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New   A DISCOVERY GUIDE: LOOKING FOR FOSSILS. H/C  (Dr. David Norman)  1st Edition 1990. 62pp. This fascinating and colourful guide introduces the reader to the great diversity of fossilized plant and animal life, depicted in nearly 100 photographs, line drawings and charts. The informative text, written by one of Britain's top palaeontologists, includes an explanation of how fossils form, as well as practical advice on how and where to find them.  5.00

Please see:     " FOSSILS: A Hamlyn Colour Guide"     below in this listing.

  A NEW LOOK AT THE DINOSAURS. H/C + Damaged D/W  (Alan Charig) Published in association with the British Museum, Natural History, London, U K. 1st Edition 1979.  160pp. 1979. 160pp.This book provides the reader, in a concise yet comprehensive manner, every development in the dinosaur world from the first discoveries right up to today.  It has an answer to every question that could be asked about dinosaurs and how they lived and died and eventually extinction 65 million years ago. All the known facts and theories are explained with the aid of superb black and white restorations, maps, charts and photographs. A special feature if the outstanding series of water-colour plates showing the dinosaurs in their environment. An excellent and professional approach to this subject. Good condition.  SOLD
  A PICTORIAL GUIDE TO FOSSILS. H/C +  D/W  (Gerard R. Case) 1st Edition 1982. 514pp. This magnificent massive volume (and now scarce) is the most up-to-date and complete compendium of facts available about each of the varied fossil flora and fauna within the rock strata of our planet. If you are a researcher, teacher, an experienced amateur, weekend fossil collect or student, this book will excite you while helping you better focus your glimpses into the past. Excellent condition.  60.00
New   AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO FOSSIL COLLECTING.  S/C  (Richard Casanova & Ronald P. Ratkevich) 3rd Revised Edition 1981. 240pp. This is an excellent book for use in the field by fossil collectors. You can also read the interesting history of the great fossil collectors and their discoveries, find out what fossil it is and how it is formed, or learn the biology of fossils and how they are classified.  Describes the fossil locations in the USA and Canada and advice on how to collect, preserve and mount specimens. A geological time scale shows the different ages of the earth and the major types of plants and animals that lived in each. 

An Illustrated Guide to Fossil Collecting  

  AN INTRODUCTION TO PALAEONTOLOGY. H/C + D/W in plastic cover. (A. Morley Davies) Revised 3rd Edition and partly re-written by C. J. Stubblefield. 7th Impression with minor emendations, 1962.  322pp. This book provides an excellent account of  U. K. fossils particularly those relating to brachiopods, gastropods, trilobites, graptolites, echinoderms, various corals and finally the plant kingdom. An excellent reference book. Good condition.  9.50
  ANIMALS WITHOUT BACKBONES - 2 Volumes. S/C (Ralph Buchsbaum) Reprint 1964 / Pelican Books. Volume 1 - 204pp.This volume deals with: Amoebas, sponges, corals, jellyfish, anemones, octopi, whelks, limpets, flukes, snails, slugs and many other vertebrates. Volume 2 - 401pp.This volume deals with: Clams, squids, worms, lobsters, crabs, starfishes, grasshoppers, butterflies, spiders, ants, bees and many other insects.  Good condition. 10.00
New   AUSTRALIA'S FOSSIL PLANTS.   H/C  (Mary E. White)  1st Edition 1988. 144pp. This is an excellent  handbook on the prehistoric environments and vegetation throughout geological time. The author has put together this magnificent book on the early plant life in Australia which goes back to 3500 million years but for air-breathing forms it comes forward to 400 million years ago which include species such as: Clubmosses, Horsetails, Ferns, Conifers and Cycads.  Special.  

A copy of this book is FREE with any book purchased from these PALAENTOLOGY listings.  

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New   BLACK OPAL FOSSILS OF LIGHTNING RIDGE. H/C + D/W (Elizabeth Smith. Photographs by: Robert Smith) 1st Edition 1999. 112pp.  This book is the first in-depth account of black opal fossils and explains the intricate geological processes that produced the fossils and describes the ancient landscape when the opal-dirt was laid down when Australia was within the Antarctica Circle. The fossils are evidence of a great diversity of plants and animals such as: yabbies, predatory fish, giant lungfish, turtles, plesiosaurs, crocodiles etc and very small dinosaurs. Filled with magnificent colour photographs the book also includes an evolutionary sequence chart, a map of major fossil sites on the opal-field and a comprehensive glossary of scientific and local names.  Signed by authors. 60.00
  COLLECTING FOSSILS. H/C+ D/W   (Alan Major. Illustrations by: Barbara Prescott. Photographs by: Tom Scott) 1st Edition 1974. 209pp. The author has written in simple form where he explains how fossils can be discovered and obtained and how they should be preserved and stored as well as fossil formation and geological periods are explained to aid identification. It contains more than 250 British and North American fossils of which 200 are illustrated with line drawings and photographs in colour.  Very good condition.  6.00

Please see:   "FOSSILS: Collins Eyewitness Handbook   below in this listing.

  DINOSAURS: An Illustrated History. H/C + D/W   (Edwin H. Colbert) 1984. 224pp. This book provides a history of the dinosaurs: their beginnings, domination of life on earth and their mysterious extinction. The various species of dinosaurs are also explained. Complete with 200 illustrations of which 60 are in full colour, painting and reconstructions and 50 drawings and a unique glossary of names and terms that tell you not only what they mean but how to pronounce them and why the names were chosen.  Excellent value.  7.50
  FINDING FOSSILS. S/C - Paperback  (Roger Hamilton & Allan N. Insole) 1977. 160pp. A guide that leads you to over the best thirty fossil collecting sites in Great Britain as well as describing them in extreme detail. Good condition.  3.00
  FOSSIL COLLECTING - An Illustrated Guide. Card covers - Stapled. (Richard Casanova) 1970. 142pp. This book describes in fairly simple terms the kinds of living organisms, and their fossil representatives. It traces the geological succession and gives summaries of the topography, climate and life of each geological period. Includes some good advice on collecting and the best localities in each English county. Ex lib in reasonable condition.  Special. 2.00
  FOSSIL FAUNAS AND FLORAS OF QUEENSLAND (Australia). Card covers. (Edited by: Dorothy Hill, G. Playford and J. T. Woods) This complete series which were released between 1964 - 1972 is quite rare to find in their entirety. They consist of the following periods: Carboniferous, Triassic, Jurassic, Devonian, Cretaceous, Ordovician & Silurian, Cainozoic, Cambrian & Permian. Also included is the "Select Bibliography of Queensland Fossils" with lists of contributors and of members of the Queensland Palaeontographical Society. Good condition.  150.00
New   FOSSILS: A Golden Guide.   S/C  (Frank H. T. Rhodes, Herbert S. Zim & Paul R. Shaffer)  Golden Press. 1962. Reprint - no date. 160pp. This ever popular pocket-sized book is an introduction to the past through fossils. The typical plants and animals of the major geologic periods are described and illustrated, with maps showing the general areas where the fossils - remains, prints, and other indications of former life - can be found. This is a guide to the long and interesting story of the development of life on earth, from pre-Cambrian to the present times. Fully illustrated in colour.  5.00
  FOSSILS. This now scarce 24 slide set (with a printed commentary / explanatory notes) contains 12 pictures of ancient Australian environments inhabited by animals and plants characteristic of the various geological periods - the remaining 12 slides show actual fossils or reconstructions of extinct animals. This kit was produced in 1972 by the Australian National Science Curriculum Materials Project (NSCM) 15.00
  FOSSILS.  S/C  (Mark Lambert)   1984. 125pp. This book provides valuable background material on the Earth's geological history and the evolution of life. There is a detailed account of the history of fossil collection as well as practical advice on how to start a fossil collection. A comprehensive guide follows, with clear descriptions of groups and individual fossils, illustrated with colour photographs, drawings and reconstructions including a useful glossary.  Very good condition.  5.50
  FOSSILS: A Hamlyn Colour Guide. H/C + D/W  (Rudolf Prokop. Illustrated by: Vladimir Krb) 1981. 224pp. This book provides an introduction to the study of fossils and identifies over 200 common fossils from both the animal and plant kingdoms. Each specimen is given a full description including important identification features, illustration and other valuable information. Very good condition.   5.00
  FOSSILS: An Introduction to Prehistoric Life.  S/C  (William H. Matthews III)  Barnes & Noble. 1962. 337pp. This book covers many subjects as follows:  Origin & preservation of fossils; collection, preparation, display; Industrial and other uses; Resumės of Geologic history, palaeontology and evolution; Outline of plant and animal kingdoms; Bibliography; Glossary; Lists of dealers, Museums, and information sources. 180 illustrations consisting of photographs, charts and line drawings. Good condition.  Special.  8.00
  FOSSILS: An Introduction to Prehistoric Life.  S/C  (William H. Matthews III)  Barnes & Noble. 1962. 337pp. Good condition except for a damaged cover.  Special.  6.00
New   FOSSILS FOR AMATEURS: A Handbook for Collectors and a Guide to Collecting and Preparing Invertebrate Fossils. S/C (Russell P. MacFall & Jay C. Wollin) Revised Edition 1983. 374pp. This is a complete, accurate and comprehensible book for all collectors of all degrees of experience and scientific interest. Special emphasis is given to the identification of all fossils by means of photographs, extensive descriptions of major species of fossil invertebrates, and the "Fossil Finder" - a key that differentiates similar-looking species by their distinguishing marks. Maps showing locations in the USA are included within the text.  30.00
New   FOSSILS: Collins Eyewitness Guide.  H/C  (Cyril Walker & David Ward)  1992.  320pp. This guide would have to be one of the clearest and sharpest recognition guides to this subject. It makes identification straight-forward with superb, annoted photographs accompanied by concise, informative descriptions of over 500 species. In one word - excellent ! 15.00
New   FOSSILS OF THE WORLD. H/C + D/W  (V. Turek, J. Marek, J. Benes. Edited by: Julian Brown) Arch Cape Press. 1990. 495pp. This book would have to be one of the best on fossils. It is a practical guide to more than 400 types of fossils from all over the world. Packed with so much information on everything plus more than 800 full colour photographs and 300 line drawings. It also has a comprehensive introduction with Stratigraphic tables and geological map.  Highly recommended at this low price.  35.00
  INVERTEBRATE FOSSILS.  H/C  (Raymond C. Moore, Cecil G. Lalicker & Alfred G. Fischer) 1952.  766pp.  This book has been referred to as the "bible" on Invertebrate Palaeontology as it contains a wealth of information on this subject. Contains hundreds of amazing line drawings illustrating the text. An excellent reference book. Good condition except there are some tape marks inside the front and back covers. Special. 25.00
  INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY. (sic).  H/C  (William H. Twenhofel & Robert R. Shrock)   1st Edition, 1935, 7th Impression. This early palaeontology book has much interesting material most of which is still applicable even today. Good condition except there are some tape marks inside the front and back covers. Special.  SOLD
  JURASSIC PARK.  Paperback  (Michael Crichton)  1990. 400pp. This story became an electrifying technothriller top movie. It was about an astonishing discovery and technique for recovering and cloning dinosaur DNA. Now, one of mankind's most thrilling fantasies has become true. Creatures extinct for eons now roam Jurassic Park with their awesome presence and profound mystery, and all the world can visit them - for a price >>> until something goes wrong !  Good condition. Special.  2.00
  KADIMAKARA: Extinct Vertebrates of Australia. H/C + Damaged D/W  (P. V. Rich, G. F. van Tets. Illustrated by: Frank Knight) 1st Edition, 1985. 284pp. This most interesting book relates the story and a description of the discoveries of fossils around Australia and the people who found them. They relate the discovery in their own words and it is due to them that we go with them on this journey. Limited edition.  35.00
  LIVING AND FOSSIL BRACHIOPODS.  S/C  (M. J. S. Rudwick)  1st Edition 1970. 199pp. The Brachiopoda are particularly attractive to both palaeontologists and zoologists for it is possible to trace patterns in their adaptive evolution over a period of nearly 600 million years. Chapters include: general features, shell and mantle, muscles and hinges, relation to substrate, senses and protection, lophophore and feeding, reproduction and ecology, history of the phylum and the aspects of evolution. Illustrated with 99 line drawings. Ex lib in good condition.  SOLD
  MAN AND THE VERTEBRATES - 2 Volumes. S/C - Paperback (A. S. Romer) Pelican (Penguin) Books.  Reprint, 1954.   These volumes provide a clear un-technical account of the evolution of the human body through 400 million years. Volume 1 - 198pp. This volume deals with the vertebrate beginnings from fishes, frogs, reptiles, birds, mammals the the Primates: lemurs, monkeys, apes and then man. Volume 2 - 437pp. This particular volume deals with the human origins, races, the human body and the development of the body. It also includes 2 Appendices: A synoptic classification of vertebrates and secondly, Phylogenetic charts of the vertebrates together with an Index for the 2 volumes. Good condition.  10.00
  MAN AND THE VERTEBRATES - 2 Volumes. S/C - Paperback (A. S. Romer) Pelican (Penguin) Books.  Reprint, 1954. Further reprint 1968.   Good condition.  10.00
  MAN, TIME AND FOSSILS: The Story of Evolution.  H/C + D/W in plastic cover. (Ruth Moore. Drawings by; Sue Richert) 1st Edition 1954.  382pp.   This is a brilliant account of the adventures and discoveries of the great biologists and anthropologists who, beginning at Charles Darwin, have brought out of the dark obscurities of time the story of evolution of mankind. The trail to find the answer has led to many places around the world and to many other unexpected places. Good condition except there are some tape marks inside the front and back covers. Special.  9.50
  MAN, TIME AND FOSSILS: The Story of Evolution.  H/C in plastic cover. (Ruth Moore. Drawings by; Sue Richert)   1st Edition 1954.  Reprint 1955.  382pp.  Good condition.  12.00
  MARVELOUS WORLD OF FOSSILS. H/C + D/W (Text by: D. Pajaud. Translated from the French by: J. Peter Tallon. Photographs by: Nelly Bariand) No date. 107pp. This book is beautifully presented with a tremendous amount of superb colour photographs showing both animal and plant fossils from around the world together with text. Excellent condition.  9.50
  ORGANISMIC EVOLUTION.  H/C  (Verne Grant) 1st Edition  1977. 418pp. This book deals with a range of evolution theories.  Good condition.   Special.  2.00
  OUTLINES OF PALAEONTOLOGY. H/C + Damaged D/W (H. H. Swinnerton)   Revised 1947. 3rd Edition. Reprint 1950. 393pp This interesting book provides information on a range of shells, sponges, corals, polyzoa, echinoderma, mollusca, trilobites, fishes, reptiles, dinosaurs, lizards and more.  Good condition except for the Dust Wrapper  9.50
  OUTLINES OF PALAEONTOLOGY. H/C  (H.H. Swinnerton)   Revised 1947. 3rd Edition. Reprint 1950. 393pp. Damaged cover.  Priced as a reference / reading copy.  Special.  2.00
  PALAEONTOLOGY INVERTEBRATE. S/C - Paperback Henry Woods) Reprint, 8th Edition, Reprint, 1961. 477pp. This book deals specifically with the fossils of invertebrates. It provides a short account of each group's zoological features with a more detailed description of the hard parts of the animals, then its classification and the characters of the important genera followed by a description of the present distribution and the geological range. Numerous text figures are included.   Reasonable  condition. 6.00
New   POCKET BOOK OF DINOSAURS. Paperback  (Michael Benton)  Reprint 1990. 188pp. This paperback is the best of its type and can be recommended as a very good introduction for young readers and a reliable quick reference dictionary for anyone who might need to check their basic dinosaur facts. Many facts and theories here with information on collecting dinosaurs. Highly recommended at an excellent price.  

As a gesture, we are including for FREE a reference / reading copy of Barry Cox's 160 page book entitled "Prehistoric Animals" 

  PREHISTORIC AUSTRALIA. H/C (Hans Mincham) 1979. 63pp. This is a good illustrated book on Australian dinosaurs for the "budding" palaentologist with much information on early animal life and leading up to the previous species of animal that we know of today.  A good 'starter' book. Special. 2.50
  PREHISTORIC LIFE: The Rise of the Vertebrates.  H/C + D/W in plastic cover.  (David Norman) 1994.  246pp. A massive and handsomely illustrated study of prehistory that details the story of life on earth and examines many questions about dinosaurs & the nature of evolution. Numerous colour photographs and illustrations, tables, chronology, bibliography & Index.  Ex lib copy.  Very good condition.  A bargain. SOLD
  PRINCIPLES OF INVERTEBRATE PALEONTOLOGY. (sic).  H/C (Robert R/ Shrock & William H. Twenhofel) 1st Edition 1953.  816pp. This is a revised and enlarged edition of these two author's previous book entitled "Invertebrate Paleontology" (sic) as listed above.  Very good condition. 25.00
New   SIMON & SCHUSTER'S GUIDE TO FOSSILS.    S/C  (Paolo Arduini & Giogio Teruzzi)  1986. 320pp.  This is one of the most popular guides used in the identification and classifications of the most significant fossils from both the animal and plant groups plus information on the geological age, appearance, geographic distribution, environment classification and much more.  Illustrated with more than 280 full colour photographs.  Highly recommended.  19.50
New   START COLLECTING FOSSILS.  Book and sample fossil kit.  (Ted Daeschler) 1988. 96pp.  This is a great "starter kit" for the budding palaentologist which comprises of an excellent book which provides as an introduction to this fascinating hobby plus some real fossils of coral, dinosaur bone, gastropods in agate and petrified wood which are all more 30 million years old.   When ordering this item we will put together some more fossil specimens of our own as a gesture of goodwill to help you further with your collection. Just remind us at time of order. Special.  12.00
  THE AGE OF THE DINOSAURS. H/C  (Björn Kurtėn) 1968.255pp. This copy is a great introduction to the world of dinosaurs. It describes the theories and discoveries as well as other terrestrial vertebrates of land and sea lus the flora at the time. It also relates the geography of the Jurassic and Cretaceous ages and a glossary.  Ex lib. Some marked pages but generally in good condition. Priced as a reading copy.  Special. 5.00
  THE AUDUBON SOCIETY FIELD GUIDE TO NORTH AMERICAN FOSSILS.  S/C - Vinyl cover. (Ida Thompson. Photographs by: Townsend P. Dickinson. Visual Key by: Carol Nehring)  1st Edition - no date. 846pp. This large pocket-sized book is divided into 3 main sections. (a) Life and geologic time. (b) Fabulous colour plates of locations and fossils plus charts. (c) Large comprehensive text for all the fossils. Good condition. Special.  SOLD
  THE COMPLETE T.REX. H/C + D/W  (John R. Horner and Don Lessem)  1993.  239pp. This book is beautifully illustrated with paintings by leading dinosaur artists, based on the new evidence of its appearance and habitat, and with photographs and drawings, including Dr. Horner's excavation and restoration of a T.rex skeleton. A most lively, readable and entertaining, this is the one book, you cannot do without if you are interested in T.rex. Good condition.  SOLD
  THE DAY OF THE DINOSAUR. H/C - Large format. (John Man) 1978. 192pp. This book is "chock-a-block" full of dinosaur information. Illustrated with colour and black & white photographs.  However, it is unfortunate that the book has a damaged cover but the pages are in good condition. . Ideal as a reading copy or for a project. Special.  2.00
  THE DINOSAUR DEALERS. S/C with stiff covers. (John Long) 1st Edition 2002. 220pp. The Mission: To uncover international fossil smuggling. In October 1996 rare dinosaur footprints were stolen from an isolated beach near Broome in Western Australia. Not only was the scientific world horrified by the theft but it was a violation of an Aboriginal sacred site. An attempt was made to recover them which the author and a U.S. "Fossil cop"  went around the world in their hunt. They visit dealers, shows and shonky dealers - it is an adventure with discovery and danger along the way dealing with thieves and criminals. This story was also screened by SBS on Australian television. Good condition. Ex  Lib. SOLD
  THE DINOSAUR DICTIONARY. H/C + D/W  (Donald F. Glut) 1984. 218pp. A comprehensive, complete and up-to-date dictionary of dinosaurs in one easy-to-use volume. It is an alphabetical listing of virtually every genus of dinosaur known at the time of printing. The concise entries provide information on the sub-order and family of each genus, the period during which its species lived, and on the locations where its fossil remains have been found.. Illustrated with more than 400 black and white photographs and line drawings. Good condition. Scarce. 16.00
  THE DINOSAUR HUNTERS.  S/C   (Deborah Cadbury) 2001 374pp.  A true story of scientific rivalry and the discovery of the Prehistoric World. The author recreates the remarkable story of the bitter rivalry between two men: Gideon Mantell uncovered giant bones in a Sussex quarry, became obsessed with the lost world of the reptiles and was driven to despair. Richard Owen, a brilliant anatomist, gave the extinct creatures their name and secured for himself unrivalled international acclaim. 16.00
  THE DINOSAUR JOKE BOOK.  Card covers.  (Terry Dactyl  (sic).  Illustrated by Andy Cunningham)  1989. 96pp. Question:  Why is a dinosaur's tooth 11 inches long?    Answer: If it was any longer it would be a foot. Yes ... well ... and there's more.    Good condition. 4.00
  THE ELEMENTS OF PALAEONTOLOGY. S/C (Rhona M. Black)  Reprint 1975. 340pp.  This is an authoritive text book on palaeontology and covers vertebrate, invertebrate and plant fossils. Over 200 examples are described; virtually all forms mentioned by name are illustrated. Some emphasis is given to the biological aspects of palaeontology. Illustrated with colour and black & white photographs. Very well prepared. Good condition.  SOLD
  THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PREHISTORIC LIFE.  H/C + D/W  (Edited by: Rodney Steel & Anthony Harvey) 1st Edition 1979. 218pp. This exciting large book covers geological periods, palaeontological localities, plants, invertebrates, fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, the rise of man and morphological topics. Also included there are authorative biographies of pioneer students of geological history such as Darwin, Leakey, Marsh, Osborn and Owen. Such varied subjects as continental drift, the theory of evolution, palaeontological techniques and the world's natural history museums are all fully covered. More than 350 entries are listed here together with nearly 300 illustrations.  15.00
  THE EVOLUTION AND ECOLOGY OF THE DINOSAURS.  H/C  (L. B. Halstead. Illustrated by: Giovanni Caselli) 1977. 116pp. This book is a good introduction to the dinosaur world - the various species, their bone structures and habits. Good condition. Special.  SOLD
  THE EVOLUTION OF THE MAMMALS.   H/C   (L. B. Halstead) 1979. 116pp. This book is a good introduction to the mammal world - the various species and their habitats and habits. Good condition. Special.  SOLD
  THE GREAT DINOSAUR HUNTERS and Their Discoveries.  S/C  (Edwin H. Colbert) Revised Edition, 1984.  282pp.  This book was previously published as: "Men and Dinosaurs". It tells the fascinating story of dinosaur research, from its beginnings in 19th century England to an Arctic expedition in 1960 as well as recounting the exploits and accomplishments of a host of English dedicated fossil hunters who presented the first true scientific evidence on dinosaur remains. Illustrated with over 100 revealing photographs and supplemented with 47 line drawings. Ex library copy. Very good condition. SOLD
  THE GREENING OF GONDWANA: The 400 million year story of Australia's plants.  H/C + Damaged D/W. (Mary E. White) 1986. 256pp. This is the fascinating story of Australia's floral heritage, from its genesis through to the last stages of evolution, and the changes that have come with intrusions such as the arrival of the white man with crops of exotic plants. Here we trace the evolution of plants from the earliest times when all life was confined to the water and the land was barren, and see the emergence of the first land plants about 400 million years ago, which transformed the world into a green and vibrant place, finally crowned with flowers. Illustrated with over 400 magnificent colour photographs of fossils and living plants, plus maps, diagrams and artist's drawings.. Good condition.  SOLD
New   THE ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY OF PREHISTORIC LIFE.   H/C + D/W  (Martin Walters & Josephine Paker)  1st Edition 1994. 160pp. This is a concise and easy-to-read and understand dictionary that provides all the information to understand all the terms and names that are related to prehistoric life. Illustrated. Good value.  12.00
  THE LOST WORLD. H/C + D/W  (Michael Crichton)  1st Edition 1995. 393pp. This story starts six years after the secret disaster at Jurassic Park, that extraordinary dream of science and imagination came to crashing end - the dinosaurs destroyed, the Park dismantled, the island indefinitely closed to the public. There are rumours that something has survived. This is the sequel to the other book and film "Jurassic Park". This is a brand new book but is starting to "fox" going slightly brown on the edges of the pages due to acid within the paper when printed. Very good condition. Special  15.00
  THE OBSERVER'S BOOK OF FOSSILS.   H/C + D/W   (Rhona M. Black) 1977. 191pp. This book is an introduction to the study of fossils. It explains how and why they occur; how they have been used to construct a geological clock; and describes some of the environments in which ancient organisms lived. A brief review of early life, evolution, adaption and extinction is included. Illustrated by line diagrams and photographs.  Good condition.  8.00
  THE SCIENCE OF JURASSIC PARK AND THE LOST WORLD … OR … HOW TO BUILD A DINOSAUR. H/C + D/W  (Rob DeSalle & David Lindley)  1st Edition 1997. 194pp. Read this delightful and fascinating book in which the authors pose many questions in the hope of a real answer as to whether it is possible .. for this ... for that ... and so forth.  Very interesting night-time reading.  Ex lib. Good condition.  7.50
THE VISUAL DICTIONARY OF DINOSAURS.  H/C  (Readers Digest)  1993.  64pp. This visual dictionary looks at the inner workings of dinosaurs of all kinds, including stegosaurs, iguanodonts, theropods, carnosaurs, sauropods, hadrosaurs, ankylosaurs, and much more. Contains over 200 outstanding, original photographs and graphic illustrations that reveal even the tiniest details of dinosaurs. Concise text and carefully researched definitions. Instant access to a 5,000 word specialist vocabulary.  One of the best illustrated books we've seen. Good condition.  12.00
New  WHAT FOSSIL PLANT IS THAT ? -  A Guide to the Ancient Floras of Victoria. S/C  (J. G. Douglas)  1983. 86pp.


WHAT FOSSIL PLANT IS THAT? -  A Guide to the Ancient Floras of Victoria.  S/C  (J. G. Douglas)  1983. 86pp.  This book is published by the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria, Australia in which is incorporated the Microscopical Society of Victoria. It is apparent in Victoria where the jungles of East Gippsland, the eucalypt forest of the highlands, the basalt plains, the dunes of the Big Desert, and the coastal heaths form well defined plant communities. It is seldom realized that these are the heirs of ancient floras, remnants of which are well preserved in the sedimentary rock succession. The best known of these are the geologically young brown coals of vital importance, but in the older rocks there is an extensive fossil record of even more primitive land and sea plants. This booklet shows what these earlier plants looked like, and how the plant communities developed. It gives key species through the ages and provides supplementary information concerning extinctions, palaeclimates, modes of preservation, and fossil localities. 

Brand new shop display copy but with a faded cover / spine.  Special. 








  A New and Very Large Crioceratid Ammonoid from the Cretaceous of Central Australia. Card covers. (Prof. Walter Howchin & Dr. F. W. Whitehouse) Reprint from: Records of the South Australian Museum, Volume 3. 9th May, 1928. Pages 483 - 492. Good condition. SOLD
  Aptian Ammonites from the Eromanga and Surat Basins, Queensland.  S/C - Booklet. (R.W. Day.  Geological Survey of Queensland) Publication No. 360; Palaeontological Paper No. 34. 1974. 38pp. Good condition.  SOLD
Archaeocyatha from Antarctica and a Review of the Phylum. (Dorothy Hill. Trans-Antarctic Expedition 1955 - 1958. Scientific Report No. 10) 1965. 151pp plus 12 plates. Repaired cover but in good condition. Includes a separate typed listing by fossil species A - Z.  Extremely scarce.


  Archaeocyatha from lower parts of the Lower Cambrian carbonate sequence in South Australia. S/C (David I. Gravestock) Memoir No. 2 - Association of Australasian Palaeontologists, Sydney. 1984. 139pp.  10.00
  Australian Ordivician Pelecypod Molluscs. BMR Bulletin No. 174. S/C (John Pojeta, Jnr, & Joyce Gilbert-Tomlinson) 1977. 64pp. plus 29 plates. Excellent condition.  10.00
  Brachiopods of the Murrumbidgee Group, Taemas, New South Wales.  BMR Bulletin No. 137.  H/C - Cloth cover. (B. D. E. Chatterton)  1973. 146pp. plus 35 plates.  Mint condition except for some insect damage on the cloth cover.  10.00
  Bradoriids from the Xystridura Zone of the Georgina Basin, Queensland.  S/C - Booklet  (P. J. G. Fleming. Geological Survey of Queensland)  Publication No. 356. Palaeontological Papers No. 31. April 1973. 9pp plus 4 plates. Excellent condition. 4.00
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Early Jurassic Miospores from the Helidon Sandstone (Queensland).      Publication No. 351 / Palaeontological Papers No. 25.    (N. J. de Jersey. Geological Survey of Queensland) February 1971. 3 Figures. Good condition.  


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Upper Cretaceous Foraminifera from the Toolonga Calcilutite & Gingin Chalk, Western Australia. BMR Bulletin No. 57.  S/C - Booklet.  1960. 198pp. Including plates. Good condition.  SOLD






                      Legend:    UCPGS  University of California Publications in Geological Sciences


A New Iniid Cetacean from the Miocene of California. S/C - Booklet. (John M. Rensberger) UCPGS - Volume 82. 1969. 43pp. Including plates. Good condition.  5.00
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A Permo-Carboniferous Marine Fauna from the Umaria Coalfield (Rewah State, Central India). (F. R. Cowper Reed) Extract from:  Records of the Geological Survey of India. Volume 60, Part 4. 35pp.   1928. FREE
A Review of the Macropodid Genus Protemnodon. S/C - Booklet.  (R. A. Stirton)  UCPGS - Volume 44, No. 2, pps 97-162. 1963.    Good condition.  5.00
A Review of the Macropodod Genus Sthenurus. S/C - Booklet. (Richard H. Tedford) UCPGS - Volume 57.  1966. 72pp.  Good condition.  5.00
A Revision of the Labyrinthodont Family Capitosauridae… AND … A Description of Parotosaurus Peabodyi, N. Sp. From the Wupatki Member of the Moenkopi Formation of Northern Arizona.  S/C - Booklet. (S. P. Welles & John Cosgriff)  UCPGS - Volume 54. 1965.  Good condition.   8.00
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The Stratigraphy & Palaeontology of Toronto and Vicinity - Part 3 - Gastropoda, Cephalopoda and Vermes. Booklet.  (W. A. Parks and assisted by: Madeleine Fritz) This report is includes in the 31st Annual Report of the Department of Mines, Ontario, Canada.  Volume 31, Part 9.  1922.  Near mint condition.  5.00