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  A GUIDE TO THE UNDERSTANDING OF ORE RESERVE ESTIMATION.  S/C - Booklet (H. F. King, D. W. McMahon & G. J. Butler) March 1982. 21pp.  This was booklet was distributed as a supplement to  Proceedings No. 281, March, 1982 by The Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy. This study by C.R.A. was undertaken by two ore reserves situations: The Zinc Corporation and New Broken Hill Consolidated at Broken Hill, New South Wales which had reached the point of having to find a replacement for their traditional ore reserve procedure and Mary Kathleen in North - West Queensland had to admit publically that their ore reserve predictions would not be realized. Good condition.  3.00
  A JOURNEY THROUGH STONE: The Chillagoe Story - The Extraordinary History and Geology of one of the Richest Mineral Deposits in the World.   S/C  (Ian Plimer) 1997. 176pp. This is a story of the Chillagoe in North Queensland and of it's geological creation. It tells how the volcanoes, plate movements and geological events of millions of years have combined to lay down the gold, the copper, the garnets, the spectacular azurite. and the rarer minerals such as "Chillagite".  It also provides information on the limestone caves and the results of volcanic eruptions, and how the minerals were deposited. Good condition.  SOLD
A MANUAL OF MINING. H/C  (M. C. Ihlseng & Eugene B. Wilson) 4th Revised & Enlarged Edition. 1911. 723pp. Chapters in this valuable volume include: Prospecting; Preparatory Work; Methods of Mining; Power Generation; hoisting Machinery; Electric Generation and Water-Power; Hoisting Machinery & Underground Conveyances; Underground haulage Systems; Wire-Rope Transmission; The Compression of Air; Pumping; Mine Gases; Methods of Ventilation; Distribution of Air; The Illumination of Mines; Accidents in Mines; Shafts; Sinking in Running ground; Timbering Rooms & Galleries; Driving Drifts, Tunnels and Gangways; Drilling & Boring Machines for Explorations; Miners' Tools; Channelers, Drills & Coal-Cutters; Blasting plus a Glossary of Mining Terms, Signalling and other information and tables. Good condition.  95.00 
  A MANUAL OF PRACTICAL ASSAYING.  H/C (H. Van F. Furman) 5th Edition, Revised, Enlarged, 1901.  463pp. This book has been divided into four parts. Part 1: Introduction to Assaying. Part 2: Determinations. Part 3: Special Assays & Analyses. Part 4: Calculations. It goes into details about metals and the precious metals such as gold and silver. Unfortunately the cover is badly marked but the pages are in good condition. This title is very hard to find. Special. over marked. Special. 40.00
A POCKET-BOOK FOR MINERS AND METALLURGISTS. H/C (Compiled by: Frederick Danvers Power) 4th Edition 1920. This pocket-book has been designed for use by miners and metallurgists which consists of: Rules, Formulae, Tables & Notes for use in field and office work. Chapters include: Arithmetic; Algebra; Trigonometry; Mensuration; Tables; Weights & measures; Perpetual calendar; Various miscellaneous tables; Heat; Electricity; Air & water; Statics; Dynamics; Motors; Transmission of power; Hydraulics; Strength of materials; Mineralogy & Geology; Ore Dressing; Mechanical Drawing; Photography; Toxicology, Solders & fluxes for soldering and more. Good condition. Collectable. 


A PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR PROSPECTORS, EXPLORERS AND MINERS. H/C (Cuninghame Wilson Moore) 1st Edition 1893. 286pp. This scarce title provides the explorer with Chemical Laws: Gaseous & liquid elements & compounds; Physical properties and description of minerals; Petrology; Geology, Earth's Crust; Mineral veins & Deposits; Assay apparatus & assaying; Prospecting, developing claims and mines. Good condition. Collectable. 


  A REVIEW OF THE BROKEN HILL LEAD-SILVER-ZINC INDUSTRY.   H/C  (O. H. Woodward) 1st Edition, 1952.  400pp. Broken Hill is situated in south-west New South Wales. It is an account of all mining events and happenings of the mines that operated here at the time of publication. Includes tables and charts plus the large black & white aerial view of the mine and town taken in 1950 is at the rear of the book.  This is a presentation copy signed by the author's uncle. Good condition.  15.00
  A REVIEW OF THE BROKEN HILL LEAD-SILVER-ZINC INDUSTRY.   H/C  (O. H. Woodward) 1st Edition, 1952.  400pp. Damaged copy. Priced as a Reference / Reading copy. Special.  3.00
  A REVIEW OF THE BROKEN HILL LEAD-SILVER-ZINC INDUSTRY.   H/C + D/W   (O. H. Woodward) 2nd  Edition, 1965.  520pp. Good condition except for a marked Dust Wrapper.  16.00
A TEXT-BOOK OF ASSAYING: For the use of those connected with mines. H/C (C. & J. J. Beringer. Revised by: H.R. Beringer) 10th Edition. 1906. 456pp. This book provides a lot of information for those interested in the early assaying methods. Contains a large chapter on Gold, silver & platinum assaying. This title is always hard to find. Good condition. Special. 35.00
A TEXT-BOOK OF ASSAYING: For the use of those connected with mines. H/C (C. & J. J. Beringer. Revised by: H.R. Beringer) 15th Edition, Revised, 1921. 471pp. Good condition. Special.  30.00 
  A TEXT-BOOK OF METALLURGY.  H/C  (A. R. Bailey) 2nd Edition, 1960. 561pp. The first 6 chapters deal with the nature, structure and properties of metals and alloys, and the methods used for the examination of metallic structures. The treatment includes an introductions to modern atomic theories, the solidification of metals, and a comprehensive account of phase equilibria in binary alloys, together with fairly detailed treatment of the deformation processes in metals and their behaviour under stress in service. It also deals with ingots; the treatment of process metallurgy on a general basis plus a chapter on the testing of metals. The front flyleaf and the back page is foxed otherwise the book is in good condition. 10.00

Please see:     "Toxicology of Trace Elements"   in this listing. 

ALLUVIAL PROSPECTING AND MINING. H/C (S. V. Griffith) 1938. 142pp. A most comprehensive book on the subject of Alluvial Mining. Chapters include: Prospecting Methods; Water Supply; Sluicing; Hydraulic Mining; Gravel Pumping; Miscellaneous Methods of Mining; Alluvial Diamond Mining. I am afraid the cover of this book is really bad news - it could be rebound. The pages are generally fine, so the book with re-binding could be made into quite an attractive book as it is considered a rare and valuable book. Special.


  ALUMINIUM TECHNOLOGY. S/C (Aluminium Development Council of Australia)  2nd Edition, 1984. 48pp. This is Book 7 relating to 'Corrosion Control with Aluminium'.  Good condition.  .50c
  AN INTRODUCTION TO MINING: Exploration, Feasibility, Extraction, Rock Mechanics.  S/C (L. J. Thomas) Revised Edition 1978. 471pp. This Australian-written book provides the reader with a varied amount of information relating to mining in Australia. The first part include: Geological & Mining Terminology, Exploration, Determination of Ore Reserves & Feasibility Studies. The second part: Surface mining, Underground Metalliferrous and bedded Deposits Mining. The third part: Design and support of Underground Openings, Rock mechanics Programs at Mines, Stability of Slopes and Tailings Dams, Subsidence due to mining. Finally, it deals with Mine development. Good condition.  15.00
  AUSTRALIA'S MINERAL WEALTH. H/C + Damaged D/W (Ian Coghill) 1st Edition, October 1971. 208pp. This large square-sized book provides a detailed account of the mining industry and a chapter is written on each of the major minerals mined and exported from Australia. Illustrated with some magnificent colour photographs. Good condition. Special.  SOLD
  BROKEN HILL MINES 1968 - 75th ANNIVERSARY. H/C (Edited by: M. Radmanovich & J. T. Woodcock. The Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, Melbourne - Monograph Series 3) 1968. 619pp. This is an excellent account which discusses rock mechanics, drilling, geology, mining, metallurgy as well as other miscellaneous mining and services by the various mines presently operating in Broken Hill.  Slight marks on the back cover otherwise the book is in very good condition. 24.50
  BROKEN HILL MINES 1968 - 75th ANNIVERSARY. H/C (Edited by: M. Radmanovich & J. T. Woodcock. The Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy, Melbourne - Monograph Series 3) 1968. 619pp.  The covers are marked but the book is in very good condition. Special.  20.00
  CHEMICAL ARITHMETIC (School Certificate). S/C (F. W. Goddard) Longmans Green & Co. First Published 1937, New Impression 1941. 99pp. This book deals with the arithmetical aspect of Elementary Chemistry up to School Certificate standard.  Nostalgic. Collectable. Good condition.  SOLD
  CHEMISTRY PROBLEMS AND HOW TO SOLVE THEM.  S/C (Paul R. Frey) College Outline Series. Barnes & Noble. Reprint, 1959. 228pp. The Mathematics for General Chemistry, 180 Completely Solved Examples, 874 Problems With Answers. In essence, this book outlines a logical method of attack for the solution of problems in general chemistry. Through the use of a few elementary principles of mathematics and their application to chemical phenomena, the author has succeeded in eliminating the all too common mechanical method of problem solving. At all times the stress is on the chemical, physical and mathematical concepts involved. Good condition.  SOLD
  COBALT NICKEL & SELENIUM IN POTTERY. S/C - Booklet  (H. W. Webb)  March 1956. 27pp. A Mond Nickel Publication. This booklet deals with the use of cobalt, nickel and selenium in colouring and glazing in pottery in general terms as well as providing a history of some of the techniques as used by some the leading potteries like Wedgewood, Copeland,  Wood & Sons and others. Good condition. 5.00
CYANIDING FOR GOLD: A complete, simple, and detailed account of the process written especially for the working miner and the small syndicate. Ion Idriess) Angus and Robertson, Original 1st Edition. 1939. Hardcover. 270 pp including appendices, fold out charts and diagrams, some B&W photographs. The Cyanide or Macarthur-Forrest Process is used to extract gold and other precious metals, such as: silver copper & zinc, from low grade ore. This is an ex New Zealand library copy which is in quite good condition except the red/brown cloth cover is worn and has a wide red cloth strip on the spine with the title hand-written in black ink. No dust cover. A photocopy of the original cover (when published) is also included. There are a couple of library stamps in the book. However the general book condition is sound with the pages in very good condition. The book could be re-bound to make it quite attractive. (This most rare and collectable book now brings up to $4000 in new condition or up to $2500 in second-hand condition).   1750.00

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  DOWN UNDER: Mineral Heritage in Australasia. H/C + D/W (Arvi Parbo) 1st Edition 1992. 310pp. This book is based on papers given to the Australasian Institute Mining & Metallurgy branches by Sir Arvi Parbo in 1990, when he was President of The Institute, tells the story of the mining and mineral industry in all the states and territories in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. There is a mountain of information in this book and is well illustrated. Very good condition.   30.00
DOWN UNDER: Mineral Heritage in Australasia. H/C + Damaged D/W (Arvi Parbo) 1st Edition 1992. 310pp. Good condition. Special. 22.00
  ELEMENTARY CHEMICAL THERMODYNAMICS. S/C  (D.C. Firth)  1969. 136pp.  This book draws together a lot of the physical chemistry that appears in A-level syllabuses (rates of reaction, equilibria, heats of reaction, dilute solutions) in a thermodynamical context. The author introduces enthalpy, entropy and free energy, but not in relation to any chemistry with which A-level pupils will not be familiar. This book should be useful for the more advanced sixth-formers as well as for first-year undergraduates. Good condition.  7.50
  ELEMENTARY METALLURGY. H/C (W. T. Frier) 2nd Edition, 1952. 258pp. This book was written in such a manner as to provide an insight and understanding of Metallurgy whilst having limited knowledge on this technical subject. Deals with Iron, steel, cast & wrought iron, heat treatment of steel, methods of forming and grain structure of metals, alloy steels & non-ferrous alloys. Good condition.  8.00
  ENERGY & THE EARTH MACHINE. Paperback  (Donald E. Carr) 1978. 430pp. The source of all the earth's energy is the sun. Yet the earth and its systems are actually crammed with sources of energy available to man; they are there for the taking. The author, a research chemist and noted environmental writer, discusses them all. - basically, we are critically short of technical brain power and commonsense needed to utilize these natural resources in the proper conservationist manner. This is a fascinating, readable exposition of questions many people assume are too complex for the non-technical reader. The author's stimulating book proves how wrong that assumption is. Good condition. 3.50
  EXPLORATION AND MINING GEOLOGY. H/C + Slightly damaged D/W (Edited by L. J. Lawrence. The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Melbourne. Publications - Volume 2) This publication was released at the Eighth Commonwealth Mining & Metallurgical Congress - Australia & New Zealand. Reprint 1966. 351pp. Papers include Mineral exploration, Exploration procedures, Guides to ore, Laboratory Investigations and a section on geology in operating mines. Excellent condition.  12.00
  EXPLORING AUSTRALIA'S MINING HERITAGE: A Visitor's Guide. S/C - Paperback  (W. G. Shackleton & M.N. Binnie) 1993. 118pp. This visitor's guide provides detailed information on over 60 mines, mining districts and museums available for inspection as at the date of publication. They also include gold, opal and sapphire mines. Good condition.  SOLD
EXTRACTION & REFINING OF THE RARER METALS. H/C + Damaged D/W (Institution of Mining & Metallurgy, London) 1957. 444pp. A series of 22 papers (read, written, discussed, author's reply) presented to the Symposium held on 22/23 March 1956. in general the discussions were on the General chemical principles in extraction of metals from low-grade ores; Solvent extraction, chlorination and oxide-chloride conversion extraction processes; recovery of some  less common minerals in Canada and from smelter and refinery intermediates at La Oroya, Peru; Uranium -chemical and physical concentration of ores, recovery from sulphate leach solutions by anion exchange, factors influencing magnesium reduction of uranium tetrafluoride, concentration of Mindola ore; Vanadium-processes for its extraction, production of high-purity metal, and flotation of South-West African ore; Pure niobium-selection of a process for development, extraction by chlorination process and by distillation of volatile chlorides; Beryllium-production at Milford Haven, preparation of metal by thermal reduction of the fluoride; Purification of metals by intermediate formation of their stable halide vapours (beryllium and titanium); Thorium extraction from monazite; Titanium extraction by fused salt electrolysis; Manufacture of hafnium-free zirconium.  Illustrated with photographs, sketches, graphs and line drawings. Very scarce.  30.00
  EXTRACTIVE METALLURGY OF COPPER. S/C (A. K. Biswas & W.G. Davenport) 1976. 438pp. All I can say is "It's everything you wanted to know about this subject!"   Water damaged bottom pages.

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  FLOTATION PLANT PRACTICE. H/C (Philip Rabone) 1932. 141pp. This book is based on some lectures delivered by the author on modern day flotation practice. It contains information on crushing, grinding, flotation reagents, flotation machines and flotation methods. Scarce. Collectable. Slightly damaged cover. Special. SOLD
FORTUNES IN FORMULAS FOR HOME, FARM and WORKSHOP. H/C (Edited by: Gardner D. Hiscox, Prof. T. O'Connor Sloane.  Revised by: Harry E. Eisenson)  Revised 1956. 867pp + Index. Contains 10,000 Formulas for Home, Farm 7 Workshop; How & where to procure Ingredients & equipment; Workshop & Laboratory methods; Measuring made easy; Common names of chemical substances; Latin names of drugs & chemicals translated into English; Latin abbreviations with English definitions & Index. A lot of nostalgia here. Good "conditionish", foxed with a damaged / repaired spine. 


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  GENERAL AND INORGANIC CHEMISTRY. H/C (P. J. Durrant) Reprint, 1949. 546pp. Good condition except for a faded spine.  4.00
GOLD EXTRACTION FOR THE SMALL OPERATOR. H/C (ICI - Imperial Chemical Industries, London) 2nd Edition, Circa 1940's ? 103pp. Chapters in this book are as follows: History of the Cyanide process; Occurrence of gold; Crushing & grinding; Recovery of coarse gold; Cyanidation; Testing cyanide solutions; Precipitation; Smelting of precipitate; Use of concentration processes in ore treatment; Special methods and difficulties in ore treatment and other useful data. This book is quite rare but unfortunately the cloth cover is very badly marked but the pages are in good condition - that's the main thing ! Special.  25.00
GOLD MILLING: PRINCIPLES & PRACTICE. (C. G. Warnford Lock) 1st Edition 1901. 823pp. This is a comprehensive guide to the whole series of operations embraced in the industry of extracting gold from the various rocks and ores with which it is associated. It includes: Breaking; Sorting:; Wet & Dry Milling; Amalgamation; Concentration; Roasting; Chlorination; Cyanidation; Melting Bullion; Smelting Ores & Concentrates; Complete Systems; Results & Costs; Tables & Forms. The "bible" of Gold processing. Good condition except the cover is marked plus a bit of foxing and marks around the edges of the pages of the book. Valuable and rare. Special.   SOLD
New GOLD MINER'S SECRETS TO REFINING GOLD AND SILVER - Firing, Recovery & Purifying.   Booklet (Nola May Carter) 1982. 52pp. A booklet that describes the techniques in cleaning gold with Nitric acid, Aqua Regia, as well as data on collecting fine gold with mercury. Covers the dangers, equipment and ingredients for firing, purifying and recovering.

Gold Miners Secrets On Gold & SIlver  (Carter) 

New GOLDEN RULES TO CYANIDE, LEACHING & RECOVERY.   Booklet (Nola Carter) 1984. 30pp. This booklet provides information so the average man can safely and efficiently learn how to make and use leaching and recovery systems. A straight forward booklet with east-to-read diagrams. 

Golden Rules to Cyanide Leaching and Recovery 

  GUIDE TO GEOLOGIC LITERATURE. H/C (Richard M. Pearl) 1st Edition 1951. 239pp. This book was produced as a guide to the various publications, books, index guides & bibliographies etc. published in the U. S. A. and around the world. An excellent reference book to find references and publications of the past. Scarce and collectable. . Some markings on the cover and flyleaf cut. otherwise the pages are in very good condition. Special.  10.00
  GUIDE TO PRECIOUS METALS and their Markets. H/C + D/W (Peter Robbins & Douglass Lee) 1980. 191pp. A history and guide to gold, silver, platinum, bullion markets etc. explained in a non-technical way, the major factors influencing these complicated markets. Good condition.  SOLD
HANDBOOK OF MINERAL DRESSING: Ores and Industrial Minerals. H/C (Arthur F. Taggart) 1945. Reprint 1954 (?)  This massive 60mm thick "hard to get" volume contains valuable information on the whole process of the treatment of ores and minerals plus much more. Good condition.   275.00
HINTS TO PROSPECTORS AND OWNERS OF TREATMENT PLANTS. Booklet - protected in adhesive plastic cover. (Edited by: H. A. Corbet) 8th / 10th Edition 1946. 80pp. This booklet was issued by the Royal Mint, Perth, Western Australia providing much information to the prospector on how to prospect for gold as well as dry-blowing, disposal of bullion, miner's rights and regulations, geological features, use of treatment plants in the early stages of a mine's development, battery and cyanidation work, valuation of residue dumps, preparation of samples for assay, use of explosives, and health. Good condition. Collectable.  Special. 20.00 
HOW TO AMALGAMATE AND REFINE YOUR GOLD & SILVER CONCENTRATES.  Spiral bound (Douglas E. Maynard) 1983. 2nd Printing 1984.  74pp. This is a detailed, step-by-step instruction book for the layman on how to amalgamate and refine your gold and silver concentrates which can produce marketable gold in 24 hours. Good condition.   22.00
New HOW TO PROCESS BLACK SAND CONCENTRATES.   Booklet (Verne H. Ballantyne) Revised 1990. 32pp. This booklet provides valuable information on how to clean the concentrate and separate by amalgamation, then to separate the gold from amalgam. It also explains the various methods and the types of equipment used in this type of operation. 10.00
IN THE LAND OF PEARL AND GOLD: A Pioneer's Wanderings in the Back-Blocks and Pearling Grounds of Australia and New Guinea. H/C (Alexander Macdonald) 1907 (London) 318pp. . Frontispiece portrait of the author on horseback. Illustrated with black and white photographs throughout. Top of pages gilded. As the title suggests, this is the story of the author's travels within Australia, New Guinea and others in the search for wealth. Very good condition.


  INTRODUCTION TO METALLURGY. H/C (Joseph Newton) 2nd Edition, 1947. 645pp. This book is written in two parts. The first part is: 'Adaptive Metallurgy' and the second part is: 'Extractive Metallurgy'. A good book of its time which gives an understanding of this subject. Some underlining on one page. Good condition.  27.50
No titles at present  
No titles at present  
LECTURES ON GOLD: For the instruction of emigrants about to proceed to Australia. H/C (J. Beete Jukes, Edward Forbes, Lyon Playfair, W. W. Smyth, John Percy & Robert Hunt) 2nd Edition 1853. 215pp. The following lectures were delivered at the Museum of Practical Geology, London. (1) The Geology of Australia, with especial reference to the gold regions. (2) On our knowledge of Australian rocks as derived from their organic remains. (3) The chemical properties of gold, and the mode of distinguishing it from other substances resembling it. (4) The dressing, or mechanical preparation of gold ores. (5) The metallurgical treatment and assaying of gold ores. (6) The history and statistics of gold. Cover marked but in good condition. Scarce and collectable. 200.00 
  METALLIFEROUS MINE SURVEYING. H/C (Thomas G. Hanton) 1930. 224pp. This book written in Australia, relates to the use of various equipment used in mine surveying. Historical. Scarce. Good condition. SOLD
  METALS AND MANKIND. S/C - Paperback (P. Kogan) 1965. 160pp. This paperback is a compact and authoritive guide to the metals in both the ferrous and non-ferrous groups. The origin, extraction and refining is covered fully while special emphasis is given to their structure, analysis and chemical and working properties. 64 colour plates with explanatory diagrams. Good condition.  3.00
  METALS IN THE SERVICE OF MAN. S/C - paperback (W. Alexander & A. Street) Pelican Books / 4th Edition, Reprint with revisions.1968/69  320pp. This book is a fascinating record, illustrated with photographs and diagrams, of the part played in life and civilization by the many metals in common use. Also includes an analysis of the Earth's crust, an explanation of the methods by which we get our metals. Reading copy.  Special. 2.00
  MINERAL FACTS AND PROBLEMS.  H/C (United States Department of the Interior.  Bureau of Mines,  Bulletin No. 630) 1965. 1118pp. This massive book contains the statistics for all minerals produced in the U.S.A. For the year 1965. Contains much, text, diagrams, charts and graphs. An excellent reference book. Good condition. 20.00
MINERAL FACTS AND PROBLEMS. H/C (United States Department of the Interior. Bureau of Mines, Bulletin No. 630) 1970. 1291pp. This massive book contains the statistics for all minerals produced in the U.S.A. For the year 1970. Contains much, text, diagrams, charts and graphs. An excellent reference book. Good condition.  20.00
  MINERAL RESOURCES.  Paperback  (Kenneth Warren) Pelican Books. 1973. 272pp. In this book the author examines both the technical side of mining and the geological economic and political factors involved in modern mineral extraction. His survey covers the established routines for mining, transporting and processing such essential metals as iron, nickel, copper and tin in many parts of the world.  he also stresses the impact of mining and political considerations citing experiences in Russia, South Wales, Zambia and others. Good condition.  9.50
MINERALS PROCESSING IN THE INDUSTRIALISATION OF ASEAN AND AUSTRALIA. S/C (Bruce McKern & Praipol Koomsup) 1st Edition 1988. 388pp. This book was prepared as part of the ASEAN-Australia Joint Research Project - a major study of the economic relations between Australia and the five major countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore & Thailand) of ASEAN. It describes the minerals processing industries of each of these countries together with the costs and benefits of processing from the national standpoint; key features and economic role of the minerals processing industry in each country; energy policy issues; and non-tariff barriers to trade. Excellent condition.   9.50
MINES AND MINERALS. H/C - Green cloth boards. (S. Herbert Cox & Felix Ritte) 1885 341pp + 8pp Index + Advertisements. Selected chapter titles: Geology; Rocks and their Movement; Stratified Deposits; Filling of Lodes; Irregular Deposits; Alluvial Deposits; Composition and Determination of Minerals; Noble Metals; Silver and Lead; Quicksilver or Mercury; Haloids and Salts; Silicates; Precious Stones; Special Assays for Gold and Silver. Fly-leaf missing. Front and back covers repaired. This copy is in generally good and solid condition for its age. Normally priced at over $150. Special.

Mines and Minerals: A Guide for the Australian Miner, Cox, S. Herbert   Illustration of cover and spine

MINING ENGINEERS' HANDBOOK: Volumes 1 & 2. H/C (Robert Peele … with the collaboration of … John A. Church) 3rd Edition.1945.  Each volume is approximately 50mm thick. Volume 1 covers Geology, prospecting and mining. Volume 2 covers Compressed air, Electric power, Surveying, underground work, sampling, testing and assaying of ores, various mechanical engineering subjects and more. In fact, this well-known title covers everything you want to know about everything !  Good condition.  125.00
New MINING ENGINEERS' HANDBOOK: Volume 2 (only) . H/C (Robert Peele … with the collaboration of … John A. Church) 3rd Edition.1945. This book covers Sections 15 to 45. This particular volume explains (in the main amongst other non-relevant subjects) the more important subjects as: Underground Surveying, Breaking, crushing and sorting of ores, Ore sampling, Assaying, Testing of ores, Treatment of ores, Gold amalgamation & cyaniding 50.00
MINING ENGINEERS' HANDBOOK: Volume 2 (only) . H/C (Robert Peele … with the collaboration of … John A. Church) 3rd Edition.1945. This book covers Sections 15 to 45. Good condition except for some marks on the edge of some pages.  25.00
  MINING GEOLOGY. H/C (Hugh Exton McKinstry with some sections by: Stanley A. Tyler, E. N. Pennebaker & Kenyon E. Richard) 1st Edition 1948. 680pp. This title is divided into four main parts. The first part covers: Geologic mapping, sampling ore and calculating tonnage, Drilling, laboratory methods and correlating date. The second part: Geological principles of ore-search and ore appraisal. The third part covers Application in specific phases of mining such as: field exploration, examining and developing prospects, valuing mining properties, geological work at an operating mine, Engineering geology in mining. Finally, the fourth part discusses the Technological characteristics or ore regardng treatment and concentration and more. Good condition.  30.00
  MINING GEOLOGY. H/C (Hugh Exton McKinstry with some sections by: Stanley A. Tyler, E. N. Pennebaker & Kenyon E. Richard) 4th Printing, May 1955. 680pp. Slightly worn spine but in good condition.  Special. 22.00
  MINING METHODS IN AUSTRALIA & ADJACENT TERRITORIES. H/C (Edited by: R. Pitman Hooper & A. B. Black.  Fifth Empire Mining & Metallurgical Congress Australia & New Zealand:  Publications - Volume 2. 1953. 374pp.This book is a collection of descriptive information of the practices in open cut mining, dredging, sluicing and underground mining in Australia, New Guinea and Fiji. Some operations described include copper mining at Mount Morgan (Queensland), Mount Lyell (Tasmania), Scheelite on King Island (Bass Strait, Tasmania) and the gold mine at Kingston (Brisbane, Queensland).   Last few pages (photos) slightly water damaged and chipped.  Special. SOLD
  MOUNTAINS OF ORE. H/C  (H.G. Raggatt) 1st Edition, 1968. 406pp. This book provides a comprehensive and an authoritive survey of the principal mineral deposits of Australia and describes the methods used to discover and exploit this unsuspected natural wealth and discusses such matters as the significance of the new discoveries in opening up Australia's sparsely populated northern regions and the need for foreign capital and looks at the Government policies and practices which the author considers may threaten the future well-being of mining in Australia. Good condition. 22.00
  MOUNTAINS OF ORE. H/C  (H. G. Raggatt) 1st Edition, 1968. 406pp. Ex lib. Priced as a "Reading copy" in reasonably good condition. 7.50
NEW FRONTIERS. H/C + D/W (Text by: Alan Farrelly. Photographs by: Ron Morrison) 1st Edition 1979. 154pp. Good condition.  SOLD
  NEW FRONTIERS. H/C + D/W (Text by: Alan Farrelly. Photographs by: Ron Morrison) 1st Edition 1979. 154pp. This is the story of the author and his photographer who travelled around Australia visiting the mining towns and other fr flung areas and even to cities to talk to men who are making Australia into the world's third largest producer of minerals. They watched the production of iron ore, bauxite, nickel, wool; beef, wheat, cotton, sugar and power. They saw what was happening now in the 1970's and glimpsed the shape of things to come as Australia booms towards the 21st century. Ex lib. Good condition.  2.00
  NICKEL COUNTRY GOLD COUNTRY. H/C + D/W (Norma King) 1st Edition 1972. 148pp. In this book the author contrasts the early gold rush to the nickel rush. Vividly she recreates the gold-rush days of which much was told to her by the goldfields folk who still lived in the area. With equal glamour and colour and out of her own experience, she describes the men and methods of the spectacular nickel rush which resounded around the world. Ex lib. Good condition.  7.50
  NICKEL COUNTRY GOLD COUNTRY. S/C - Paperback (Norma King) Reprint / Seal Books 1974. 148pp.. Good condition.  3.00
  NICKEL COUNTRY GOLD COUNTRY. S/C - Paperback (Norma King) Reprint / Seal Books 1974. 148pp.. Ex lib. Good condition.  SOLD
NOTES ON THE TREATMENT OF GOLD ORES. H/C (Florence O'Driscoll) 1889. 200pp + 200pp Advertising of Equipment. This is quite a rare book which covers all aspects of processing gold ores. Chapters covered are: Some of the Properties of Gold; Australian Gold Occurrences (Alluvial Deposits & Deposits in Matrix); Losses of Gold (Free Milling Ores, Refractory Ores & Mercury); Remedies (Patentees & the detailed processes undertaken from 1845 right through to 1888; Free Milling (Stampers, Mills and Concentrators). Overall, it is an excellent reference and historical book to read with much information about the whole processes of the treatment of gold ores. Includes many Australian references. The pages of this book are in good condition but the worn cloth covers are a complete disaster which have lifted and thus stained, having been water-logged at one stage. Special !  SOLD


OLD MINING TOWNS OF NORTH QUEENSLAND. S/C (Frank Dempsey) 1st Edition 1980. 157pp. This book provides much historical and mining information on the old gold and tin mining areas in North Queensland. The areas covered are: Palmer Goldfield; Cooktown; Hodgkinson Goldfield; Herberton Tin Province; Mount Garnet; Mount Molloy; Coastal Goldfields (Mulgrave, Jordan, Russell River, Bartle Frere goldfields), Chillagoe District, including Koorboora. Very good condition.   SOLD
New OLD TIMER'S GUIDE TO ASSAYING GOLD AND SILVER. Booklet (Nola Carter) 1984. 34pp. Learn the old timer's way of assaying, firing and cupeling. How to safely and efficiently use nitric acid and aqua Regia in separating gold and silver. A quick to the point guide of  'How to D. I. Y. 

Old Timers Guide To Assaying Gold And Silver  (Carter) 

  ORE DRESSING: Volume 1. H/C (Robert H. Richards) 2nd Edition 1906.(With additions & corrections) 643pp. This massive book appears to be the "bible" of this specialized subject. It describes in full details the whole process of crushing right through to amalgamation and all the various processes in between. The outside cover is badly marked, but the pages themselves are in good condition. Now scarce and collectable. 50.00
ORE DRESSING METHODS IN AUSTRALIA & ADJACENT TERRITORIES.  H/C + Damaged D/W   (Edited by: H.H. Dunkin. Fifth Empire Mining & Metallurgical Congress Australia & New Zealand. Publications - Volume 3) 1953.  317pp. This book contains much valuable ideas and information of the scope and status of contemporary ore dressing practice in Australia. Reference to past practice have bee included only if they help to explain how present processes have developed. Descriptions of the preparation and beneficiation of some non-metallic industrial minerals are included but the main emphasis is placed on treatment of ores of the principal metals. These include Gold,, Lead-zinc ores, Copper, Tin & Tungsten, Concentration of Zircon, Rutile Beach sands and the Treatment of other metallic & Industrial minerals. Good condition except a slightly damaged cover. Scarce. Special. 27.50 
ORE DRESSING METHODS IN AUSTRALIA & ADJACENT TERRITORIES.  H/C  (Edited by: H.H. Dunkin Good condition except a slightly damaged cover. Scarce. Special.  20.00
ORE DRESSING METHODS IN AUSTRALIA & ADJACENT TERRITORIES.  S/C  (Edited by: H.H. Dunkin. Fifth Empire Mining & Metallurgical Congress Australia & New Zealand. Publications - Volume 3) 1953.  317pp.  This book is the same as above but in the original soft cover - paperback version Good condition except a damaged cover and spine. Some pages slightly stained. Scarce. Special.  18.00
  OUT OF THE FIERY FURNACE. H/C + D/W (Robert Raymond) 1st Edition, 1984. 274pp. This excellent book provides information on the Impact of Metals; on the History of Mankind; plus an archaeological and historical study of man the metalsmith - from sublime works of art to weapons plus a history of metals and metallurgy.  Illustrations and maps. Excellent condition except for 3 tape marks inside the front and back covers.  25.00
  OUT OF THE FIERY FURNACE. H/C + Damaged D/W (Robert Raymond) 1st Edition, 1984. 274pp.  Good condition. Special. 18.00
  PEGGING THE NORTHERN TERRITORY: The history of mining in the Northern Territory of Australia 1873 - 1946.   S/C  (Timothy G. Jones) 1987. 243pp. This is a well researched account of the early gold and mineral discoveries in the N.T., the Chinese people and miners, the railway construction, the rise and fall of the mining industry and mineral productions and more. Very good condition.   48.00
  PHYSICO-CHEMICAL GEOLOGY. H/C (R.H. Rastall) 1st Edition, 1927. 248pp. This book attempts to give in a connected form some account of the application of modern theories of physical chemistry to geological problems. The chapters include; The states of matter and the principle of equilibrium in Geology; Fusion & Solidification; Isomorphism & Solid Solution; Polymorphism & Inversions; The Igeous Rocks; Mineral Formation in Igneous Rocks; Metamorphism; The Physical Chemistry of Rock-Weathering; The Salt Deposits; Ore deposits; Refractories & Abrasives plus Colloids  in Geology. Good condition.  20.00
 New PLACER MINER'S MANUAL - Volumes 1, 2 & 3. Paper covers (Edited with additional new material by: Karl von Mueller) 1971. These volumes originally written by E. D. Gardner & C. H. Johnson are most helpful to both gold miners and gold prospectors as this information and the techniques provided remain the same wherever you are around the world. Volume 1 - 99pp. This volume covers: the History of placer mining (USA, geology, sampling, surf washers, classification, panning, sluicing, dry washers plus a weight conversion table, tables. Illustrated. Volume 2 -111pp. This volume covers: Hydraulic & placer mining equipment, sluice boxes and riffles, canals, ditches, flumes, operation of sluice boxes, cleaning up, separation of gold from concentrates, amalgamators & amalgamation, weighing & smelting gold, sampling, and all of the closely related processes and procedures. Volume 3 - 110pp.. This volume covers: Excavating, dredging, screening, gold saving, dredges, re-soiling, safety, drift mining, breasting, representative mining practices, recent & ancient gravels, milling, tables, sections and layouts, mine maps & flow sheets. All of the volumes are illustrated with black & white line drawings and sketches. Good condition.                                                                          Special price for the 3 volumes.

Some separate second-hand copies available at  $ 4.00 each ... please enquire for details.

  PRACTICAL CHEMISTRY I. S/C (E. C. M. Grigg / R. A. Plowman) 2nd Edition 1966. 135pp. A Queensland text-book. Included are notes for: Agriculture, Engineering, Forestry, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Science & Surveying. Good condition with notations. 

This book is FREE to anyone who can use it. . 

  PRIMARY CRUSHING PLANT DESIGN. H/C (Frank W. McQuiston, Jnr. & Robert S. Shoemaker) 1978. 246pp. This book was published by the Society of Mining Engineers of American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers Inc. A very detailed account on the design on some of the world's primary crushing installations and equipment Even though this book cannot show them all, it does however, what the authors consider to be design representative of those which have been applied on a variety of ores and under a variety of conditions. While ores may be tested thoroughly in a laboratory and pilot plant, primary crushing plant design must remain the result of experience on hopefully on similar ores since actual operating conditions on an unknown ore=body can never be forecast. Very scarce. Good condition. Special. 35.00
  PRINCIPLES OF FLOTATION. H/C + Damaged D/W (K. L. Sutherland & Ian W. Wark. Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy) 1955. 489pp. This book provides some basic principles of flotation to all those interested in metallurgy. There are 18 large chapters to this book which are so detailed that they cannot reproduced here even in part -  If you are interested in purchasing this book, please contact us and we will send you a copy of the contents pages. Good condition. Scarce.  18.00
  PRINCIPLES OF FLOTATION. H/C   (Ian W. Wark. Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy) 1938. 346pp. This book written by Mr. Ian Wark, (one of the authors of the above title) is his first book on this subject, some of which is repeated in the later book above. Good condition. 8.00
  PRINCIPLES OF MINERAL DRESSING. H/C (A.M. Gaudin) 1st Edition, 6th Impression. 1939. 554pp. This scarce book deals with the processes of mineral dressing which include: Crushers, Screening, Classification, Grinding, Separation, Flotation and others. Good condition. 20.00
  PROFILE - MINING & ENERGY IN QUEENSLAND (Australia). Booklet (Department of Mines & Energy, Queensland Government)  1983. 32pp. This booklet provides an account of the current mining activities within the State in 1983 both in text and coloured photographs. Good condition. 2.00
  PROGRESS IN SOLID-STATE CHEMISTRY: Volume 4. H/C (Editor: H. Reiss) 1st Edition, 1967. 261pp. Good condition. Special.  2.00
PROSPECTING AND MINING FOR URANIUM IN AUSTRALIA: Notes for the Guidance of Prospectors. Hard Card Covers (Australian Atomic Energy Commission & Department of National Development) 128pp. + 14 pp of colour photographs of uranium specimens. Contains information on the Physical properties and types of uranium minerals and known deposits found in Australia, prospecting procedures, services and rewards for discovery. Very good condition. Good condition.  20.00
  PROSPECTOR'S GUIDE: NEW SOUTH WALES.  H/C (Department of Mines, Sydney, NSW) 9th Edition. 1967. 272pp. This book provides basic information on geology with notes on Economic minerals and the Mineral deposits of the State plus information for prospectors. More importantly it describes the various prospecting and recovery methods for gold prospecting and some other minerals as well as other valuable information. Includes the NSW Mineral map pasted inside the back cover. Near mint condition.  40.00
  QUANTITATIVE CHEMICAL ANALYSIS and INORGANIC PREPARATIONS.  H/C (R.M. Caven & Revised by: A. B. Crawford) Reprint, 1948. This title is printed in two parts. This is Part 1 only which deals with the Preparation of Inorganic Salts and Simple Exercises in Gravimetric and Volumetric Analysis. 5.00
QUEENSLAND MINERAL INDEX and GUIDE. (Queensland Geological Survey. Publication No. 241). H/C (Benjamin Dunstan) 1913. 1014pp. plus coloured maps and black & white plates. This valuable original copy provides the miner and prospector with references to all the areas where all the minerals are found within Queensland up to the date of printing. This massive volume is a credit to the author who in 1913 did not have a computer !  The considerable amount of cross references to minerals to mines to locations are all there plus further cross references to mining journals, reports and publications. Flyleaf is marked "With the author's compliments" Scarce and collectable. The black cover is marked, but overall, the book is is good condition.  500.00 
QUEENSLAND MINERAL INDEX and GUIDE. (Queensland Geological Survey. Publication No. 241). H/C (Benjamin Dunstan) 1913. (Reprinted  in Facsimile 1985) 1014pp. plus black & white maps and black & white plates. Good condition.  250.00 
  RADIUM and RADIO-ACTIVE SUBSTANCES: Their Application Especially to Medicine. H/C (C. Baskerville) 1905. 164pp. A most interesting book which is extremely scarce details the theories and uses of Radium. Also includes old newspaper & magazine cuttings. Scarce.  Historical and collectable. Good condition. 20.00
  REVIEWS IN ECONOMIC GEOLOGY: Volume 3 - EXPLORATION GEO-CHEMISTRY: DESIGN AND INTERPRETATION OF SOIL SURVEYS. S/C (The Association of Exploration Geochemists. W. K. Fletcher, S. J. Hoffman, M. B. Mehrtens, A. J. Sinclair & I. Thomson. Series Editor: James M. Robertson)  1986. 180pp. This covers articles by the above contributors detailing soil sampling and case histories from the USA and Britain SOLD
  REVIEWS IN ECONOMIC GEOLOGY: Volume 5 - SEDIMENTARY AND DIAGENETIC MINERAL DEPOSITS: A BASIN ANALYSIS APPROACH TO EXPLORATION. S/C (Editors: Eric R. Force, J. James Eidel & J. Barry Maynard. Series Editor: James M. Robertson) 1991. 216pp.This covers articles by the above contributors and others detailing Basin Analysis and Sedimentary Processes and Mineral deposits and the Sedimentary Environment. Good condition.  8.00
  REVOLUTION IN OPTICS. S/C - Paperback (S. Tolansky) Pelican Books 1968. 222pp. The author is devoted to new ideas, new instruments, new techniques and new applications which have changed optics since 1900. After reviewing the history of the study of light, proceeds to describe the indispensable part now played by optics in very many fields and illustrates his points with a variety of practical and theoretical examples. Good condition.  2.00
  SELENIUM, TELLURIUM, COBALT and NICKEL in GLASS MAKING. S/C - Booklet (H. Moore) A Mond Nickel publication. No date - circa 1960. 40pp. The four elements which are stated in this booklet's title (or their compounds) are used in glass making because of their colouring effects. Selenium, cobalt and nickel are also used for decolourizing purposes. this is revealed amongst other facts in this booklet. Good condition.  6.00
New SILVER AND A TRACE OF GOLD: A History of the Aclare Mine, (South Australia).  S/C (J. K. Chilman) Department of Mines & Energy, South Australia. Special Publication No. 1  1982. 212pp. This is a history of the Aclare Mine situated in the Kanmantoo & Callington Mining District, South-east of Adelaide, South Australia. Also includes information on other mines within the State. Illustrated with some historical photographs.  19.95
  SILVER AND A TRACE OF GOLD: A History of the Aclare Mine, (South Australia).  S/C (J.K. Chilman) Department of Mines & Energy, South Australia. Special Publication No. 1  1982. 212pp. New copy with a marked cover. Special.  15.00
SIMPLIFIED BLACK SAND RECOVERY. A4 size - Spiral bound. (Clark Sabel) 1993. 22pp. Information can be found here on: Part 1: milling, pre-treatment, amalgamation and cleaning of concentrates. Part2: Gold, silver, mercury, copper and platinum extraction; Filtration; Firing of precious metals and finally a glossary and a weights & measures chart. Mint condition.   15.00
  STATISTICAL ANALYSIS IN THE GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES. H/C + Damaged D/W (Robert L. Miller & James Steven  Kahn) 1962. 483pp. This is a book on statistical analysis in the geological sciences for the earth scientist. It features a logical and lucid development of both theoretical statistics - showing what it can and cannot do for the experimentalist. Good condition.  8.00
New TESTING AND ASSAYING GOLD, SILVER & PLATINUM. A4 Spiral Bound Booklet (Prospector Ed Fusch) 43pp. 1992. This booklet provides much valuable information on these 3 valuable metals. It describes the properties, tests and assaying in a simple easy-to-read format. Well put together and recommended. 12.00
TEXT BOOK OF ORE DRESSING. H/C (Robert H. Richards & Charles E. Locke. Assisted by: Reinhardt Schuhmann, Jr.) 3rd Edition 1940. 608pp. This book provides a full run-down on the whole subject of ore dressing from preliminary breaking up of ore right through to flotation and separation. Highly recommended. Excellent condition.   30.00
TEXT BOOK OF PHYSICS: Volume 3 - HEAT.   H/C (J. H. Poynting & Sir. J. J. Thomson) 6th Edition August 1920.354pp. 193 Illustrations. Good condition.  5.00
  THE CHEMISTRY OF THE NON-METALS. S/C (William L. Jolly) 1966. 149pp. An introduction and compendium of the chemical compounds of the non-metals. Chapters included are: Hydrogen; The Noble gases (helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon & radon); Fluorine; Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine & Astatine; Oxygen; Sulphur, Selenium & Tellurium; Nitrogen; Phosphorus & Arsenic; Antimony; Carbon; Silicon & Germanium; Boron plus an Index. Good condition.  4.00
THE CYANIDE PROCESS FOR THE EXTRACTION OF GOLD AND ITS PRACTICAL APPLICATION ON THE WITWATERSRAND GOLDFIELDS AND ELSEWHERE. H/C (M. Eissler) Revised & Enlarged 3rd Edition, 1902. 184pp + 4pp Advertisements. Added to this edition are descriptions of the working of the cyanide process at the Gibraltar Cyanide Works in New South Wales, Deeble’s Cyanide Works in Victoria, and the Gold Gate Mill at Mercur, Utah, and a new chapter on the treatment of sulpho-telluride ores in Western Australia and elsewhere. Includes 19 plates (some folding), & numerous text illustrations. In generally good condition except for some scuffing and slight staining on the front and back covers. This book normally sells for around $300. Our special bargain price is only $95.00.. 95.00 
New THE EXTRACTION OF FREE GOLD. S/C (Al McGowan) 1973. 64pp. This book details a practical simplified method of extracting free gold (Virgin alluvial gold) from gold plants, sluices and then amalgamating and retorting.

Extraction of Free Gold  

THE FLOTATION PROCESS. H/C (Compiled & Edited by: T. A. Rickard)  1st Edition, 2nd Printing 1916. 364pp. This interesting book includes many contributions on the theory on this new branch of metallurgy. Good condition with a slightly marked cover. Scarce and collectable.  50.00
  THE GOLD PAN AS A QUANTITATIVE GEOLOGIC TOOL. Booklet  (Paul K. Theobald, Jr.  Geological Survey Bulletin 1071-A, U.S.A.) 3rd March 1949. 54pp. This most interesting booklet provides information on the use of a gold pan to estimate the specific gravity of minerals. In this case 26 samples were taken and panned the details of which are revealed. Extremely scarce. Good condition.  25.00
  THE INTERPRETATION OF GEOLOGICAL PHASE DIAGRAMS. H/C (Ernest G. Ehlers) 1st Edition, 1972. 280pp. This book deals with phase equilibria. The approach used here is traditional method of the petrologist the description of the continuous changes that take place in the kind and number of phases along paths of equilibrium crystallization or melting, as heat and/or pressure is applied or withdrawn from the system. The thermodynamics and crystal chemistry behind the phase relations presented are not discussed. Good condition.  15.00
THE METALLURGY OF GOLD. H/C (T. Kirke Rose. Edited by: Sir W. C. Roberts-Austen) 4th Edition, 1902. 554pp. This well-known book covers just about everything you need to know about gold - Its properties, Chemistry; Occurrence; Placer Mining; Deep Placer deposits; Quartz Crushing; Amalgamation; Processing, Cyanidation, Refining and lots more. Some notations. Good condition overall except for some loose binding and a worn cover. Special. 


THE MINERAL WEALTH OF QUEENSLAND. Paper covers (Robert L. Jack)  1888. 71pp. This booklet was produced for the Centennial International Exhibition, Melbourne, Victoria. This booklet was designed and presented as to the conditions and value of various mineral fields of Queensland with an indication of localities where minerals still await the attention of miners and capitalists. It provides a complete "run-down" on the goldfields as well as other major mineral and mining operations. At the rear of the booklet there is a large coloured map which is an index to the Mineral Fields arranged in alphabetical order, and list of latitudes and longtitudes is appended to enable the reader to locate the places on the map. Very good to good condition. Previous owners name written on the cover and map. Scarce and collectable.


  THE PEAKS OF LYELL. H/C + Damaged D/W  (Geoffrey Blainey) 3rd Edition, Revised & Updated 1967. 341pp. This popular Australian author who spent much time at the Mount Lyell Mining & Railway Company, a copper mine at Queenstown in Tasmania. Here he examined the company's records and exploring the field, following the routes of many explorers and prospectors, seeking out old workings, and checking early charts and plans. He met and talked with some of the men who had blazed and cleared the trail, and recalls with particular pleasure sharing many reminiscences with old Jimmy Elliott, who was prospecting in the forest before there was a Lyell and whose pick cracked open the bonanza at Lynchford that led to the discovery of the field. The new final chapter deals mainly with the take-overs in the 1960's. Good condition.  14.00
  THE PEAKS OF LYELL. S/C (Geoffrey Blainey) 3rd Edition, Revised & Updated 1967. 341pp.  Good condition.  10.00
THE PLACER MINERS ALCHEMY COOKBOOK. Booklet - Spiral Bound (Robin Lee) Circa 1985 (?) 54pp. This small booklet provides information for four (4) different "recipes"  to recover gold from black sand material. He quotes: "Nuggets maybe bliss, but the "real bucks" are in the black sand". Good condition.  16.00
THE RUSH THAT NEVER ENDED: A History of Australian Mining.  S/C (Geoffrey Blainey) 2nd Edition 1969. 389pp.  Good condition SOLD
  THE RUSH THAT NEVER ENDED: A History of Australian Mining.  S/C (Geoffrey Blainey) 2nd Edition 1969. 389pp. This is an absorbing and well documented Australian mining history that tells the story of the pioneers of the mining towns and later, the industrial giants. From the gold rushes in Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland and to the copper mines of South Australia and Queensland and on to Broken Hill for silver and lead - they are all recorded here. This new edition adds the importance of the latest discoveries of bauxite, iron ore, nickel, phosphate, manganese and oil.

Unfortunately the previous owner's name in texta-pen is marked inside the cover. Good condition. Special.

  THE RUSH THAT NEVER ENDED: A History of Australian Mining.  S/C (Geoffrey Blainey) 3rd Edition 1978. 393pp. Good condition. Special. 12.00
  THE URANIUM HUNTERS. H/C + D/W (Ross Annabell) 1st Edition, 1971. 172pp. This is adventurous story of the author / journalist who resided in Darwin, Northern Territory who tagged along reporting and writing about prospecting for uranium. He eventually made the break himself along with other prospectors to find their own uranium, eventually staking a claim  but that was only the beginning of their adventures and an up and down see-saw ride with many amusing incidents in between. Good condition.  10.00
  THE URANIUM HUNTERS. H/C + D/W (R. Annabell) 1st Edition, 1971. 172pp.  Ex lib. Good condition. Special.  8.00
  THE VEINS OF CARBINE HILL: Mount Carbine  1895 - 1978. S/C (Richard E. Rudd) 1978. 80pp. This booklet was commissioned for the occasion of the official opening of the Mount Carbine open-cut Wolframite mine and Processing plant on May 5th 1978.  This book represents a history of this mine as well as a local history of the area in the early 1900's. Mount Carbine is situated north-west of Cairns in Queensland. Good condition. 17.50
  THERMODYNAMICS OF ROCK-FORMING CRYSTALLINE SOLUTIONS. H/C (S.K. Saxena) 1973. 188pp. This book is written for advanced students and research workers in the fields of mineralogy, petrology and physical geochemistry. It introduces the reader to the popular solution theories and the special problems connected with the treatment of heterogeneous phase equilibria involving complex crystalline solutions. Most rock-forming minerals are crystalline solutions of two or more components. This book covers all of this aspect and is extremely rare to find in Australia!  Good condition. 30.00
  TOXICOLOGY OF TRACE ELEMENTS: Advances in Modern Toxicology - Volume 2.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (Robert A. Goyer & Myron A. Mehlman) 1977. 303pp. The chapters in this volume are concerned with the toxicological properties of the various forms of each metal, and emphasis is given to potential adverse health effects on humans. Introductory background material regarding environmental sources and important non-human effects are also provided where appropriate. Good condition.  28.00
TRACE ELEMENT ANALYSIS OF GEOLOGICAL MATERIALS. H/C + Damaged D/W (R.D. Reeves & R.R. Brooks) This is Volume 51: Chemical Analysis. A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and its Applications. 1978. 421pp. This book covers the entire sequence of processes necessary in the analysis of geological materials for trace elements. The first part deals with sampling techniques and with physical and chemical methods of sample pre-treatment including ion exchange, solvent extraction, co-precipitation, volatization and chromatographic methods. It also provides information on elemental abundance data and standard rock materials. Later detailed chapters cover the most important analytical methods: Gravimetric & Titrimetric; Colorimetric & Fluorimetric; Atomic Emission; Atomic Absorption & Fluorescence; X-Ray Emission; Radiometric Z& Radioactivation; Electroanalytical; Mass Spectrometric. Physical and chemical tests suitable for field use are also examined. With its extensive references to research literature and to review articles this book is invaluable to analysts, research workers, students in chemistry and geochemistry as well as those involved in mineral exploration, soil science and environmental chemistry. Good condition. Scarce! 50.00
TRANSACTIONS OF THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF METALS - Volume 9. H/C (Edited by: Charles Vickers) 1916. 410 + 48pp. This book contains 26 articles submitted by contributors on a range of subjects all dealing with metals, alloys and the like. Historical. Excellent condition.  10.00
UNDER THE RAINBOW: North West Australia Today. H/C + Damaged D/W (Osmar White) 1st Edition 1969. 169pp. This book is a fascinating description of the country and its people and a penetrating commentary on its population problems, the raping of the countryside and the exploitation of its natural wealth. A very controversial book at the time. Good condition.   
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PROSPECTOR'S GUIDE - New South Wales. H/C  10th Edition 1970. 270pp. Includes "Mineral Map of New South Wales" in rear pocket. Excellent condition.   25.00
REGULATIONS (Department of Lands, Sydney, New South Wales as at 31st July 1866) This original reprint of 9 pages from the Gazette at that time (1867) covers the Mining Regulations in New South Wales. Interesting with historical value. Includes a ink hand-written note re Immigration. Special. 15.00
QUEENSLAND MINING GUIDE. S/C  1932. 152pp. Includes "Prospector's Map".  Good condition. Collectable.   SOLD
QUEENSLAND MINING GUIDE. S/C  1958. 152pp. Includes: "Prospectors Map; Principal Mineral Occurrence Map & Distribution of Coal Measures Map" in the rear pocket. Damaged / repaired spine but in generally good condition. Special.  SOLD
QUEENSLAND MINING GUIDE. S/C  1966. 214pp. Includes: "Prospectors Map and Principal Mineral Occurrence Map" in the rear pocket.  Very good condition.  SOLD 
QUEENSLAND MINING GUIDE. S/C  1976. 184pp. Includes: "Prospectors Map and Principal Mineral Occurrence Map" in the rear pocket. (To my knowledge this book was the last edition produced in this format). Excellent condition. Collectable.  SOLD
PROSPECTORS' GUIDE. S/C  4th Edition 1958. 114pp. Includes: "Victorian Map showing Auriferous & Mineral Localities Map" pasted into the rear of the book.. Excellent condition. Collectable.  


HANDBOOK ON PROSPECTING IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA. S/C 1952. 151pp. This is a guide for prospectors on the mineral deposits in the State, prospecting methods, treatment and marketing of minerals as well as various ways that the Department can assist the prospector. Good condition.  SOLD
HANDBOOK FOR PROSPECTORS'. S/C 1965. 81pp. Includes plans for a Hand Jig and a Rocker Box at the rear of the book.. Good condition. Collectable. SOLD








A DICTIONARY OF EARTH SCIENCES.  H/C + D/W  (Edited by: Stella E. Stiegeler) 1st Edition 1976. 301pp. A good reference dictionary that brings together a large number of related subjects which are often treated in isolation. These include: geophysics, structural geology, geomorphology, oceanography, stratigraphy, palaeontology. sedimentology, climatology, meteorology, soil science, cartography, mineralogy, petrology and surveying. The entries, arranged alphabetically for ease of reference, are fully cross-referenced, most minerals are described under their general heading. Good condition.  18.50
A DICTIONARY OF EARTH SCIENCES.  Paperback    (Edited by: Stella E. Stiegeler) 1978. 311pp. Good condition but the edge of the pages are a little foxed.   12.00
A DICTIONARY OF GEOLOGY. Paperback  (G. W. Himus)  1st Edition, Penguin Books 1954. 153pp. The purpose of this dictionary is to interpret the special language of geology to the general reader, in the hope that, with its aid, he / she may be able to ascertain the meaning of geological terms when reading scientific literature, and may even be induced to enter on the study of this very fascinating science. Many of the entries are short articles rather than definitions; the unfamiliar nature of the subjects rendered this necessary. It has also been found advisable to introduce many cross-references, partly because there are numerous synonymous terms, and partly because, in the absence of cross-referencing, the definitions would have to contain redundant matter. Good condition but foxed around the page edges.  7.50 
A DICTIONARY OF GEOLOGY. Paperback (D. G. A. Whitten & J. R. V. Brooks) Penguin Books, Reprint, 1975. 514pp. This is a good reference dictionary which also contains a table of minerals as well as drawings and illustrations. Good condition. 6.00 
A DICTIONARY OF GEOLOGY. Paperback (D. G. A. Whitten & J. R. V. Brooks) Penguin Books, Reprint, 1975. 514pp. Ex lib.  Good condition. 4.00 
A DICTIONARY OF GEOLOGY. Paperback (D. G. A. Whitten & J. R. V. Brooks) Penguin Books, Reprint, 1983. 520pp. Good condition. 12.00
AN ELEMENTARY SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL DICTIONARY.  H/C + D/W  (W. E. Flood & Michael West) 3rd Edition, New Impression with corrections 1963. Reprint 1969. 411pp. This is a fully illustrated dictionary which explains scientific and technical words in a way everyone can understand. The explanations are given entirely in words that are commonly known. Good condition.  7.50 
CHAMBERS'S MINERALOGICAL DICTIONARY. H/C + Damaged D/W  (Published by: W & R Chambers) Reprint 1957. 86pp.  A useful compendium of mineralogical terms with some 1,400 short definitions. For minerals, the chemical composition, crystal form, physical and chemical properties, occurrences and uses are listed. Illustrated with 40 beautifully printed plates, each containing six colour reproductions, show over 200 minerals in their natural tones. Good condition.  9.00 
DICTIONARY OF GEOLOGICAL TERMS (Exclusive of stratigraphic formations and paleontologic genera and species).  H/C (C. M. Rice) 1961.461pp. The aim of the book is to provide a useful and convenient volume the definitions of terms in use in the various branches of geology: General geology, Structural Geology, Economic geology, Physiography, Glacial Geology, Petrology, Mineralogy, Evolution, Invertebrate and Vertebrate Palaeontology, and Stratigraphy. Good condition.   20.00
DICTIONARY OF GEOLOGICAL TERMS.   S/C - Paperback (Robert L. Bates & Julia A. Jackson) 3rd Edition.  572pp. Prepared by the American Geological Institute. From: aa to zweikanter -  this best-selling, popular dictionary contains over 1000 new terms. Find accurate definitions without technical jargons, word origins, hyphenation and pronunciation guide, commonly used abbreviations, and a geologic time and life chart. Very good condition. 


DICTIONARY OF MINING. H/C + D/W (A. Nelson) 1st Edition 1964. 523pp. This special dictionary has been prepared for the convenience of mining men (and others)  and will also be of interest and benefit to engineers whose work links them with the mining industry. Many advances in mining engineering, methods and instruments have been developed in the field of exploration including applied geophysics. Again soil mechanics has come to the aid of the engineer in solving his problems and new mine locations. Manifestly, the dictionary also includes terms used in conventional mining and others are given which are of historical interest only. Good condition. Ex lib.  12.00
EARTH RESOURCES: A Dictionary of Terms & Concepts.  Paperback (David Dineley, Donald Hawkes, Paul Hancock & Brian Williams)  1st Edition 1976.  208pp.  This dictionary provides an introduction to the terms used in the study of the world's resources from metallic ores and chemical deposits to the hidden wealth of oil and gas and to our one great re-usable resource - water. Also included is mineralogy, geology, oceanography and more. In all, a good 'all round' book that deals with terms used in Earth Science. Good condition. 6.00 
FIELD GEOLOGISTS' MANUAL. Monograph Series Number 9)  H/C (Compiled by: D. A. Berkman. Edited by: D. A. Berkman & W. R. Ryall. The Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy) 2nd Edition 1982. Reprint 1987. 301pp. The chapters and topics covered are as follows: Ethics & reporting; Mineral & Rock Information; Geochemistry; Mining & Economic Geology; Geological Mapping; Geometric & Surveying Data; Engineering Geology; Geohydrology; Geophysics; Drilling; Miscellaneous information plus Mathematical Tables & Conversion Factors. Very good condition.   25.00
GLOSSARY OF GEOLOGY and RELATED SCIENCES.  H/C  (National Academy of Sciences for the American Geological Institute) 1st Edition1957, Reprint August 1957. 325pp. The massive undertaking of providing a book of this nature was extremely worthwhile as it provides an excellent understanding of geological words and terms used and their meanings. The spine has been repaired but the pages are in very good condition. Priced as a reading / reference copy. Special.  15.00 
LONGMAN ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY OF GEOLOGY: The Principles of Geology Explained and Illustrated.     H/C  (Alec Watt)  1983. 192pp. This is very handy book for those starting out in Earth Science and/or Geology. All the terms are explained in 'plain' English with many cross references. Unused condition. Ex lib.  Special. 7.00
THE CONCISE OXFORD DICTIONARY OF EARTH SCIENCES. S/C - Paperback (Edited by: Ailsa & Michael Allaby)  1991. 410pp. This book gives equal weight to all the earth sciences. It covers climatology, economic geology, geochemistry, mineralogy, oceanography, palaeontology, petrology and vulcanology. It also contains brief biographical notes on the most important figures in the history of earth sciences. With over 6,000 entries, this dictionary provides authoritative and in most cases up-to-date definitions of terms from all earth sciences.  Excellent condition except for name along the face-edge of the pages.  15.00 
THE PENQUIN DICTIONARY OF GEOLOGY. Paperback (D. G. A. Whitten & J. R. V. Brooks) Penguin Books, Reprint, 1983. 520pp. 

Please see above:     "A Dictionary of Geology". 









  DOWSING: Ancient origins and modern uses.  Paperback  (Rodney Davies) 1st Edition 1991. 112pp. This book provides information on the earliest origins of dowsing to the latest research on this subject. The author examines the use of the traditional Y-shaped rod, the pendulum and modern modern alternatives as well as describing the many uses to which the skill may be put, including finding water, oil, mineral deposits and lost valuables, and gives information on how to develop and refine the art for yourself. It also discusses the principal theories as to how dowsing works. The pages are a little foxed around the edges, otherwise the book is good condition.  12.00
DOWSING: ONE MAN'S WAY. H/C + D/W in plastic cover.  (J. Scott Elliot) 1st Edition, 1977. 159pp. This book is divided into three parts. Part 1: shows what can be done by dowsing, who can do it, the tools and their use. Part 2 - is devoted to special applications such as finding archaeological sites and its use assisting excavation, finding water, oil, minerals, precious stones, pipes etc. Part 3 - gives short accounts of a number of dowsing jobs done covering a wide field. Illustrated with photographs and many explanatory line drawings to help the reader carry out his own dowsing investigations and experiments. Ex lib. Good condition.  Ex lib. 12.00
New   DOWSING DEVICES: A Sketchbook of Devices used in Dowsing.  S/C (Oscar T. Branson) 1st Edition 1985. 208pp. This is a highly interesting book as it provides the reader with dozens and dozens of different dowsing devices - it is said that there are over 3,000 types - these are only a few. He also gives some of the basic techniques used. In the end it even shows how to find a partner (????) and what happens after (????). 17.50
New   DOWSING FOR BEGINNERS: How to Find Water, Wealth and Lost Objects.       S/C  (Richard Webster)  1st Edition 1996. 208pp. The complete "how-to" book on dowsing. Locate gold, water, oil, artefacts, lost objects – even missing people when you follow these simple instructions. From healing and treating ailments to finding hidden treasures, believers can discover the answers to difficult questions with this expert guidance and inspiration. 19.95
New   DOWSING FOR YOU.  S/C    (Bruce Copen)  1975. 72pp. The purpose of this book is to offer in a more or less compact form an outline of dowsing with rod of pendulum, along with some information from various sources including some historical data, and to offer for the first time a practical guide to elementary dowsing that anyone can use to great advantage.  15.00
New   DOWSING FROM MAPS. S/C  (Bruce Copen) 1st Edition 1986. 68pp. This is quite a specialized book which relates to dowsing from maps or sometimes referred to as "Tele-Radiesthesia". Dr Copen has put this book together in a simple form and it is amazing that this method can be used to locate just about anything. All the instructions are here for you to try.  11.00
  DOWSING FROM MAPS. S/C  (Bruce Copen) 1st Edition 1986. 68pp. This is is new copy but has a faded spine. Special.  8.00
New   PENDULUM MAGIC FOR BEGINNERS   S/C  (Richard Webster)  1st Edition, 7th Printing, 2007.   218pp.This book explains how to use a pendulum for a wide range of purposes, from the practical to the magical. Written by the author of the popular Dowsing for Beginners. This book also teaches you how to: Communicate with your sub-conscious mind; Find lost objects; Select a perfect mate; Help resolve health issues; Communicate with spirits; Explore past lives; Use Huna rituals to achieve goals.


THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO DOWSING: The Definitive Guide to Finding Underground Water.  H/C + D/W  (G. Applegate) 1997. 302pp. This practical and instructive guide thoroughly explains the techniques of dowsing, enabling both the beginner to become a successful finder of water and practising dowsers to further their skills. Expertly written on the many aspects of dowsing, this wonderfully practical book will interest everyone who is concerned about water, whether from a work or environmental point of view. Good condition.  19.50
THE DIVINING ROD: An Experimental and Psychological Investigation. . H/C  (Sir William Barrett and  Theodore Besterman) 1968. 336pp. A most interesting book that gives a brief historical sketch of dowsing, geology of dowsing, information on famous British and French dowsers.  Experiments and the mechanism of Dowsing and many other theories. Reading copy. Special.  Ex Lib. Damaged Covers. Special. 10.00
  THE PENDULUM AND POSSESSION. S/C (William J "Bill" Finch) Revised Edition 1975. 116pp. This book is intended not only to introduce the pendulum to new users, but to show how this instrument may become a valuable tool in the awakening of the conscious mind to the vast, unlimited knowledge of the intraconscious within. Good condition. 16.00
THE PROFESSIONAL'S COMPLETE DOWSING COURSE. Spiral bound. (Russ Simmons, The Institute of Dowsing, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA) 1978. 256pp. This is the handbook used for the Institute's dowsing courses. Most informative. Cover marked but in good condition.




HISTORICAL  -  People & Places


ALL AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHTY YEARS: Memoirs of a Mining Engineer. S/C (Dr. Cedric E. Gregory) 1995. 376pp. This book provides the reader with some mining experiences (as the author's job) coupled with numerous postings within Australia and overseas. Family life is brought into the story on numerous occasions with its "ups and downs". Upon retirement he came back to Queensland and lived in Toowoomba. All in all, I feel that the author has put together a most interesting story.  I would love to read it from cover to cover if I only had the time. One word "Magnificent". Good condition.   19.50
  AUSTRALIA'S EARLIEST MINING ERA, SOUTH AUSTRALIA 1841 - 1851. Paintings by S.T. Gill.  H/C + D/W in plastic cover.  (Ian Auhl & Denis Marfleet)  Reprint, 1988.108pp. Oblong 4to. Black & white paintings by S.T. Gill of the Kapunda Copper mines, Burra and Glen Osmond mines with Ian Auhl's detailed account of the rise and fall of these great mines. Very good condition. 30.00
BROKEN HILL: 1894 - 1983 - 4 Volumes.  Various reprint dates. These books were produced by the Broken Hill Historical Society, Broken Hill, New South Wales. They provide the reader with an insight of the early days in this famous mining town. Illustrated. Scarce as a set. Good condition. Special.   50.00
  BROKEN HILL: 1894 - 1914 - The Uncertain Years - Volume 1. S/C - Booklet in Plastic cover.  (R.H.B Kearns)  1st Edition, 1974. This book produced by the Broken Hill Historical Society, Broken Hill, New South Wales provides the reader with an insight of the early days in this famous mining town. Illustrated. Scarce.  Ex library copy. Good condition. Special.  15.00
  BROKEN HILL: 1940 - 1973 - Towards the Century - Volume 4.  S/C - Booklet   (R.H.B Kearns)  1st Edition, 1976. 88pp.  This is the continuation of this series of Broken Hill during these years. . Many black & white illustrations. Very good condition. 15.00
BROKEN HILL: 100 YEARS OF MINING.  Booklet - A4 format.  (Kay Koenig. Department of Mineral Resources, Geological and Mining Museum, Sydney, New South Wales)  An excellent account of the discovery and early history of this the town and mines, the mining methods, Ore treatment, transport, water and power, working conditions, the environmental impact of ming and the unions. Excellent condition.  5.00 
DESERT GOLD: The Discovery and Development of Telfer.  Booklet - Oblong. (David Tyrwhitt) Circa 1994/1995. 65pp. This booklet provides the history of this gold mine situated in the northern part of Western Australia. Very good condition.  SOLD
FRONTIER: The Story of Paddy Hannan. H/C + D/W in plastic cover. (Clive Turnbull) Circa 1953 (?), 44pp. This is the story "Paddy" Hannan who is shown as the typical prospector of the frontiers, ever in quest of the great nugget, a figure of staunch integrity and almost mystical devotion to the search for gold, set against the vivid background of the pioneering days. He became the discoverer of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia whose find added more than ₤100,000.00 to the wealth of Australia. Print-run limited to 500 copies. Ex lib. Good condition.  25.00
  IT BEGAN WITH STONE: A History of Geology from the Stone Age to the Age of Plate Tectonics.  S/C  (Henry & Carol Faul)  1st Edition 1983. 270pp. This book traces the progression of thinking which vividly describes the personalities and accomplishments of a diverse group of people - philosophers, astronomers, naturalists, geologists, botanists, chemists, physicians and historians - who profoundly influenced the direction of earth sciences. It also reflects the authors' understanding of the Earth sciences and represents many years of research in North America, Europe, the Soviet Union, North Africa and the Middle East.  Excellent condition.  12.00
  MAN OF IRON: Lang Hancock.  H/C + D/W in plastic cover. (Neill Phillipson) 1st Edition, 1974. In this book the author does much to explain the enigmatic qualities of Langley George Hancock a most controversial character, the circumstances in which the fortunes of iron mining giants can be made, and the story of the development of an industry made famous in Western Australia that has become so essential to the Australian economy.  SOLD
  MINES IN THE SPINIFEX: The Story of Mount Isa Mines.  H/C (Geoffrey Blainey)  1st Edition  1960. . 256pp. This book provides a fascinating history which leads to the eventual discovery of minerals in north-west Queensland and the beginnings of Mount Isa which led further to the development of Mount Isa Mines and its position in the mining industry in Queensland. Good condition.  SOLD
  MINES IN THE SPINIFEX: The Story of Mount Isa Mines.  H/C + Damaged D/W  (Geoffrey Blainey)  Revised Edition  1970. . 256pp + 30pp of black & white photographs.   Good condition.  18.00
  MINES IN THE SPINIFEX: The Story of Mount Isa Mines.  H/C +  D/W  (Geoffrey Blainey)  Revised Edition  1970. Reprinted 1987.  . 256pp + 30pp of black & white photographs.   Very good condition.  19.50
  MOUNT ISA MINES LIMITED: Operations at Mount Isa.  S/C - Booklet. Circa 1970. 65pp.  This booklet provides the reader with a history of Mount Isa and the mining activities as well as complete run down on the operations from mining, milling, smelting, Much other technical information is included together with a loose plan of the Underground Number 15 level. Ex library copy in reasonable condition.  Enclosed with this booklet is other loose material pertaining to Mount Isa at no charge. Special.  5.00
  MOUNT MORGAN LIMITED - VISITORS GUIDE TO OPERATIONS. S/C - Booklet  1969. 28pp. This is a guidebook of the operations of the Mount Morgan mine, Mount Morgan, Queensland when one was able to visit. It is now non-operational and closed. Collectors item.  Mint condition.  1.00
  OF MINES AND MEN: Australia's 20th Century Mining Miracle 1945 - 1985. S/C (Max Griffiths) 1998. 192pp.  This book examines the growth of Australia's modern mining industry - the cornerstone of post-war prosperity. Beginning with uranium in 1949, a series of remarkable discoveries made Australia a world class mining nation. Huge deposits of bauxite, iron ore, nickel, coal, natural gas, oil and copper have been uncovered and developed. This book is a timely reminder that our present level of economic and social welfare has been achieved to a substantial extent by the development of its mining industry.  Ex lib. Good condition.  Special. 5.00
  PASSAGES OF TIME: An Australian Woman 1890 - 1974. H/C + D/W in plastic cover.   (Mary Edgeworth David) 1st Edition, 1975. 211pp. This book written by the daughter of well known Australian geologist Professor Edgeworth David  You are probably wondering what this book is doing in the Geology section ?   This book was written by the daughter of Professor Edgeworth David, the geologist, who went to Antarctica with Sir Douglas Mawson.  A most interesting account of the family.  28.00
  PASSAGES OF TIME: An Australian Woman 1890 - 1974.  H/C + D/W  (Mary Edgeworth David)  Reprint, 1976.  211pp.    Near mint copy.  Information as above. 22.00
  THE COPPER CRUCIBLE. H/C + Damaged D/W (Betty Collins) 1st Edition, 1966. 148pp. The story of a young married couple living in Mount Isa in Queensland who were later caught up in a disastrous Union strike. 7.50
  THE HOG'S BACK: The men who made Broken Hill.  H/C + Damaged D/W   (Ruth T. Fischer) 1st Edition, 1970. 173pp. This book provides an account of Mt. Gipps Station which was forbidden to be prospected on after the silver strikes at a place now known as Silverton. The property at Mt. Gipps known as the "Hog's Back" proved to richer than anywhere else - hence it was named as Broken Hill. The rest is history !  Good condition.  SOLD
  THE NEW FRONTIER: Australia's Rising Northwest. H/C + Damaged D/W  (Jeff Carter) 1st Edition 1971. 90pp. This book is about that huge exciting swathe of Western Australia where the mining boom focused world attention. Contains 16 full page maps of vegetation, rainfall, soils, landforms, main roads, mineral and other resources as well as 64 pages of photographs many of which are in colour. Good condition.   8.00
THE REMARKABLE REVEREND CLARKE: The Life and Times of the Father of Australian Geology. H/C + D/W (Elena Grainger) 1st Edition 1982. 292pp. This man (William Branwhite Clarke) was an outstanding example of that 19th century phenomenon, the clergyman-geologist, as much attached to his hammer as to his bible. After an extremely rough journey in 1839, he arrived in Sydney and was immediately transported by rowboat to Pinchgut Island and was carried ashore by the ship's captain and left him chipping away feebly at the sandstone with his hammer - thus earning the name as the "Father of Geology". In this affectionate and entertaining biography, the author captures the flavour of the man and social climate of his times and rediscovers his vast accomplishments of coalfield discoveries as well as he was confirmed by the government as the first man to find gold in Australia in 1841. Very good condition.   25.00
  THE STEEL MASTER. H/C + Damaged D/W (Geoffrey Blainey) Reprint, 1972. 217pp. A life of Essington Lewis and whose name became synonymous with The Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited. . Ex lib. Special. 5.00


LOCAL HISTORIES - Mining / Mining Companies / Organisations / Unions  ... etc.


  A HISTORY OF THE MINERS' FEDERATION OF AUSTRALIA.  H/C in plastic cover. (Edgar Ross) 1st Edition 1970. 528pp. This book tells the enthralling story of the struggle that brought the Miners' Federation into being, consolidated it and developed it into a strong united organization against the background of the history of the Labor Movement as a whole. Good condition.  17.50
  ADVENTURE IN IRON: Hamersley's First Decade.   H/C + D/W (Alan Trengove) 1st Edition, 1976. 218pp. This is the fascinating story of one of the world's major iron ore producers, which began shipping ore to Japan in 1966. The dramatic events that led to the discovery of Mount Tom Price in one of the most isolated parts in Australia are described in gripping detail. With detailed planning, the project came to fruition in taking only 19 months to open up a mine, construct a port, a railway and towns in Western Australia's Pilbara region. This book is a valuable case study of a multi-national enterprise dealing in one of Australia's most important export commodities. Good condition.  SOLD
  BHP - 75 Years: 1885 - 1960.   H/C (BHP) 1960. 192pp. This is a history of the BHP - The Broken Hill Proprietary Company Limited and its associated companies activities and mining operations. Good condition.  SOLD
  BHP - 75 Years: 1885 - 1960.   H/C (BHP) 1960. 192pp. Ex lib. Good condition.  5.00
BROWN POWER: A Jubilee History of the State Electricity Commission of Victoria.  H/C (Cecil Edwards) 1969. 313pp. This book provides an account and the mining of Brown Coal and its use for the generating of power within the state of Victoria. Good condition. 12.00
  BUILT ON GOLD: Recollections of Western Mining. H/C + D/W  (G. Lindesay Clark)  1st Edition 1983.  258pp. This is the story of a great Australian man and a great mining venture based for many years on gold, and then upon nickel, and then again the development of a very large copper-uranium-gold deposit in South Australia and a smaller deposit of copper-lead-zinc in Victoria. Good condition.  SOLD
  FACTS ABOUT C.R.A. - 1976. This is a 48 page booklet which relates the activities of the mining company -  Conzinc Riotinto of Australia.  Good condition.  SOLD
  KENNECOTT: ITS MEN AND MINERALS. S/C - Booklet.   This 36 page booklet describes the many and varied phases of the Kennecott Copper Corporation who is the largest copper producer in the United States, a leading producer of coal, the second ;largest producer of gold and molybdenum and an important source of silver, lead, zinc, titanium, iron, columbium, selenium, rhenium, palladium and platinum. Good condition.  3.50
  RIVER OF TEARS: The Rise of the Rio Tinto-Zinc Corporation Ltd.  S/C (Richard West) 1st Edition 1972. 195pp. This book provides an introduction to the mining activities of this company in South Africa, Rhodesia, Lesotho and South-West Africa; Australasia for Uranium, Iron ore, Bauxite and Copper; Smelting operations in Britain. Ex lib.  Good condition.  7.50
  ROCK ME SOFT … ROCK ME HARD: A History of the Geological Society of Australia Inc.    S/C  (Compiled & Edited by: B. J. Cooper & D.F. Branagan)  1994. 194pp. This is an account and a history of the Geological Society of Australia Incorporated. Includes historical information on each state branch together with office bearers and many photographs. Good condition.  15.00
  ROCKS TO RICHES: The Story of Australia's National Geological Survey.  H/C + D/W  (Rick Wilkinson) 1st Edition 1996. 446pp. This book relates to the history of the Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology & Geophysics (BMR) now known as the Australian Geological Survey Organisation (AGSO). Many discoveries of mineral importance are attributable to BMR personnel. This book provides the story of the people behind the headline discoveries and the patient hard work which has characterised the first 50 years of this great national institution. Good condition.  25.00
  ROCKS TO RICHES: The Story of Australia's National Geological Survey.  H/C + D/W  (Rick Wilkinson) 1st Edition 1996. 446pp.  Ex lib.  Good condition.  10.00
  THE BHP REVIEW: JUBILEE NUMBER - Fifty Years of Industry and Enterprises 1885 to 1935.  S/C (The Broken Hill Proprietary Company limited, Australia)  1935. 166pp. This Jubilee Publication provides an extensive account of this company and its associated subsidiaries detailing the company's activities. A full Administrative personnel list with photographs is also included. Many other historical photographs are shown. An excellent historical item. Very good condition.  45.00
THE COALMINERS OF NEW SOUTH WALES: A History of the Union 1860 - 1960. H/C + D/W (Robin Gollan) 1st Edition 1963. 249pp.  This is primarily the story of the coal miners union - The Coal and Shale Employees' Federation, the fundamental objectives of which were to ensure that the cost of economic progress should not be borne exclusively by its members, that increased productivity brought improvement, not deterioration, to the lives of the miners.. This story of ignorance, brutality and suffering has a social and political importance that will commend it to every thoughtful reader, regardless of his political affiliations. Near mint condition. 19.50
THE COALMINERS OF QUEENSLAND: A narrative history of the Queensland Colliery Employees Union - Vol. 1 Creating the Traditions.   (Pete Thomas) 1st Edition 1986. 679pp. This book draws substantially on recollections of Queensland mining veterans who experienced the "gut-busting" ways of work when human muscles, and not machines, mined and shovelled and hauled the coal - even women lent a hand who lived in primitive conditions of mining towns in earlier years. There were strikes in the 1930's and 1940's which demonstrated the effective militancy which has been traditional among miners. Good condition.  25.00
THE COALMINERS OF QUEENSLAND: A narrative history of the Queensland Colliery Employees Union - Vol. 1 Creating the Traditions.   (Pete Thomas) 1st Edition 1986. 679pp. Ex lib.  Good condition.  15.00
  THE PROFESSIONALS: The Institution of Mining and Metallurgy 1892 - 1992.   H/C + Damaged D/W  (A. J. Wilson) 1st Edition 1992. 348pp. This book is the story of the I. M. M. which from its inception has worked ceaselessly to establish and maintain high professional standards among its members in the industry at home and abroad, and to provide a host of services for those whose skills and initiative have helped revolutionise the economy of many countries.  12.00




  COLLECTING MICROSCOPES.  H/C + D/W  (Gerard  L'E.Turner) 1981. 120pp. This book published by 'Christie's International Collector Series'  illustrates the very early designs of microscopes together with valuations as at 1981. Illustrated with colour and black & white photographs.  A highly interesting book that shows many of the early designs - some of which are "out of this world".  Good condition.  27.50
  LIGHT AND COLOR.  H/C (Clarence Rainwater. Illustrated by: Raymond Perlman) Golden Press, 1971. 160pp. A good basic reference guide to Light sources, Optical instruments and colour. Special. 4.00
  MINERALS AND THE MICROSCOPE.  H/C  (H. G. Smith. Completely revised by: M. K. Wells) 4th Edition, 1956. 148pp. This book provides information on and the use of the Petrological Microscope for the identification of minerals. Good condition.  9.50






  BASIC GEOLOGICAL MAPPING.  S/C - Paperback (John W. Barnes) 2nd Edition 1991. Reprint 1993. 118pp. This pocket-sized handbook, perfect for reference during field work provides most of the information needed for this type of work. Ex lib. Excellent condition.  SOLD
  INTERPRETATION OF AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHS. Card covers. This restricted booklet was issued by the United States War Department, Washington, December 31, 1942. 210pp.  It contains details as to how to interpret aerial photographs in regard to landforms, Aerial view of towns, Orientation of photographs, Tone and shadow and Practical identification of other landmarks. Marked cover, browned / foxed and slightly stained.  Historical. Special.  SOLD
  NOTES ON MAP READING. Card covers. This particular book was produced by the War Office in London in 1929. 93pp. Contains much informtion with added Plates. Reprinted in Australia.   Historical.   Scarce.     Reasonably good condition. Special.  10.00
  THE LANGUAGE OF TOPOGRAPHICAL MAPS. Heavy card covers. (D. S. Biddle, A. K. Milne & D. A. Shortle) 1st Edition 1974. 121pp. Plus some loose maps. This Australian produced book provides the reader with information that can help in map reading. Reading / reference copy. Special.  SOLD