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A TRAVELLER'S GUIDE TO CENTRAL AUSTRALIA.  S/C  (Denis O'Byrne) 1981. 128pp. This is an excellent account of the author's travels to Central Australia. It covers fossicking for gemstones, Gold prospecting, history of the Flora and Fauna in the MacDonnell Ranges and Palm Valley, Camping and caravanning in the Centre as well as information on Alice Springs, Ayers Rock, The Olgas and the MacDonnell Ranges. Denis also talks about bushwalking, bush kitchens, photography and driving in this outback region and much more. Illustrated with colour and black & white photographs. 


  BUSHWALKING IN AUSTRALIA. S/C  (John & Monica Chapman)  Lonely Planet. October 1997.353pp. With this pocket-sized revised and expanded edition you will be able to discover and savour Australia's natural treasures and follow in the footsteps of pioneers along Tasmania's Overland Track, experience the alpine majesty of the Australian high country, marvel at the wild flowers in Western Australia's Stirling Range and explore the coastal beauty of Queensland's Hinchinbrook and Fraser Islands. Included are accurate 2 colour contour map for every walk; full track notes for 35 walks, including 11 new walks. Reliable advice on planning, equipment and accommodation options. Illustrated guide to Australian birds and their habitats. Carefully selected routes from hidden gems to old favourites - they are all here. Excellent condition. Special.  8.00
  CAPE YORK - A   4 W D  (4 Wheel Drive) EXPERIENCE: A Traveller's Guide. H/C (Lynn & Yvonne Fraser) 1st Edition 1992. 160pp. For too long Cape York has been portrayed as only being accessible to the hardiest and most seasoned of travellers. After reading this book and with sensible planning you will find that Cape York is accessible to all people from all walks of life and of all ages. From the wild untamed bush to the friendliness of the people of the Torres Strait, Cape York will surprise and delight any visitor. Many lavishly illustrated coloured photographs with a "Lift Out" map.  15.00
New  CAPE YORK - AN ADVENTURER'S GUIDE. S/C  (Ron & Viv Moon) 6th New Edition, March 1995. 256pp.This comprehensive guide encompasses general, natural and historical information, as well as detail on the major areas and towns within the cape. Detailed trek notes cover the many routes throughout the area, giving access details to campsites, scenic spots and places to visit. Separate chapters on fishing, canoeing and national parks provide all you need to know for a recreational holiday in the region. An exhaustive list of travel operators, guides, station accommodation, along with important telephone numbers and contacts make this book a must for anyone going to Cape York for the first or thirtieth time.  Includes 36 maps.  15.00
  CAPE YORK - AN ADVENTURER'S GUIDE. S/C  (Ron & Viv Moon) 6th New Edition, March 1995. 256pp. This is a new copy but the bottom corner has a few small dented pages. Special. 12.00
  CAPE YORK - AN ADVENTURER'S GUIDE. S/C  (Ron & Viv Moon) 4th Revised Edition, May 1991. 224pp.Very good condition. Special.  5.00
  GOING BUSH.  S/C  (Lawrie & Julie McEnally)  No date- Circa 1995. 112pp. This is an excellent glove-box easy-to-read and easy-to-follow book or if you are going to the real bush, it is suggested that this book be read in its entirety as there is so here to read that it is virtually impossible for me to provide a true account of the book's contents. It contains: Bush basics, preparing to go bush, in the bush, surviving in the bush, cooking in the bush, bush gear, bush walking and bush tips. Illustrated with line drawings. Special.  4.00
  OUTBACK COOKING IN THE CAMP OVEN. H/C + D/W  (Jack & Reg Absalom)  Reprint 1986. 110pp. These well known Australian bushmen (come T V celebrity) and "bush cooks" explore with some wit the possibilities to create intriguing and often appetising dishes with the unusual ingredients found in the outback - goat, kangaroo, quandongs (wild peaches)  are a few of the resources transformed into dishes eaten with great gusto in the bush. This book offers many delightful and amusing cooking ideas for the increasing numbers of intrepid campers wishing to do things the true bush way. Mint condition.   SOLD
New  OUTBACK HANDBOOK - SOUTH AUSTRALIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA & NORTHERN TERRITORY.  S/C  (Marael Johnson) 1st Edition May 1992. 370pp. This is the only guidebook of its kind to focus on this extraordinary region. It covers: what to take, where to go, what to expect, when to go. It provides detailed information on the major towns, national parks, historical reserves, wilderness and scenic areas - The Olgas, Ayers Rock, Aboriginal history and lots more. Includes over 40 detailed maps and a glossary of Aboriginal and Australian terms, booklist and a comprehensive index.  15.00
New  SAFE OUTBACK TRAVEL.  S/C  (Jack Absalom)  Reprint 1988. 92pp. This would have to be one of Australia's most popular book that provides an account of travelling safely in the bush. Jack, who was noted for his programme on ABC TV has put together this book which is able to fitted into your car's glove box. What you read here is invaluable advice as to how to cope with the unexpected when you are hundreds of kilometres away from help.  My special price to you ..... only $5.00 5.00
New  THE COMPLETE BOOK OF OUTDOOR ADVENTURE. S/C (Laurie Drake) 1st Edition 1987. 270pp. This massive book introduces a vast range of adventures. With the author we travel through air, under the sea, across land and underground. The whole spectrum of adventure is covered, from a leisurely bicycle ride to the hair-raising panic of a first parachute drop. He divides the book into three main parts: (a) 33 Adventures with complete details on each adventure. (b)  The equipment required. (c) The skills and techniques required. There is  plenty of advice too.   19.50
New  WESTERN AUSTRALIA. S/C  (Jeff Williams)  1st Edition April 1995. 310pp. This is the most detailed and practical guidebook to Western Australia full of down-to-earth information and reliable advice for every budget. Whether you've got a spare weekend or a month, there are hundreds of tips to help you make the most of a trip. It includes 47 maps, accommodation options, notes on 4WD excursions, all the facts on national parks, information on the flora and fauna and information on the beaches and surfing areas.  14.00