Found 3 miles North-east of Wedderburn, Victoria. Circa 1940. 5.00
  THE QUARTERLY JOURNAL OF THE GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON - No. 478, Volume 120, Part 2, 21st April 1964.  Pages 275 - 281. "Strike - slip faulting in the Vaporum region of the Moon" By: Gilbert Fielder. 5 Plates & 1 Figure.  5.00
  The following reports are from: 


Reference to "Aerolites" are in fact Meteorites. 

Each of these Journals include other subjects as well.

Volume 45, Part 3. 1915. Pages 209 - 225 with 14 Plates. "Three new Indian Meteorites: Kuttippuram, Shupiyan and Kamsagar" By: J. Coggin Brown. 5.00
Volume 47, Part 4. 1916. Pages 273 - 279 with 4 Plates. "The Visuni and Ekh Khera Aerolites" By H. Walker. 5.00
Volume 55, Part 2. 1923. Pages 133 - 142 with 7 Plates. "Recent falls of Aerolites in India" By: H. Walker. 5.00
Volume 55, Part 4. 1924. Pages 327 - 332 with 3 Plates. "Note on Fall of Three meteoric irons in Rajputana on the 20th May 1921" By: L. Leigh Fermor. 5.00
Volume 60, Part 1. 1927. Pages 128 - 152 with 12 Plates. "Six Recent Indian Aerolites" By: C. V. Hobson. 5.00
Volume 61, Part 3. 1928. Pages 318 - 324 with 5 Plates. "A New Indian Meteorite: The Lua Fall"  By: A. L. Coulson. 5.00
Volume 68, Part 1. 1934. Pages 107 - 114 with 8 Plates. "The Khanpur Meteoric Shower"   By: M. S. Krishnan.  5.00
Volume 69, Part 4. 1936. Pages 439 - 457 with 8 Plates. "The Patwar Meteoric Shower of the 29th July 1935" By: A. L. Coulson. 5.00
Volume 71, Part 2. 1936.   Pages 123 - 143 with 12 Plates. "The Perpeti Meteoric Shower of the 14th May 1935" By: A. L. Coulson.  ……ALSO ……Pages144 - 149 with 5 Plates "The Tirupati and Bahjoi Meteorites" By: M. S. Krishnan.  5.00
Volume 74, Part 2. 1939. Pages 260 - 276 with 5 Plates. "The Rangala Meteorite" By: J. A. Dunn.  5.00